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Students working at WSMC Classical 90.5 engage with their listening audience both on the air and off. At a recent event they dressed as their favorite composers, inviting donors to wear some extra outfits for pictures with them. And thanks to students like these—who don’t just work at the radio station, but they love the music it plays—WSMC has been delighting classical music lovers for more than 50 years.

WSMC’s other objectives include expanding and transforming the student learning experience and sharing our unique Adventist ethos of peace and joy.

“Our goal is to represent the university and its mission in such a way that those unfamiliar with it will want to find out more,” said general manager Scott Kornblum. “It is our specific intention to connect the general public with all the events on our campus community and let the Holy Spirit work through archaeology, music, art, and science to help these people develop a relationship with Jesus.”

The station is engaging with the community in other ways as they gear up for their second From the Top program, coming to the Tivoli on January 23, 2014. Visit to learn more about this and other WSMC news, programs, and events.

Department Overview

Dollars received: $85,166

Number of donors: 676

Percentage of employee giving: 100%