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Legacy Society Member Roster

With grateful appreciation, we acknowledge and thank those who have remembered Southern with a planned gift in commitment to Christian education. Their generosity will continue Southern’s tradition of passing along Christian values to succeeding generations.


Anonymous (56)
Carl Adkins
Frances Andrews
Thomas and Betty Ashlock
Tracy and Cheryl Ashmore
Dalton and Charlotte Athey
Jake and Beverly Atkins
John and Joyce Azevedo
George and Fern Babcock
George and Tena Baehm, III
Adrian and Deborah Baker
Sue Taylor Baker
Mark E. and Mitzi A. Bame
Ron and Colleen Barrow
Barbara and John Beckett
Tami Wittenberg Bell
Robert C. and Debbie Benge
Ruth Benjamin
Harry and Ercel Bennett
Dale and Reda Bidwell
Gordon and Cynthia Bietz
Jack and Marion Blanco
Dewitt and Josie Bowen
Douglas Bredahl
Ellen Corbett Brown
Koy and Ina Brown
Harmon and Margaret Brownlow
Lillian Brown-Johnson
James and Susan Bruce
Jared and Mary Bruckner
William J. Burnette
Vivian Byrd
Steve and Brenda Callahan
Thomas and La Rue Campbell
Jacquelyn Cantrell
Ray and Mabel Carson
Marion Cashman
Donald and Karen Chamberlain
Gordon and Gerrie Chipman
Hugo and Muriel Christiansen
Anne Clark
Ernest and Freda Clark
Arnold and Barbara Cochran
Victor Collins
Peter and Laurie Cooper
Lucille Coppock
David and Carol Cotton
Warren and Pat Coverdale
Edward J. Cowan
Dorothy I. Cowdrick
Grace Cowdrick
Jesse Cowdrick
Mary Cowdrick
Robert Cowdrick
Connon and Marjorie Crabb
George and Reba Crawford
Ina M. Cuilla
David and Jennifer Currier
Fred and Nancy Curry
Thelma Cushman-Wearner
Glenn and Ruth Curtis
Victor and Rene Czerkasij
Tony and Nina Dahlberg
Chester H. Damron
Charles A. Davis
Cecil and Doris Davis
KR Davis
Travis and Cesilia Dean
Olivia Dean
Linden deCarmo
Don and Joyce Dick
Mark and Shelley Dietrich
Nikki Dietrich
Terrill and Pamela Dietrich
David and Becky Djernes
Lois M. Doherty
Orville and Odil Donesky
Alberto and Joan dos Santos
Desmond T. Doss, Sr.
John Dowell
Paul and Gayle Eirich
Mary Elam
David and Sharon Ekkens
Harold and Peggy Elkins
Edna Cowan Fechtenburg
Paul Fisher
Charles and Betty Fleming
Joyce Ford
Patricia Ford
Daniel and Rosalie Frederick
Bruce and Carol Freeman
Russell and Linda Friberg
Edward and Phylann Fusco
Gladys and Cyril Futcher
Louise A. Gai


Mari-Carmen Gallego
   and Michael Garcia
David and Nettie Gerstle
Kathy E. Goddard
Robert and Nancy Greve
Kenneth and Elle Gruesbeck
James L. and Trenise E. W. Gulley
Norman and Leona Gulley
Lester and Loreen Haag
Marjorie Hakes
Joy Hambleton
Christopher and Gaylene Hansen
Lawrence and Eleanor Hanson
Amos and Elsie Harrelson
Roger and Jan Haveman
Ralph M. Hendershot
James W. Hickman
Henry and Debra Hicks
Dwight and Dolores Hilderbrandt
Edward Hilderbrandt
Stan and Barbara Hobbs
Harry Hodgdon
Gary and Margaret Horinouchi
Howard and Charlotte Huenergardt
Ross and Betty Hughes
Bonnie Hunt
Don and Katye Hunt
M. Suzanne Hunt
Bryan and Susan Hurt
William and Jean Iles
Clifford and Karen Ingersoll
Thomas P. and Helen G. Ipes
Carl and Ruth Jacobs
Jamile and Lanell Jacobs
David and Barbara James
Hollis and Amelia James
Samuel and Gloria James
Warren and Ruth Johns
Frances and Howard Johnson
Harold and Harriet Johnson
Richard D. Johnson
Jim and Beverly Joiner
Elmer and Sarah Jordan
Nichole Jordan
Gary and Sue Kaufman
Michelle Kaufman
Arlie and Jennie Keele
Thyra Sloan Keplinger
Burton and Dorothy Keppler
John and Barbara Keyes
Mary Gardner Killen
Ronald Kincade
David A. Kingry
Brooks Kirschmann
Matthew Klug
B.J. and Anita Kohler
Diane Korson
Huldrich and Marian Kuhlman
Emily Kurlinski
Charles and Gloria Lacey
Beecher and JoAnne Lafever
Robert L. Lamulle
Lloyd Lawing
John and Floreen Leland
Rod and Pamela Lewis
Bob and Carolyn Liers
Evlyn Lindberg
John and June Loor
Ruben and Delpha Lopez
Worth and Jean Lowder
Ruth Nuckols Lyle
Merritt and Gail MacLafferty
Coby Maddox
Lester and Glenda Manning
Wayne and Frederika Maples
John and Cheryl Marshall
Doug and Jeri Martin
Edwin E. and Mary Belle Martin
Bonnie Mattheus
Owen Maupin
Robin Maupin
Harold and Sylvia Mayer
Kirk and Ione McAllister
Ben and Callie McArthur
Andy and Vicki McDonald
Bill and Kitty McGhinnis
Joy McKee
Lois McKee
Rusty McKee
James and Phyllis McKinney
Ruby McNeill
Jerry F. Medanich
Robert and Agnes Merchant
Kenneth B. Metcalf, Jr.
Keith and Georgene Meyer


Legacy Society member names may be added to this wall display in Wright Hall..


Herbert and Stella Michals
Joylynn Michals
Gordon and Rita Miller
Frank and Valerie Mirande
Jason and Mearl Mitchell
Alfred Miyagi
Karen Knight Morgan
Edward Probir Mondol
Pierce J. “PJ” Moore
Alvin and Mary Morford
Jean S. Murphy
Keith and Laraine Murray
Cliff and Bonnie Myers
Clifford and Rachel Myers
Julio and Dylia Narvaéz
Ralph and Beatrice Neall
Dennis and Jennifer Negrón
Florence Nelson
Roger and Ethel Nelson
Mitchell and Evelyn Nicholaides
Ethel Tolhurst Norrell
Juanita Norrell
Milton Norrell
Ken Norton, Sr.
Hollie C. O'Brien
Ken and Linda Ojala
Wayne and Laura Okimi
Allen and Barbara Olsen
Neil and Sandra Olsen
David and Cathy Olson
Hans Olson
Norman and Doris Ostrander
John and Rachel Pangman
Burton and Ann Parish
Carlos and Beverly Parra
Diane Parsons
Merlin and Mary Patterson
Gordon and Jessie Pendergrass
Leslie Pendleton
Ruth Elkins Peterson
Dennis and Carol Pettibone
Harold and Betty Phillips
Lamar and Felicia Phillips
Don and Pauline Pierson
John and Sharon Pittman
Johnnie and Geovanny Ragsdale
Annabelle (Kendall) Randall
Robert and Carol Raney
John and Lillian Rauch
Louise Ray
Derek and Yani Raymond
Eunice Reiber
Edward and Kathy Reid
Maurine Reynolds
Evan and Ruth Richards
Sharon W. Richards, '06
Dr.and Mrs. William Roberts, Jr.
Charles and Charlene Robertson
Sibyl Robinson
Cyril and Joy Roe
Ken and Cheryl Rogers
Sharon McGrady Rogers
Rolland and Barbara Ruf
Gregory and Shirley Rumsey
Jan and Patsy Rushing
Donald and Weslynne Sahly
Philip and Sherilyn Samaan
Howard and Helen Sampson
Juan Antonio Sanchez
Greg and Vinita Sauder
Lynn and Helen Sauls
Vincent and Ellen Saunders
Patricia Maize Schaeffer


Jean Schill
Bill Schomburg
Trenton and Leslie Ann
Christine Senior
Donald and Kimberly Shelby
Betty L. Shoup
Kari Shultz
Bob and Patricia Silver
Judy Sloan
Earl M. Sr. and Ruth A. Smith
Paul and Jeanne Smith
Paul and Lynda Smith
Ronnie and Barbara Smith
Nancy Rayburn Soapes
Eddie and Milca Soler
Eugene and Patricia Sorensen
John and Jan Spruill
Wythe Starkey
Wayne and Verlyne Starr
David and Linda Steen
Cynthia Steiner
Bruce and Jeanette Stepanske
Star Stevens
Thomas and Stella Stone
Elmyra Stover
Philip and Patricia Sue
Pete and Mary Sundin
George and Willie Mae Surkey
Carl and Beverly Swafford
Reid and Ardith Tait
Mary G. Taylor
John and Miriam Taylor
Victor and Ruth Taylor
Wesley and Jessie Taylor
Margaret Thomas
Royce and Elaine Thompson
Jimmie Thurmon
Roy and Venice Thurmon
Joel and Peggy Tompkins
Dale and Janet Townsend
Merlin and Josephine Troxel
Fred and Danilvy Turner
Fred and Darlene Turner
William and Sara Van Grit
Don and Barbara Van Ornam
Thomas and Carole Verrill
J. Rita Vital
Mildred E. Wade
Paul and Ruth Watson
Robert G. Wearner
Donald and Loretta Welch
Jonathan and Sheryl Wentworth
Donald L. West, Sr.
David and Linda Gadd White
Stan and Bennie Elizabeth Will
Larry and Nellie Williams
Bill and Beverly Wilson
Jeffrey K. and Sharon K. Wilson
Deborah Winters
Merlin and Jan Wittenberg
Hermon Woodall