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Scholarships and Endowments

Scholarships and endowments help make possible an education at Southern Adventist University for students who cannot afford it on their own. The individuals and families who have established scholarships have made a difference for thousands of young people over the years.


Donors may give gifts to Southern for distribution through scholarships to students (immediately or over a determined amount of time).


Donors may give gifts to Southern which are invested. The earnings are distributed through scholarships to students (or other specified criteria) while the principal amount remains intact.


Named Scholarships and Endowments
Donors may establish a scholarship or endowment fund using their name or the name of someone they wish to honor. Distribution guidelines are designated by the donor.


Click here for a list of current scholarships and endowments.

If you would like to create a named endowed scholarship, loan, or award, please contact Geovanny Ragsdale via email at or call 423.236.2472.