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The English Department produces a group of highly educated majors every semester.  


Since 2006, English seniors have averaged within the top 30 percent of students taking the Major Field Test in literature at colleges and universities across the country.  Over the past four semesters nearly half have placed within the top 10 percent and almost a quarter have made the top two percent. One reason for this is the unusual breadth of historic literature we present, along with specific courses in Shakespeare and Milton.


At the same time, the department’s commitment to the integration of faith and learning enhances our students’ educational experience. The faculty hiring process requires each applicant to write a perceptive essay on how to teach English courses in harmony with the Three Angels’ Messages of Revelation 14: 6-12. Candidates unable to produce convincing essays on the subject are passed over regardless of other qualifications.


The result is a group of teachers dedicated to helping English majors come to see literature—indeed, all English subjects—from a Biblical perspective. This means that students not only know the material itself, but have been guided to place it within the context of the spiritual values they will carry into their later lives. The non-major students who sit in on English courses benefit from the same emphasis.


Department Overview

Dollars received: $6,256

Number of donors: 8

Percentage of employee giving: 75%