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Class of 2014-15: Student to Student Endowed Scholarship

The 2015 Class Gift is to create an endowed scholarship! This will allow more students to be able to attend and stay at Southern.

Join your fellow seniors in showing appreciation to Southern for the education you've received and experiences you've had during your time here! Besides supporting our alma mater and future students, your gift of $20.15 or more will provide you with the tangible benefit of a blue philanthropy cord to wear at graduation!

Here's how you can make your gift:

  • Give online from where you are (support the Senior Class Gift or any area of your choosing).
  • Bring a cash or check gift to the Advancement Office (8:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.).
  • Please note, your gift cannot be made via your Southern account.


Gifts to Date: $5,767.37

Participation to Date: 246 Donors

Funds Raised from 5k: $1,445.02

Total Raised: $7,212.39
Goal: $25,000

Updated 5/18/2015


Class Officers
President: Janice Cosme                                                              
Vice President: Katie Robidoux
Secretary: Erin Grube
Pastor: Anthony Whitlow
Campaign Manager: Vianca Torrez
December Class Representative: Maurice Fider
December Campaign Manager: Elizabeth Camps

Previous Years:

Class of 2014—Campus Benches

The 2014 Senior Class Gift is for new benches on campus. Beautiful, comfortable, durable seating in the natural campus setting will be a legacy that is appreciated by students for generations.


Amount Raised to Date: $4,659.95

Class Participation to Date:  173 donors
Goal: $10,000


Dear Graduates,

Our 2014 Class Gift is for metal benches around campus. These new benches are going to make our campus look great and allow more opportunities for students to sit comfortably while they study or take a break.

Join me in showing appreciation to Southern for the education we've received and experiences we've had during our time here! Besides supporting our alma mater, your gift of at least $20.14 will provide you with the tangible benefit of a blue philanthropy cord to wear at graduation!

Here's how you can make your gift:

  • Give online from where you are (choose Senior Class Gift or any area you would like to support).
  • Bring cash or a check to the Advancement Office in Lynn Wood Hall (office hours).
  • Please note, your gift cannot be made via your Southern account.

Once you’ve made your gift, you can pick up your philanthropy cord at one of three events during graduation weekend:

  • Spring Graduate Breakfast (recommended)
  • Graduation Practice
  • Commencement (during line-up)

We're on the home stretch! God bless each of you as you're facing these final few weeks. I look forward to seeing you at graduation!

Xenia Figueroa
Campaign Manager
Class of 2014


Your May Officers

President: Garrison Hayes                                                              
Vice President: Jeena Foronda
Secretary: Emily Taylor
Pastor: Cherie Lynn Milliron
Campaign Manager: Xenia Figueroa
Assistant Campaign Manager: John Olaore
Sponsors: Kendra Stanton-Lee, John Nixon



Class of 2013—“A Sign of Maturity”


The 2012-2013 Senior Class Gift is a new sign for Mabel Wood Hall. With it, Southern Adventist University can announce classical music performances in a contemporary style. Through it, the Class of 2013 can leave a legacy symbolizing the growth, success, and maturity of its students.


Amount Raised to Date: $6,686.63

Class Participation to Date: 208 donors


Dear Graduates,

As graduating seniors, we have driven to and from Southern’s campus many times. Therefore, I know you have driven past the main Southern sign.  In all its glory, it glows—tall and wide, big, dominant, bold SOUTHERN ADVENTIST UNIVERSITY spanning the campus’ icon. And then, you see the sign announcing Mabel Wood Hall performances. It’s a total change of tempo from the contemporary one greeting you.

It is because of this that we, your class officers, have chosen to raise money to replace the Mabel Wood Hall sign. The new sign will serve as a reminder of the reputation Southern Adventist University has for being classy and professional, up to date and modern. And, we, the Class of 2012-2013, want our name on it!

As you can guess, the price is hefty at about $85,000 in its entirety, but we are only requested to raise a portion of that money, about $20,000.  In other words, your gifts are very important, as are your efforts in other fundraising moves such as participating in events and fundraisers and networking with donors. 

As of now, there are two ways donations may be made.  The first is through online giving at The other is to take your cash or check to Ms. Lori Thompson in Advancement located in Lynnwood Hall.

We dare you to contribute to this Sign of Maturity.


Simone Marshall
Campaign Manager


Your May Officers                                                                  Your December Representative

President: Josianne Bailey                                                               Eric Louw
Vice President: Hannah Morgan
Secretary: Ingrid Hernandez
Pastor: Erica Singh
December Representative: Kayce Foote
Campaign Manager: Simone Marshall
Sponsors: Mindi Rahn, Rhonda Scott


2012 Class Gift: Senior Class Affinity Fund

Amount Raised: $861.74

Class Participation: 48 of 369 students 13%



Class of 2010
Gift of an original Nathan Greene painting for Southern




The Class of 2010 will leave something special for Southern, something that will have a lasting influence on future students and the entire Southern family: a Nathan Greene original painting that portrays the mission of Southern and of Christian education, training students to be missionaries for Christ. The conceptual idea is to include several students dressed in the clothes of various professions, with Jesus encouraging them to go out and live lives of ministry and service to others.


The wish of the class of 2010 is that through this gift the students, faculty, parents, and visitors who see the painting will immediately recognize that Southern Adventist University is no ordinary school; it is a divinely appointed place where young people can learn how to know and serve their Creator.


Thanks to members, friends, and family of the class of 2010, sufficient gifts and pledges were made in time to present the signed contract at the May 2010 Commencement. However, if you would like to have a part in this meaningful project, you can still help with the extras of staging, transportation, and installation to create a gift that is both spiritually and academically inspiring. The painting is tentatively scheduled to be unveiled and presented to the school in the fall of 2011.


Thank you for your prayers and support.

Elise Harboldt, Class Campaign Manager

Class Officers 2010


Give online: (check "Senior Class Gift")

Give by phone: 423.236.2772

Give by check, download this form and mail to:
PO Box 370
Collegedale, TN 37315