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Social Work

One faculty member and two students from Southern’s School of Social Work were honored this year by the Tennessee chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) for excellence in their field.

For the past five years, a student in Southern’s program has won the Bachelor’s of Social Work Student of the Year Award. This year out of the six total awards presented to individuals in the southeast region of the NASW’s Tennessee chapter, Southern representatives earned three.

Alyssa Velbis, senior social work major, was given the Bachelor’s of Social Work Student of the Year Award; Rebecca Peck, graduate student, has been awarded the Master’s of Social Work Student of the Year Award; and Evie Nogales Baker, associate professor of social work was named Social Worker of the Year.

“Having three members of our School receive those awards is important for the program because it is an affirmation that the students are being well prepared to perform as professional social workers in the community,” said Lorri Merchant, associate professor of social work.

The two students who won awards this year credit a large amount of their success to Southern’s social work program. Alyssa said that attending Southern has not only helped her grow academically, but spiritually as well.

“I made the right choice for great undergraduate and graduate social work programs when I chose Southern,” Alyssa said. “I feel confident and empowered, not only as a student and professional, but also as a daughter of God.”

                                       --Original story by Luke Evans

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