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Journalism and Communications

Max Giron, junior mass communications major, brought home the silver medal at the ADDY awards in Chattanooga. He had seen the competition advertised on bulletin boards in the School of Journalism and Communication and thought it would be a good way to kick off the new year. Before the awards, Max had been focused primarily on web design, but he opted to enter the editorial layout competition because it seemed the most practical.

“I thought that a two-page spread was short enough that it wouldn't interfere with my class projects, and I would have enough time to go through several rough drafts before the deadline,” Max said.

It turned out to be a good choice, and he has now decided to focus on magazine layout and design as a potential career.

Attending the ADDY awards also provided Max with a reminder to keep work in perspective. He saw professionals from design firms who were there to show off their work, compete for awards, and celebrate. Then they were off to chase the next big thing. Though he can appreciate the thrill of the creative process, witnessing that mentality reminded him to seek out a more complete picture.

“I live for more than this,” he says. “Christ is the end goal.”

Department Overview

Dollars received: $4,203

Number of donors: 25

Percentage of employee giving: 60%