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The Southern Annual Fund is the lifeblood of Southern Adventist University. By making a yearly gift you are helping to keep tuition more affordable for our students. It also ensures Southern fulfills its God-given mission as a learning community to nurture students in Christ-likeness and encourage their pursuit of truth, wholeness, and a life of service. Learn more about why people give




Every year when 75-80 percent of the academic year is through, students celebrate Tuition Freedom Day, acknowledging Southern's donors and the gifts that cover the rest of the university's operation costs.  As students learn how generous gifts provide scholarships, programs, and buildings, they are inspired to find their own ways to honor the tradition of giving.



Southern is more than just a school, and your gifts are more than just money. They are both opportunities. Thank you for this chance to begin my future and make a difference like you!"

—Message written by a student on Tuition Freedom Day 2012


Mary Lyle's interest in work-study programs began many years ago. When Lyle was working as a teacher in Atlanta, she started a work-study program at her school. As a donor of the Southern Fund, she was delighted when her gift created campus jobs for 75 students.

Lyle had arranged to make a planned gift to Southern after her death, but decided instead to begin making gifts while she was still living. Students and the university alike will benefit from the program as a portion of students' earning go toward their tuition, and the jobs will come at no cost to the employing departments.

Southern has a long tradition of teaching students about service to others, and with the Fall '12 catalog, service has officially been added to the curriculum.

Through support from the Service Learning Initiative, Southern is partnering with individuals, corporations and foundations to provide more opportunities for service learning within all academic programs. Before graduation, students will benefit through hands-on learning and major-specific classes that offer general community service events or mission outreach.

The Southern Serves site provides organizations and foundations an opportunity to make requests for student engagement with their local community.



Mantle Society

Members of the class of 2006 made their first contributions to Southern Adventist University and established the Passing the Mantle Society. Their class gift challenges all alumni and friends to make a lifetime commitment of annual support in passing a Christian education at Southern to the next generation. Southern alumni making an annual gift for three consecutive years or more are recognized as members of the Mantle Society in Southern's Annual Report.  Member list is updated annually in June, to view the 2012-2013 list→