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Physics and Engineering

For the past two summers, students from the Physics and Engineering Department have had the opportunity to spend time at Loma Linda University working on research projects under the direction of Reinhard Shulte, M.D., in the Proton Beam Treatment Facility.


These students are able to work with professionals, searching together for a solution to the challenge of developing proton-computed tomography (CT). The goal is to replace the traditional X-ray CT with proton CT, which emits lower doses of radiation and enable the team at Loma Linda to shift immediately from diagnosis to treatment, rather than switching from an X-ray diagnostic to the proton treatment.

“Students get to work with medical and technological professionals in the actual setting where they will likely work one day,” says Chris Hansen, chair of the Physics and Engineering Department. “This gives them firsthand experience and valuable networking opportunities.”

Department Overview

Dollars received: $6,360

Nmber of donors: 9

Percentage of employee giving: 100%