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The School of Music’s select chamber choir, I Cantori, traveled to Scandinavia this year. Students on the trip had an opportunity to connect with sister schools and churches, experience the rich choral history of those countries, and share the Gospel through music everywhere they went. Besides “deep and extra levels of learning take place outside the classroom,” says director Gennevieve Brown-Kibble.

The choir was especially impressed by God’s glory and the power of His love on several occasions. On its last morning in Finland, the I Cantori sang a song for the kitchen staff as a thank you for their service. By the time they finished, the chef had a big smile on his face and tears rolling down his cheeks. Someone who had been sitting in the dining room also thanked them for the music and told them it was the best breakfast he had ever had.

“It was a wonderful experience to touch people’s lives and shows how God can use music for His glory if we let Him,” said Claudia Ramirez, I Cantori member.

Another singer, Robby Raney, was most impacted by a Friday night bus ride to the academy in Norway.

“I saw some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen, but was given Divine perspective as I was listening to the song “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” when I really focused on the lyrics about the things of earth growing dim compared to His glory and grace."

“We saw several amazing sights, from majestic fjords to Viking ships to sea fortresses, singer Steven Blondo said. “However, they couldn't match the looks of joy on the faces of those that heard us sing one of their favorite native songs, a rich Russian chant, or an uplifting spiritual. It was such a gift to be able to share our music with others, experience new cultures, and bond as an ensemble.”

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