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Campus Ministries


“Being a student missionary was one of the hardest things I have done,” said Dani Nobuhara, a student missionary to Chad. “But I would never trade my experiences for anything!”

Southern sent 75 students to 25 countries this past year, and the Chaplain’s Office has been preparing 85 students for a year of service this coming year. These students are willing to give up their studies for a year and graduate behind their classmates, go to unfamiliar places, and leave their friends behind for an entire year.

“My year as a student missionary took me way out of my comfort zone,” said Emily Taylor, “but Pohnpei became another home to me and I miss it!”

Southern may no longer have “missionary” in its name, but it’s still a key part of who we are as a school. That is why Campus Ministries is committed to spending so much time preparing students to go, praying for them and staying in touch while they’re gone, and nurturing their new outlook as they return.

“I entered the country barely able to communicate with people,” said Candie Olusola, who spent a year in Ecuador. “But God showed me that He was more powerful, more loving, and more perfect than I had ever imagined!”


Department Overview

Dollars received: $253,152

Number of donors: 1,262

Percentage of employee giving: 75%