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Physical Education, Health, and Wellness

Southern’s Gym-Masters acrobatic team is sharing the Gospel and promoting positive choices. But unlike most evangelists, words are only a small part of their message. Flying through the air, they make people laugh, cheer, and exclaim. And once they have their audience’s attention, they can share their love for Christ.

Every school year, the Gym-Masters incorporate mission outreach into their program. This year, they traveled to the Dominican Republic, where they engaged in drug-prevention programs in eight schools.
To emphasize their message, the team wore jackets with the words “Drogas son Malas” (Drugs are Bad) emblazoned across the back.

This is part of their greater commitment to sharing the importance of healthy living, commitment, dedication, teamwork, and most importantly, a relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Department Overview

Dollars received: $65,182

Number of donors: 156

Percentage of employee giving: 100%