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Visual Art and Design

Gifts to the Southern Fund helped provide a cutting-edge RED Epic camera—the same model used in many major motion pictures—for the School of Visual Art and Design (SVAD). The camera records RAW sensor data at an extremely high resolution and can shoot at up to 300 frames per second for amazing slow motion effects.

Associate Professor David George is excited about the purchase because the RED Epic camera gives students the ability to be trained on a state-of-the-art cinema camera system.

“When I get the opportunity to work on professional film sets, clients are always impressed with my familiarity with the camera though I’m still in school,” said Chris Stiles, film production student. “The RED has helped prepare me for a successful career in film.”

To see an example of the work our students have done with the RED camera, check out the short student project In The Grey.

Department Overview

Dollars received: $10,645

Number of donors: 13

Percentage of employee giving: 71%