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Board of Trustees

As a private institution, Southern Adventist University’s governance is grounded in its Corporation Bylaws. The board is composed of no more than 40 trustees. Fifty percent of the trustees are lay persons not employed by the denomination. The 13 ex-officio members consist of the presidents of the eight conferences in the Southern Union; the president, secretary, treasurer, and director of education of the Southern Union; and the president of Southern Adventist University. All trustees are members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Gifts and pledges received from the board in 2012-2013 totaled $2,433,689

View Board of Trustees List.


Legacy Society 

33 individuals joined the Legacy Society in 2012-2013:

3 anonymous new members
Dale and Reda Bidwell
David and Jennifer Currier
Tony and Nina Dahlberg
Kathy E. Goddard
Dwight and Dolores Hilderbrandt
John and Barbara Keyes
John and June Loor
Cliff and Bonnie Myers
Ken Norton, Sr.
Gordon and Jessie Pendergrass
Lamar and Felicia Phillips
John and Sharon Pittman
Christine Senior
Fred and Danilvy Turner
Thomas and Carole Verrill
J. Rita Vital
Bill and Beverly Wilson

For a full list of members, visit the Planned Giving website. Click here to learn how you can join this special group or contact our planned giving staff.


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Lights Volunteers

Lights Volunteers support the students, staff, and, above all, the mission of Southern Adventist University. The Lights give of themselves to ensure that Southern is a university that they can be proud of—one that focuses on preparing students for the kingdom and that provides the best in Christian education. The first step to becoming a Lights Volunteer is to have a willing heart for service and a love for God's young people and Christian education.

Lights statistics are reported for the 2012-2013 fiscal year.

Volunteer Hours


Hours given– an increase of 8 percent


Value of each volunteer hour
Determined by


Estimated gift value of Lights Volunteer hours

Volunteers Who Gave more than 150 Hours

Bill Battle, various areas
Corinne A. Fetingis, President's Office
Gerald Kovalski, various areas
James Luke, School of Nursing
Chad Martz, Campus Safety
Erik Vetne,  School of Visual Art & Design
Douglas E. Walter, Gym Masters
Michelle Westermeyer, Advancement
Michael M. Wyckoff, Campus Safety



  •  Doug Walters was named the 2012 Volunteer of the Year for his work with the Gym Masters. 

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President's Circle 100

The President’s Circle 100 is comprised of individuals, corporations and organizations that made gifts to Southern Adventist University of $2,500 and above in the 2012-2013 fiscal year. These givers are an integral part of the Southern family that help reinforce and promote Southern's mission of educating the next generation.

Visionaries—Giving $100,000 and above

  Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga
Farrow Family Foundation
Florida Hospital
General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
Chris and Janel McKee
Jack and Betty McKee
Ellsworth and Sharon McKee
McKee Foods Corporation
McKee Foods Kingman, Inc
Southern Union Conference of SDA
T. L. Trimble


Gold level—giving $25,000 to $99,999


Tim and Donna Bainum
Neva Davis
Ken and Judy DeFoor
Franklin and Tamatha Farrow
General Conference Auditing Service
Lars and Julie Houmann
It Is Written
Jennie Keele
Jay and Stefanie McElroy
McElroy Truck Lines, Inc
Seventh Day Adventist Church Canada
Terry and Paula Shaw
The Foundation for Adventist Education

Silver level—giving $2,500 to $24,999

  • Adventist-laymen's Services  & Industries
    Anonymous (3)
    Evea Bainum
    Brent Barrow
    Benchmark Rehabilitation
    Gordon and Cynthia Bietz
    Jack Blanco
    Ronald and Janelle Boothby
    Bowman Hills SDA Church
    Margaret Brownlow
    Calhoun Anesthesia, P.C.
    Camp Au Sable
    Center for Car Donations
    Richard and Daryl Chesney
    Chestnutt Creek Apartments, LLC
    Collegedale SDA Church
    COS Business Products & Interiors
    Jim and Bonnie Davidson
    Byron and Susan DeFoor
    Deron, LLC
    Bob and Jeanne Dickinson
    Dow Chemical Company Foundation
    Dennis Dupin
    Rob and Amanda Durham
    John and Helen Durichek
    Harold and Peggy Elkins
    Executive Women International - EWI of Chattanooga
    Joe and Linda Farrow
    Fertility Center of Chattanooga
    Don and Dolly Fillman
    Focus Healthcare of Tennessee
    Toya Foster
    Russell and Linda Friberg
    Debra Fryson
    Freddy Fuentes
    Norma Fuller
    Danny Garcia
    Phil and Betty Garver
    Ashley Gohl
  • Douglas and Lisa Goolsby
    Norman and Leona Gulley
    Burton and Vicki Hall
    Tyson and Kristy Hall
    Heritage Funeral Home, LP
    Doug and Heather Hilliard
    Home Trust Bank
    Don Howe
    Jill Howe
    Integrated Concrete, Inc
    Skip Ireland
    David and Barbara James
    Kent and Kelli Johnson
    Brian and Erika Johnson
    Kevin and Gennevieve Kibble
    Loren King
    Jeff King
    Gerald and Sandra Kovalski
    Thomas Lawson
    Brian and Esther Liu
    Gerald and Kathleen Martin
    Leslie Martinez
    Joe and Sally Mashburn
    Ken and Cheryl Mathews
    Jack and Susie McClarty
    Jim and Jan McConnell
    Todd McFarland
    Bill and Kitty McGhinnis
    James Ray and Phyllis McKinney
    Lee and Patty McLennan
    Menomonie Seventh-day Adventist Church
    Bob and Agnes Merchant
    Joe and Dana Milholm
    Milholm Properties, LLC
    Randy Moon
    Bob and Anne Murphy
    Murphy Management Group, Inc.
    Nashville Financial Service Center
    North American Division of GC
    Oneida Indian Nation
  • Les Pendleton                              
  • Bud and Barbara Platt
    Polly's Outreach Ministries
    Raymond James Financial, Inc
    Review & Herald Publishing Association
    Donald and Cindy Rima
    Randy and Denise Robinson
    Oscar and Patricia Salazar
    Evan Salter
    Robyn Sandin
    Lynn and Helen Sauls
    Bill Schomburg
    Del Schutte
    Schwab Charitable Fund
    Don Self
    Ron and Yolanda Smith
    Southeastern California Conference
    Ward and Mary Sumpter
    Susan Szutz
    Reid and Ardith Tait
    Wesley and Miriam Taylor
    The Ray Halbritter Charity Classic
    Will and Renee Theus
    Mike Toth
    UnumProvident Corporation
    Mildred Wade
    Paul Ware
    Mark Werner
    Izak and Elaine Wessels
    Wessels Family LLC
    Don and Edwina West
    Malcolm Westbrook
    Western Adventist Foundation
    Ron and Pauline Westman
    Bill and Beverly Wilson
    Gary and Anita Wilt
    Ed and Ann Zinke
    Doug and Christy Zinke

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Mantle Society

The Mantle Society is comprised of over 1,300 individuals, corporations, and organizations that in 2012-2013 gave an annual gift consecutively for the past three years or more in any of our giving levels. We recognize them for their loyalty in giving to ensure the "mantle of education" will be passed to the next generation. 

Companies and Organizations

Adventist Retired Workers
Adventist-laymen's Services & Industries
Ball Corporation
Bowman Hills SDA Church
Calhoun Anesthesia, P.C.
Center for Car Donations
Chase Farms, Inc
Chattanooga Gyn-Oncology
China Kitchen, Inc.
Collegedale Credit Union
Collegedale SDA Church
Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga
Dow Chemical Company Foundation
Eaton Charitable Fund
Executive Women International - EWI of Chattanooga
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Florida Hospital
Four Corner's Car Wash
Gardner's Market
General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
Georgia-Cumberland ABC
Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
Greater Collegedale Schools
Hair Designers
McKee Foods Corporation
Morning Pointe of Collegedale at Greenbriar
North American Division of GC
Pacific Union Conference
Polly's Outreach Ministries
Procter & Gamble Foundation
Professional Accounting & Management
Raymond James Financial, Inc
Review & Herald Publishing Association
Schwab Charitable Fund
Southern Union Conference of SDA
Southwest Veterinary Services, Inc
Tennessee Ind Colleges & Univ Assoc
Thai Smile Cuisine
The Foundation for Adventist Education
The Kennedy Foundation, Inc
The Poiema Foundation, Inc
Tim Joseph & Company
Turner Realty
UnumProvident Corporation
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gift Program
Western Adventist Foundation


Anonymous (9)
Maurice and Dorothy Abbott
Lee and Iris Abelson
Cal and JoAnn Acuff
Faye Acuff
Fred and Chloe Acuff
Charlotte Adkins
John Agree
Michael and Pam Ahlfeld
Suzanne Ahn
Daniela Alè-Salvo
Betty Allen
David and Kerry Allen
Neil and Cynthia Allen
Anthony and Verna Ames
Sean Ancheta
Jay and Pam Anders
Don and Ann Anderson
Jeff and Melody Anderson
Marvin and Judith Anderson
Nancy Anderson
Robert and Shirley Anderson
Scot and Patti Anderson
Sophie Anderson
Don and Shelley Andrews
Matthew and Michelle Arant
Peter and Sharon Archie
Tim and Rachel Arner
William and Josephine Arnett
Peter Arrowsmith
John and Lea Ashley
Daniel and Julieta Auda
Kenneth and Sandy Aupperle
Anne Austin
Richard and Emily Auten
Margaret Ayers
John and Joyce Azevedo
Eric and Angela Baerg
Maxfield Bahner
Jim Bailiff
Renee Bainum
Tim and Donna Bainum
John and Murdnal Baker
Scott and Lorraine Ball
Mark and Elsilynn Barber
Loren and Rebecca Barnhurst
Barbara Barrett
Brent and Cindy Barrow
Llewellyn and Mary Barrow
Ron and Colleen Barrow
Paul and Ann Bartlett
Marie Bartlett-Sloan
Danny and Anita Bates
Mary Baxter
Patricia Beaman
David and Donnalene Beardsley
Christopher and Christy Beason
Barry and Laura Becker
John and Barbara Beckett
Robert Bell
Bo Benge
Bob and Debbie Benge
Kyle and Kaleigh Benge
Harry Bennett
Peg Bennett
Amy Bercher
Wayne and Andrea Berry
Catherine Bertrand
Thilo Best
Clifford and Julia Betts
Gloria Bevill
Carl Bieberitz
Gordon and Cynthia Bietz
Johnnie and Joan Bilbo
Claire Binder
Selma Bird
Charles and Krystal Bishop
Randy Bishop
Wilber and Pattie Bishop
Darin and Bekah Bissell
Billy and Sarah Blackwell
W. W. Blackwell
Benny and Roberta Blake
Chuck and Priscilla Blancett
Edison and Frieda Blanchard
Jack Blanco
Gavin Bledsoe
Tom and Dianne Bledsoe
Gary and Laurey Blinn
Merle and Robin Blood
Bill and Lorene Boddy
Walter and Marie-Helen Boehm
Richard and Janet Boggess
William and Anna Bolen
Charles and Sue Bolick
Richard Bolles
Gerald and Sue Bond
Mary Bondurant
Stephen and Kerri Boone
Lyda Bostick
Ronald and Patricia Boston
Michele Bostwick
Paul Bothmann
Ernie and Sandra Boughman
Alice Bourne
Kathleen Bourquin
Bob and Norma Bowers
Jemison and Judith Bowers
Robert Bowers
Don Bowman
Howard and Jean Box
Michael Boyd
Mike and Jodi Boyd
Bill and Nellie Boykin
Alice Brackett
Eddie and Janet Braga
Thomas Bragg
Glenn and Leslie Braun
Alton Brazzle
Clay and Alice Breakie
Harley and Dorothy Bresee
Andrew and Beverly Brett
Eugene and Patricia Brewer
Karen Briggs
Art and Linda Brinckerhoff
Heather Brockett
Justin and Becky Brooks
Robert and Pamela Brooks
Adam and Jessie Brown
Bevin and Kathie Brown
Bob and Ellen Brown
Catherine Brown
George and Carla Brown
John and Rosemary Brown
Kevin and Jennifer Brown
Mable Brown
Mark and Susan Brown
Robert Brown
Ron and Glenda Brown
John and Renee Brownlow
Jerry and Mary Bruckner
Katharine Bruner
Don and Myrtle Brunner
Kerry and Marni Bruntz
Susan Bryan
Jason and Elizabeth Bryner
Donna Bryson
Boyd and Randi Buhl
Esther Bunch
Jean Burgdorff
Kenneth and Ann Burke
Bob and Kerry Burns
Nancy Burns
Richard and Martha Burns
Robert and Lylyan Burns
Donna Burnside Walker
Tim and Charis Burrill
Frank and Helen Burtnett
Alan and Thetis Bush
Hendel and Menjette Butoy
Michael and Rachel Byrd
Cad and Barbara Cadavero
Paul and Lucy Cahill
Robert Cahill
Mary Caldwell
Mary Caliandro
Gary and Barbara Callahan
Madelyn Callender
Alice Cannella
Scott and Shelley Cannon
Terry and Wendy Cantrell
Cheerie Lou Capman
Chris and Setsuko Carey
Mary Carey
Frances Carroll
Will Carroll
Ray and Mabel Carson
Greg and Linda Case
Barbara Cash
Steve and Conni Cash
Robert and Maria Castellanos
Tammy Castleberg
Amanda Cate
Millas and Betty Cato
Bob and Linda Catron
James and Billie Rachle Caudill
John Caudill
Lloyd Caudill
Brad and Nellie Cauley
Ken and Claryce Caviness
Gil and Jennifer Cayabyab
Richard and Alethea Center
Esther Chace
Sara Chae
Samson Chama
Arthur and Beatrice Chamberlain
Donald and Karen Chamberlain
John and Robin Chambers
Jeanne Chase
Bettie Chastain
Ginger Cheney
Harold and Mary Cherne
Allen and Bethany Chesney
Richard and Daryl Chesney
Norman and Rose Chesnut
Bob and Phyllis Ching
Bob and Mattie Chism
Hugo and Muriel Christiansen
John and Linda Chung
Harvey and Caren Churkey
Arnold Clapp
Dennis and Sharon Clark
Ernest and Freda Clark
Lawrence and Melvina Clark
Thomas and Mary Clark
Joan Clarke
Byrl Clayton
Gerald and Kimberly Clemmons
Walter and Beth Cliett
Jim and Myrna Closser
German and Alicia Clouzet
Jo Coke
Ryan and Jennifer Colburn
John and Susan Collins
Linda Collins
Shawn and Beverly Collins
John Colvin
Richard and Asti Conibear
Paul and Darlia Conn
Rob and Janet Coombs
Dick and Debi Coon
Peter and Laurie Cooper
Raymond and Frances Copeland
Warren and Patricia Coppedge
Eugene Corcoran
Ana Cornea
Earl and Linda Cornell
Frank and Joan Costerisan
Howard and Mara-Lea Coston
David and Carol Cotton
Ruben Covarrubias
Ellen Cowgill
Kyle Cox
Jon and Judy Crabtree
Elisabeth Craig
Don and Diane Crane
Jay Craven
Randy Craven
Susan Crawford
Bob and Karen Cress
John and Pamela Cress
Pamela Crichton
William and Dorothy Croker
Evonne Crook
Darrell and Billie Cross
Jeffrey and Heather Cross
Malcolm Cross
Tim and Becky Cross
Charles Crume
Jim and Judy Culpepper
Don and Betty Culver
Richard and Jeanette Cureton
David and Jennifer Currier
Fred and Nancy Curry
Carol Cutright
Victor and Rene Czerkasij
Rande and Lori Dager
Raymond and Dorthy Dameron
Martha Dannenberger
Michael and Julie Dant
Michael and Janine Darkens
Nolan and Margaret Darnell
Chuck and Peggy Datres
Steve and Carol Daugherty
Joe and Alice Davenport
Judith Davidson
Tommy Davidson
Bonnie Davis
Grant and Tamara Davis
Larry and Elsie Davis
Ronald and Gail Davis
Tom Davis
Victor and Marlene Davis
Wilbur and Margaret Davis
Thomas and Cindy Day
Herman and Genevieve De Hoog
Mike Deason
Linden deCarmo
Joe and Rachel Decosimo
Nick and Karen Decosimo
Jay and Judy Dedeker
Byron and Susan DeFoor
Ken and Judy DeFoor
Terry and Brenda DeGrave
Daniel Dejan
Judy DeLay
Norina DeRose
David and Alice Dettwiler
Harvey and Astrid Diaz
Joyce Dick
Arthur and Sally Dickerson
Terry and Pam Dietrich
Eric and Jana Dietsche
Tom and Lisa Diller
Albert Dittes
Pat Dittes
Paull and Sarah Dixon
Dave and Becky Djernes
Duane and Elaine Dodd
Chris and Heidi Donavan
Melvin and Sandy Donesky
Alberto and Joan dos Santos
Michelle Doucoumes
Linda Dowlen
William and Susan Doyle
Jack and Cherie Drab
Mark and Pamela Duffy
Elizabeth Dunlap
Dennis Dupin
John and Helen Durichek
Martin and Faith Durkin
Donald and Elizabeth Dykes
Jeffery and Grace Dyrek
Bill and Yvonne Dysinger
Robert and Joan Eagle
Jan Earnhardt
Lester and Audrey Eastland
Eugene and Jennifer Eddlemon
Scott and Barb Edens
Lena Edwards
Paul and Louise Eirich
Mary Elam
Virginia Eldridge
Harold and Peggy Elkins
Lynn and Paula Elkins
Greg and Jeanine Ellis
Mildred Elsberry
Phyllis England
Joan English
Nannette Enloe
James and Jane Ensign
Jeff and Darla Erhard
Richard Erickson
Arthur and Clarice Esquilla
Jerry and Molly Evans
Joy Evans
Paul and Ellen Evans
Terry and Kristi Evans
Tom and Shirley Evans
Nick and Leslie Evenson
Leon and Debbie Everett
Loren and Judy Ewing
Ronald Eytchison
Elsie Facundus
Jack Facundus
Dean and Glenda Fanselau
Henry and Shirley Farr
E. A. Farrell
William and Amanda Farris
Franklin and Tamatha Farrow
Thomas and Sarah Faulkner
Bob and Carolynne Fekete
Juan Fernandez
Elwin and Alice Ferry
Hector and Kathleen Figueroa
Gerald and Naomi Fillman
Noel and Dianne Fillman
Buddy and Lorraine Fisher
Mike and Sally Fisher
Russell and LaDell Fisher
William Flautt
David and Betty Floyd
Emma Flynt
Joyce Ford
Noah and Iris Ford
Gene Forrister
Ann Foster
Steven and Tricia Foster
Toya Foster
Judy Foulkes
Ollie and Gladys Fowler
Floyd and Julie Franklin
Chris and Bonnie Freeland
Barry and Kathy Freeman
Paul and Kathleen Freeman
John and Christina Freese
Albert and Phyllis Freiermuth
William and Nancy Fronk
Doug and Lora Frood
Reg Frood
Elgin and Jane Frye
Debra Fryson
Freddy Fuentes
Mike Fulbright
Bob and Sharon Fulford
David and Eileen Fuller
Norma Fuller
John and Cosette Fullerton
John Furman
Carol Futcher
David and Ran Gabbard
Gale and Eula May Gabbert
Bob and Holly Gadd
Michael and Loretta Gaither
William and Mary Galloway
Esteban and Dulce Galva
Robert and Pam Gammenthaler
David and Angela Gano
Rennis Garner
Thomas and Caroline Garner
Phil and Betty Garver
John and Julia Gatta
Laurie Gauthier
Judi Gazaway
Roger and Terri Geach
Folkert and Jutta Geldersma
Jason and Ann Geraci
Daniel and Sarah Giang
Bill and Anne Giles
Harrison Gill
Gregory and Karen Gimbel
Dwain and Judy Glass
Eugene and Ruth Glenn
Bertin Glennon
Kathy Goddard
Violet Goetz
Glenn and Winnie Gohde
Dennis and Stefanie Golightly
Brent and Synnova Goodge
Paulette Goodman
Douglas and Lisa Goolsby
Megan Goss
Robin and Yolande Gottfried
Barry and Mitzi Graham
Obed and Coretta Graham
Chris and Jill Granberry
William and Elizabeth Grater
Mary Jane Graves
James Greasby
Richard and Elaine Green
Peggy Greever
Bill and Caroline Gregory
Rick and Denel Greve
Peggy Griffin
Ben and Helen Gross
Anne Grotheer Shull
Harold and Elaine Grundset
Marc and Meagan Grundy
Jack and Janye Guinn
James and Trenise Gulley
Norman and Leona Gulley
John and Dagmar Gundersen
John Gunn
Jeremy and Lisa Gustrowsky
Mary Guthrie
Patti Guthrie
Todd Guthrie
Melvin and Edith Halbert
Barry and Jamie Hall
Cindy Hall
Dan and Susan Hall
Elmer and Patricia Hall
Jason Hall
Richard and Jean Hall
Tom and Arleide Hall
Tyson and Kristy Hall
Wesley and Joyce Hallman
Nelson and Connie Hallock
Rick and Janet Halterman
Jan and Marcia Haluska
Marty and Carolyn Hamilton
Thomas and Debbie Hamilton
Chris and Angie Hammonds
Dolores Ham-Weisberg
Kenneth and Phyllis Hancock
Larry and Carol Haney
Chris and Elizabeth Hankins
Willis and Sharon Hankins
Carl Hansen
Chris and Gaylene Hansen
Ivan and Barbara Hansen
Tim and Donna Harley
Wayne and Lynell Harlow
Jeffrey Harper
Buddy and Ruth Harris
David and Virginia Harris
Joseph Harris
Richard and Lisa Harris
J. and Deanna Harrison
Jerry and Carol Harrison
Doris Harsman
Troy and Ann Hart
Evelyn Hartloff
Roger and Lynn Harvey
Steve and Dolores Harvey
John Hasek
Michael and Giselle Hasel
Jeni Hasselbrack
Eldora Hatcher
Loran and Loretta Hauck
Roger and Jan Haveman
Russell and Valerie Haveman
Chester and Joyce Hawkes
Elaine Hayden
C. W. Hayes
Robert and Sherry Hayes
Tom Hayes
Bryant and Claire Haynes
Edward and Sandra Haynes
Paul and Cloey Haynes
Paula Haynes
Mitch and Vivian Hazekamp
Adam and Annette Heck
Ray and Inelda Hefferlin
Stephen and Jan Hefner
Richard and Linda Hellie
Herb and Linda Helm
Ralph Hendershot
Kenneth and Agida Henderson
Rogers and Mary Henderson
Wilfred and Mary Henderson
Volker and Linda Henning
Betty Henninger
Anne Henniss
Warren and Jo Henry
Donald and Elsie Henson
Nathan and Erin Henson
J. D. and Georgia Henwood
Bruce and Kathy Herbert
Ryan and Mindy Herman
Cristina Hernandez-Persia
Dwight and Janita Herod
Ron and Chris Herr
Steve and Jamie Herr
Paul and Betty Hesselink
Keith and Patrice Hieb
James and Fran Hiestand
Mervin Hilke
Doug and Heather Hilliard
Gary and Karen Hirsch
Marty and Tammy Hirschkorn
Wellington and Rosalind Ho
Richard Hobgood
Lester and Becky Hodges
David and Carole Hoekenga
Jim and Vera Hoffer
Thomas and Jean Hogshead
Martin Hollingsworth
Ben and Barbara Holt
Moon and Chung Hong
John and Karen Hood
Herbert Hooper
Jo Hoover
Bob Hopper
Anne Horgan
Gary and Margaret Horinouchi
Walter Horne
Bob and Barbara Houghton
Lars and Julie Houmann
David and Abby Houtchens
Jeff and Angela Howard
Larry and Lorella Howard
Marshall and Nancy Howard
Roy Howard
Susan Howick
Richard and Glenda Hubbell
Jennifer Huck
Margaret Hudson
Steven and Caroline Hudson
Howard and Charlotte Huenergardt
Spencer and Julie Huey
Clark Huffman
Tina Huffman
Thelma Hufman
Mary Hull
Harry and Berneice Hulsey
John and Ruthann Hunnicutt
Bonnie Hunt
Don and Katye Hunt
Suzanne Hunt
Tom and Nancy Hunt
Robert and Dawn Hunter
Larry and Jaclynn Huse
John and Marilyn Hutcheson
Iva Hutchinson
Bradley and Sylvia Hyde
Walter Inge
Ronald and Susan Ingham
Stephen and Vanda Ingham
H. L. and Clara Ingle
David and Deborah Ingram
Jack and Linda Ireland
Ruby Irwin
Larry and Valerie Jackson
Lisl Jackson
Doug and Lanell Jacobs
Mark and Valerie Jacobs
Steve and Carmen Jaecks
David and Barbara James
Hollis and Amelia James
Isaac James
Jackie James
David and Jennie Janssen
Wayne and Elaine Janzen
Linda Jarrell
Jerry and Margie Sue Jennings
David and Kathi Jensen
Donald and Joanne Jensen
Carolyn Johnson
Donald and Susie Johnson
Harold and Harriet Johnson
James and Merrilyn Johnson
Jim and Louann Johnson
Kent and Kelli Johnson
Richard Johnson
Ron and Frances Johnson
Steve and Jennifer Johnson
Tim and Cindy Johnson
Walter and Maxine Johnson
William and Sherry Johnson
Timothy and Linda Johnston
Jeff and Judy Joiner
Ken and Patricia Jones
Verlin and Pamela Jones
Chet and Bettie Jordan
Will and Gail Jorgensen
Art and Donna Kanna
Carolyn Karl
Steven and Julie Karst
Gary and Sue Kaufman
Ziad and Rose Keilany
Ronald and Collene Kelly
John and Kathy Kendall
Dan Kennedy
Molly Kennedy
Gerald and Jean Kenyon
John and Barbara Keyes
Kevin and Gennevieve Kibble
Bob Kieffer
Paul and Joan Kilgore
Nellie Killion
Louise Kimmel
Kevin and Aiko Kimura
Greg and Mary King
Jane King
Roger and Jolena King
Bertha Kingsbury
William Kinnaman
Rick and Tina Kinsey
Jacqueline Kinsman
Jessica Kisunzu
Leo and Jean Klaes
Donald and Elizabeth Klinefelter
Chris and Liz Klinvex
Kevin and Jacquie Klinvex
Herb Klischies
Renita Klischies
Dorothy Knapp
Peg Knecht
Valerie Knobloch
Christoff and Carol Kober
Bela and Diane Kobor
Carol Koch
Lorin and Katrina Koch
Tim Kochis
Paul and Carol Koles
Scott and Brenda Kornblum
Josh Korson
Tim and Jean Korson
Willfried and Dian Kowarsch
Jina Krabbendam
Helen Krall
Jeff and Joan Krall
Marie Krall
Kassy Krause
Keith Krause
Reed and Dana Krause
Carolyn Kujawa
Richard and Carol Kunau
Emily Kurlinski
David and Mary Laband
Ralph and Elsie LaFave
Michael and Catherine Lahey
Jonathan and Heather Landers
Jesse and Susan Landess
Brian and Amelia Laneville
Harold and Violet Lang
William and Billie Latimore
Ken and Faith Laughlin
Edna Lavecka
Eric and Jill Lawinsky
Jack and Vicky Leather
Donn and Annette Leatherman
Linda Lechler
Lillian Lee
Bill Leiper
Paul and Jeannette Leitner
Cornelius Lewis
Thomas and Ermine Lewis
Tarsee and Alida Li
Bob and Carolyn Liers
Lindsay and Stona Lilly
Mike and Delynne Lilly
Gladys Lincoln
Chris and Cathy Lindsey
Michael and Karen Link
Dick and Helen Lippert
Michael and Viki Little
Nick and Amanda Livanos
Robert and Julia Lofink
Danny and Janet Loh
Loren Lomenick
David and Devotis Long
Shane and Beth Long
John and June Loor
John and Susan Loor
Ruben and Delpha Lopez
Thomas Lopez
Vincent and Melodie Lopez
Douglas and Sherrilyn Lorenz
W. and Angela Lorenz
Gene and Bonnie Louden
Marvin and Donette Lowman
Jose and Lilly Loza
Walter and Ruth Ludwig
Jim and Sharon Luke
David Luttrell
Lynne Macias
Reninaldo Macias
Bert and Judy Mackie
Merritt and Gail MacLafferty
Amy MacPhee
Victor and Pauline Maddox
Sara Maggiacomo
Marilyn Mahabee-Harris
James and Cheryl Malone
David and Susan Mansfield
Nancy Mapel
Dwayne and Lizette Marlow
Jim and Linda Marlowe
Jeff and Jerlanda Marshall
John and Joy Marshall
Cheryl Martin
James and Pauline Martin
Jose and Nory Martin
Joe and Sally Mashburn
Trevor and Marsha Matchim
Ken and Cheryl Mathews
Ferrell Mathieu
Don and JP Mathis
Krista Mattison
Kris May
Harold and Sylvia Mayer
Cindy McBryar
David McCallie
Michael and Cindy McCaughan
Debra McClanahan
Fred McClanahan
Jack and Susie McClarty
George and Suzanne McClellan
Grant and Janice McClung
Jim and Jan McConnell
Perry and Darlene McCormick
Jay and Margie McCubbins
Fred and Nancy McDonald
J.R. McDonald
Buddy and Joy McElroy
Jay and Stefanie McElroy
Robert and Elizabeth McFarland
James McGarvey
John and Toni McGauley
Billy and Charlene McGhee
Bill and Kitty McGhinnis
Bobby and Katie McGrath
Ralph and Isabel McGraw
Eddie and Sarah McHenry
Chris and Janel McKee
Ellsworth and Sharon McKee
Jack and Betty McKee
Joy McKee
James Ray and Phyllis McKinney
Mark and Barbara McKinney
Gary and Traudy McLarty
Michael and Barbara McMahan
Bob and Marlyn McMullen
Patricia McPeak
Donald and Betty McPeck
Jerry and Rosamond Medanich
Lowell and Dellene Meister
Douglass and Mrs. Mercer Mercer
Bob and Agnes Merchant
Houston and Margarita Merriman
Roger and Lynn Meyer
Joe and Cheryl Miceli
Allen and Pat Middaugh
Joe and Dana Milholm
Dennis and Bobbie Millburn
Amanda Miller
George and Susan Miller
Gordon and Rita Miller
Harry and Kimberly Miller
Marty and Gale Miller
Richard and Patti Miller
Scott and Rebecca Miller
Joyce Mills
Olan and Norma Mills
Scott and Kathy Mills
Sharon Mills
Joseph and Regina Milner
Ida Minor
Ian and Alice Mitchell
Philip and Sonatina Mitchell
Richard and Barbara Mitzelfelt
Al Miyagi
Joe and Mirta Mocnik
Judy Mogul
Maureen Molina
Herdy and Christine Moniyung
Robert and Kari Montague
Richard and Nora Moody
Bill and Janis Moore
Brian and Janeen Moore
Jack and Kay Moore
Zoraida Moore
Bruce and Cynthia Morgan
Cynthia and Craig Morgan
Haruka Mori
Max Moroz
Bernard and Ruth Morris
Chet and Jane Morris
Jim and Brenda Morris
Ronald and Sandy Morris
Rick and Laura Morrison
Jay Morrow
Rick and Pam Mountz
John and Kimberly Muaya
Danielle Muhlenbeck
Larry and Debra Mulhall
Jonathan Mullen
Gary and Linda Muncy
Bill and Susi Mundy
Willard and Sheri Munger
Joel Murchison
Jean Murphy
Myrlene Murray
Brian and Lori Nase
Robert and Sandra Nash
Dorothy Nation
Richard Natzke
Ralph and Beatrice Neall
Harry and Lynda Nelson
Dorothy Nemecek
William and Marjorie Ness
Ruben Neuharth
Philip Newton
Brent Nicely
Mitchell and Evelyn Nicholaides
James Nicholson
James and Gladys Nick
Ken Nickerson
John and Laurel Niemeyer
John and Januwoina Nixon
Nikki Noel
Evie Nogales-Baker
William and Lisa Norris
Rick and Jeanne Norskov
Nytta Norton
Louis Novakow
Tony and Janet Novielli
Pierre and Virginie Nzokizwa
Frederick and Ruth Obear
Ronald and Ardeth Obenauf
Gayle O'Brien
Hollie O'Brien
Erling and Leona Odell
John and Myrna Odom
Richard and Rebecca O'Ffill
Robert and Barbara Oldham
George Olin
George Oliphant
Neal Olmstead
Cliff and Susan Olson
David and Cathy Olson
Thomas and Pat Orange
Don and J. L. Orser
J. S. and Amy Osborn
John and Laurel Osborn
Jeanne O'Steen
David and Ida Otis
Raffy and Carmel Ouzounian
Jill Ow
Lenny and Amy Ow
Arlene Owens
Wilfred and Anicia Pacamalan
Glen and Lynda Palmer
Peter Palmer
John and Carol Palsgrove
Richard and Pamela Park
Alan and Nicole Parker
Barry Parker
Eve Parker
Martha Parker
Roland Parker
Walter and Carolyn Parkhurst
Douglas and Brenda Parks
Carlos and Beverly Parra
Craig Parrish
Ronald and Marjorie Pasch
James Patching
Carter Pate
Girish and A. G. Patel
Christian Patino
David and Jodi Patterson
Pam Patterson
Wes Paul
Barbara Payne
Stanley Payne
Charles and Linda Peach
Mark Peach
Dwight Pease
Sheri Peck
Ava Peek
Dale and Rachel Pegel
Gordon and Jessie Pendergrass
Les Pendleton
David and Linda Pennebaker
Doug and Julie Penner
Kevin and Susan Pennington
Jennifer Perdomo
Louesa Peters
Dennis Pettibone
Richard Pettibone
Elvin and Betty Pettigrove
Nancy Petty
Jerilyn Pewsey
David and Elaine Phillips
Hal and Betty Phillips
Rita Phillips
Terry Phillips
Chad and Juana Pickeral
James Pierce
Joseph Pierce
Wally and Mei-Ying Pierce
Victoria Pilate
Clarence and Anita Pillsbury
Gilbert and Linda Pingel
Kathy Pires
John and Sharon Pittman
Jo Ann Platkowsky
Elaine Plemons
Brittany Poarch
Marjorie Polycarpe
Dag and Elizabeth Pontvik
David and Ann Pope
Joe Porter
Charles and Mary Portera
Clive and Judith Possinger
Herb and Mary Anne Poulson
Dave and Sharon Powers
Carlos Preza
Jack and Lucy Price
Andrew and Laurel Prizigley
Eddie and Diane Proffitt
Lenora Pudleiner
Duane Purdey
Raymond and Andrea Pyter
Jim and Katherine Quick
Mary Quick
Jesse and Angi Rademacher
John and Geovanny Ragsdale
Larry and Vicki Rahn
Mindi Rahn
Vivian Raitz
Dennis and Roberta Randolph
Jack and Linda Randolph
Len Raney
Rob and Carol Raney
Robby Raney
Tam Tam Rasmussen-Cantrell
Richard and Beverly Rawson
Don and Martha Rebman
Joan Record
Thomas and Brenda Reed
Sarah Reeves
Nelda Reid
William and Judith Reighter
Kurt and Sandy Reisch
Roy and Danette Reitz
Dorothy Remington
Martha Rentfro
Gerry Retzer
Gordon and Cheryl Retzer
Michael Revenig
Edwin and Connie Reynolds
Mary and Michael Reynolds
Paul Reynolds
Harry Rhodes
Josh Rhodes
Richard Rice
Bill and Evonne Richards
Art and Joyce Richert
Rick and Elaine Richert
Matt Ries
Richard and Joyce Riesz
Iris Rilea
Donald and Cindy Rima
Ben and Carol Ringer
Deloris Rissling
Anne Rittenberry
Randy and Annette Roberts
Earl and Mary Robertson
Kent and Wendy Robertson
Randy and Denise Robinson
Fairra Roddy
Steve and Kathy Roderick
Denise Rodgers
Kevin and Charlene Rodman
Oscar and Rosa Rodriguez
Christopher and Anne Rollins
Steven and Gina Roth
David and Nancy Rouse
Jim and Rita Roxlo
William Royer
Adrienne Royo
Donna Ruckgaber
Rolland and Barbara Ruf
Stephen and Jodi Ruf
Greg and Shirley Rumsey
Elliott Rush
Steven Russell
Cornel Rusu
Kevin and Astrid Sadler
Oscar and Patricia Salazar
Yolanda Salinas-Marquez
Philip and Sherilyn Samaan
Kelly Sanchez
Dan and Kathy Sanderford
Gary and Karolyn Sartin
Molly Sasse
Greg and Vinita Sauder
Nick and Autumn Sauder
Lynn and Helen Sauls
Dean and Ruth Saunders
Albert and Jo Schaefer
Patricia Schaeffer
Roy and Patricia Schand
Bruce and Nancy Schilling
Travis Schlist
Malcolm and Janet Schmehl
Volker and Christa Schmidt
Tim Schoap
Eric and Sherri Schoonard
Richard and Hilda Schults
Del and Linda Schutte
Rick Schwarz
Trenton and Leslie Ann Schwarzer
Charles and Geraldine Scott
Jeff and Joylynn Scott
Rhonda Scott
Richard and Charlene Scott
Robert and Merry Scott
Ernest and Martha Seagle
Marlon and Vanessa Seifert
Paul and Marge Seifert
Judy Seiters
Don Self
Robert and Janice Sengele
Lawrence and Connie Serl
Ron and Cuy Shaffer
Dennis and Karen Shafter
Noel and Patricia Shanko
Simon and Florence Shanko
Sandy Shaw
Terry and Paula Shaw
Renee Shearer
James Shearouse
Harold and Mildred Sheffield
Leroy Sherrill
Robert Sherrod
Gary and Bernetta Shockley
Ted and Christy Showalter
Ellen Simak
Nikki Simmons
G. B. and Olivia Sisson
Ingrid Skantz
Chip and Normalou Slauenwhite
Charles and Kim Sligh
Judy Sloan
James and Retha Sluder
Ann Smeltzer
Adam and Brenda Smith
Alfred Smith
Donald and Ida Smith
Frederick and Carolyn Smith
Jack and Rosa Smith
Leon and Marcia Smith
Ron and Yolanda Smith
Sheila Smith
David and Carol Smucker
Burt and Susie Snider
Steve and Carol Snow
Keith and Beth Snyder
Nancy Soapes
Eric and Cynthia Sokolies
Tricia Sorensen
Steve and Marilyn Sowder
Richard and Margaret Spady
Robert and Linda Spady
Kenneth and Mildred Spears
Lee and Lucinda Spencer
Joyce Stanbery
Rob and Laura Standish
Laurie Stankavich
Robert Stanley
Dennis and Tami Starkey
Wayne and Verlyne Starr
Kittie Stauffer
Mary Stauffer
Dennis and Libby Steele
David and Lynn Steen
Bruce and Jeanette Stepanske
Adolph Sterken
Star Stevens
Stanley and Rene Stevenson
Chloe Stewart
David and Linda Stewart
Ron and Eva Stob
Joel and Debbie Stoia
Thomas and Stella Stone
Jeremy and Nicole Stoner
Phil and Mary Jane Stover
Frank and Debbie Strack
Brian Strayer
Michael and Ruth Strefling
Bill Strickland
Bradley and Amber Strother
Patricia Stufflestreet
Wilfred and Florence Stuyvesant
Desi and Pam Suarez
Elizabeth Sugita
Margaret Sullivan
Thomas and Laurie Sullivan
Pete and Mary Sundin
Jennie Sutton
Carl and Beverly Swafford
Ward and Julia Swarner
Victor and Carol Swayze
Roy and Mary Sweeney
Elaine Sweetser
David and Donna Swinyar
E. J. and Beth Sylvester
Susan Szutz
Cody and Janell Tachenko
Reid and Ardith Tait
Steven and Beverly Tasche
Lynn Tavener
Randall Taylor
Jeremy and Angie Teague
Joseph and Lucy Thatcher
Martha Thatcher
Ted and Brenda Theus
Will and Renee Theus
Mitchell and Nancy Thiel
Phyllis Thomas
Robert and Shereen Thomas
Winifred Thomas
Dennis Thompson
John Thompson
Robert and Brienna Thompson
T. J. and Kathy Thompson
Marvin and Lisa Thorman
Ben and Belinda Thornton
Barbara Thurlow
Doug and Lorraine Tilstra
Joel and Peggy Tompkins
Diana Tope
Melissa Tortal
Haslel Toruño
T. L. Trimble
John and Margaret Trimpey
Geraldine Trout
Leon and Lisa Trubey
Bill and Jackie Tucker
Florence Tucker
Jim and Deborah Tucker
Marianne Tulis
Doug Tullock
Ronald and Mary Turk
David and Mary Anne Turner
Eva Tuttle
Mel and Mary Twiest
Esther Tyler
Maria Valenca
Bill and Sara Van Grit
Thomas and Sandra Van Horn
Don and Barbara Van Ornam
Willem Van Werkhoven
Minnie Vance
Frank and Doris Vanderhoof
Evie Vandevere
Robert and Wanda VanRaden
Bob and Tammy Vaughan
Jon Terry and Anne Veazey
Tom and Carole Verrill
Paul and Sue Viar
Alex and Soni Vigh
Ron and Cecilia Vincent
Noble Vining
Timothy and Karen Viser
Greg and Carlene Vital
Rita Vital
Carlton and Debbie Vollberg
Don and Melinda Vollmer
Chan and Rosalie von Henner
Louis and Audrey Voskuil
Lois Vrhel
Jim and Faye Vye
Jack and Yolanda Wagner
Jerry and Rita Wagner
R. L. and Beverly Walden
Eric and Daphne Walker
C. W. Walldorf
Jed Walter
Chad and Paula Walters
Barbara Walton
Bill and Betty Wampler
Jim and Sandra Wampler
Daphne Ward
James and Roberta Ward
Larry Ware
Paul and Susan Ware
George and Virginia Warlick
Carol Warner
David and Jessica Warr
Monese Washington
Jack Watson
Jeffery and Marilyn Watson
John and Tracy Watson
Tom and Donna Watson
Robert and Jeanie Weaver
Robert and Marjorie Webb
Lawrence and Theresa Weber
Eugene and Janice Wedel
Leon and Debbie Weeks
Archie and Faye Weemes
Brian Weigand
Odie and Carolyn Weir
Edward and Jane Weldon
Bob and Theda Wells
Loraine Wentland
Izak and Elaine Wessels
Joan Western
Clayton Westfall
Ron and Pauline Westman
Todd and Kristal Wever
Lenard and Joy Whaley
Philip and Lennita Whary
Bill and Betty Wheeler
Gerald and Penny Wheeler
Charles and Jewel Whidden
Phil and Ellen Whitaker
Bruce and Joanne White
David and Linda White
Jessica White
Kingsley and Nancy Whitsett
Roger and Ruth Wiehn
John and Cecelia Wigal
Warren and Kimberly Wilbur
June Wilcox
Gaetane Wilder
Woody and Susan Wiley
James Wilgus
Charles and Bonnie Wilkens
Darryl and Laura Wilkens
Todd and Marsharee Wilkens
Donald and Patricia Wilkinson
Kenny and Allison Willes
Charles and Josie Williams
Doug and Lori Williams
Eleonore Williams
Jack Williams
Darryl and Jill Wills
Bill and Beverly Wilson
Brian and Anita Wilson
Don and Elizabeth Wilson
Elden Wilson
Jonathan Wilson
Shirley Wilt
Bobby and Debbie Wint
Merlin and Jan Wittenberg
Brian and Ruth Wofford
Bill and Rita Wohlers
Arthur and Judith Wojta
Donald and Joelle Wolf
Robert Wolfe
Bill and Janet Wood
Cindy Wood
John and Linda Woodall
David and Elizabeth Woodard
Dan and Julie Woodruff
Roger and Krista Woodruff
Chet and Carol Woods
Robert and Carolyn Woods
John and Ann Woody
Frederick and Linda Woolley
Henry and Earlene Wooten
Ed and Marilyn Wright
Kathy Wright
Michael and Dollis Wright
Patricia Wright
Carla Wyatt
William and Gina Wyatt
Donald and Joyce Wyckoff
Ben and Reika Wygal
Kelly Wygal
Rebecca Wynn
William Wynot
R. M. and Susan Yankee
Robert and Mona Yeary
Bob Young
Martin and Cindi Young
Richard and Phyllis Young
Sonia Young
John Youngberg
David and Donna Zackrison
E. A. and H. M. Zambrano
Newt and Joy Lynn Zanes
Alta Zdun
David and Heidi Zinke
Doug and Christy Zinke
Ed and Ann Zinke

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Annual Givers in 2012-2013

Annual givers to Southern are the lifeblood of the university.  The gifts made by these individuals helped to support the areas of greatest need on campus through the Southern Fund, bolstered scholarships through the worthy student fund and a number of endowments, as well as supported missions and general operational needs of department on campus.  To them we say thank you!


Companies and Organizations

  • 4 Corners Cafe
    Advanced Inspection Technologies, Inc.
    Adventist Community Services
    Adventist Medical Evangelism Network Media, Inc.
    Agape Iglesia SDA Church
    Aji Peruvian Restaurant
    Alief Spanish SDA
    Allstate Financial Services
    Allyn & Art Corporation
    ARME Ministries, INC
    Astre Planning Associates
    Bata Law Office, P.A.
    Bayside Eye Centre
    Bellaire Spanish SDA
    Belle Pass Towing Corp
    Bishop Family Trust
    Bradenton SDA Church
    Brown, Brown & Associates, PC
    Butler Foods
    C. Jones & Co.
    Camelback SDA Church
    Care Plans for Life, LLC
    Carolina Conference of SDA
    Charlotte Spanish SDA Church
    Chico Seventh Day Adventist Church
    Cicero SDA Church
    CiCi's Pizza
    Clark Manufacturing Company
    Cleveland SDA Church
    Collegedale Korean SDA Church
    Community foundation of Northwest Georgia
    Community Seventh Day Adventist Church
    Concrete and Asphalt Recycling, LLC
    Conyers SDA Church
    Crossville Seventh-day Adventist Church
    Dairy Queen
    Danville Seventh Day Adventist Church
    East Pasco Seventh-day Adventist Church
    East Ridge Bicycles & Fitness
    El Toro Cantina & Grill, Inc.
    Eli Lilly and Company Foundation
    Epic Optique
    Esparza Enterprises, Inc.
    Fibertec Cleaning And Restoration
    First SDA Church of Forest City
    First Tennessee Bank
    Fortune Personnell Consultant of East Seattle
    Four Winds Interactive
    Franke Septic Tank Service, LLC
    FSG Bank
    G&T Associates
    GE Foundation
    Georgia Home Theater
    Ghent Grace Brethren Church
    Grace Episcopal Church
    Grand Traverse Spa
    Grants Pass SDA Church
    Greater New York Conference of SDA
    Greve Family Trust
    Haworth, Inc
    Hollywood Nails Plus, LLC
    Home Health Education Service
    Homestead Hispanic SDA Church
    Hydro Chemicals, LLC
    IBM International Foundation
    Iglesia Adventista del Septimo Dia Maranatha
    Indianapolis Hispanic SDA Church
    Indianapolis Junior Academy
    J. C. Heights SDA Church
    Jellico Community Hospital
    Keller Outdoor Incorporated
    Kellogg's Frozen Foods
    Kentucky-Tennessee Conference of SDA
    Kingsley Club
    Lakeview Family Medicine, LLC
    Lambert Concrete, LLC
    Lane Seventh Day Adventist Church
    Little York Spanish SDA Church
    Malstrom Electric, Inc.
    Mana Financial Group, LLC
    Manton Rotary Club
    MaxLife Systems LLC
    Midwest Rod And Custom
    Mission Services
    Mizzen Marketing Resources, LLC
    Morning Pointe of Chattanooga
    Morning Pointe of Hixson
    Morton Grove Fil Am SDA Church
    Mount Pisgah Academy SDA Church
    Muse Construction
    Network 7 Media Center
    New Era Home Care
    Novo Nordisk Inc.
    Outback Steakhouse
    Paddock Counseling PLLC
    Papa John's
    Peekskill SDA Church
    Pender-Craft Cabinets, Inc
    Physician Services of Cleveland, PC
    PKB Architects
    Poorman's Bargain Barn
    Poplar Creek Spa
    Red Hare Tack And Tog
    Rent-A-Gardner, LLC
    Riverside Fellowship of Seventh-Day Adventists
    Romano's Macaroni Grill
    Rory Wold Insurance Agency, Inc.
    Ryder System, Inc
    Salem Spanish SDA Church
    Sam's Reliable Dental Laboratory
    Sanders Irrigation Supply
    SAU Food Service
    SAU School of PE, Health & Wellness
    SBKC Foundation
    Scott's Bicycle Center
    Seven Bends Veterinary Hospital
    Seventh Day Adventist Church Community Service Center
    Seventh Day Adventist Church of Molokai
    Smilemaker Dental, Inc.
    Spring Tomball SDA Church
    Standifer Gap SDA Church
    Taco Bell
    Tennessee Awning Company
    Texas Roadhouse
    The Alford Group
    The Lantern Alzheimer's Center at Morning Pointe
    The Lomenacque
    The McKenzie Center for Internal Medicine, PLLC
    Thelma's Home Town Clinic
    Therapeutic Touch
    Tropical Produce
    Tyler SDA Church
    University of Tennessee
    USAA Investments
    Valvoline Instant Oil Change
    Verizon Foundation
    Village Chapel SDA Church
    Village Market
    Walk Rite Dairy Service
    Wildwood Lifestyle Center & Hospital
    Word Of Life Inc
    Yonkers Spanish SDA Church
    Youth Service America
  • Individuals

  • Bryan and Sharon Aalborg
    Betty Ables
    Yelitza Acevedo
    Clark and Ester Acker
    Yeshara Acosta
    Crystal Adams
    Jessie Adams
    Penny Adams
    Dustin and Teresa Adams
    Elison and Barbara Adams
    Michael Adams
    Brenda Adeleke
    David and Peggy Adels
    Luis Adrian
    Andrea Aguirre
    L. and Margaret Ahles
    Jooyong and Suzanne Ahn
    Bob and Kathy Aitken
    Roberto Alanis
    Paulinne Alavanza
    Sheri Albert
    Jerry and Liz Albritton
    Hermond Alcaide
    George and Becky Alder
    Larry and Susan Aldred
    Don and Lillian Aldridge
    Oseas and Brenda Alejo
    Jasiel Aleman
    Jermaine Alexander
    Franko Alfaro
    Linda Alinsod
    Rita Allain
    Darilynne Allen
    Margie Allen
    Clifton and Mildred Allen
    Anthony Allen
    Tom Allen
    Lisa Alonso
    Gerald and Janice Althoff
    James Aluoch
    Moses Aluoch
    Filomeno and Josephine Alvarez
    Mauro Amador
    Donald and Lynda Ambler
    Craig and Melissa Ammerall
    Paul and Marcia Amos
    Elsa Anamuro-Cabrera
    Matt and Tracey Andersen
    Jeffrey and Elizabeth Anderson
    Ricardo and Judith Anderson
    Terrence and Wendy Anderson
    Matthew and Elisabeth Anderson
    Craig and Myrna Anderson
    Becky Anderson
    Alease Anderson
    Carey Anderson
    Kathy Anderson
    Nicole Anderson
    Delmar and Della Anderson
    Rick and Andrea Anderson
    Craig Anderson
    Dennis Anderson
    James Anderson
    Luis and Sara Andino
    Allan and Leanne Andino
    Brooke Andrews
    Mark and Andrea Andrews
    Roger and Joyce Andrews
    Tony and Lisa Anobile
    Ted Anthonisen
    Myke and Jennifer Antoine
    Jim and Jill Aplin
    Miguel and Noemi Aponte
    Ernesto and Erlinda Aqui
    Gilbert Aragon
    Dunbar and Zaida Arante
    Steve Arany
    Steven Arauz
    Isabel Argueta
    Claudel and Lilia Ariste
    Chris Armantrout
    Michael and Marilyn Armayor
    Elsa Arnold
    James and Teresa Arocho
    Ann Arquitt
    Jergie and Lavonne Arrogante
    Ruth Arroyo
    Arlene Arthur
    Ray and Betty Artigas
    Ramsey Asenjo
    Angela Ashley
    Andrew Ashley
    Mitchell Ashley
    Betty Ashlock
    Fred and Ramona Ashmore
    Madge Askonas
    Steve and Chere Atherton
    Herman and Edna Atkins
    Lori Atkins
    Paul and Zaneta Attle
    David and Sherry Attride
    Kathleen Au
    Gary and Carolyn Ault
    Jim and Lynn Aumack
    Leon and Cheryl Austin
    Wiley Austin
    Beth Avakian
    Eddie and Karan Avant
    Diana Ayala
    Brianna Babienco
    Bruce and Marilyn Babienco
    Kephar Babu
    Joachim and Erikka Baehring
    Angela Baez
    Josue' Bahena
    Josianne Bailey
    Royce Bailey
    Ted Bair
    Darrell and Karen Baker
    Candice Baker
    Haley Baker
    Doug and Deborah Baker
    Elmer and Katie Baker
    Wayne Baker
    Robert Baker
    Russell and Bettye Baker
    Alex and Karen Baldwin
    Ed Baldwin
    Jessica Ball
    Demaris Ballesteros
    Oliver and Rita Ballington
    Roger Balmer
    William and Lois Balmes
    Rodney Balmes
    Meredith Banks
    Leon and Jo Ann Baptist
    Manuel and Katherine Barajas
    Stephen Barber
    Buffy Barber-Anderson
    Donna Barclay
    Matt Barclay
    Heidi Bardsley
    Daniel Barizo
    Ronna Barker
    Jason and Tamera Barnes
    Duane and Lila Barnett
    Cari Barringham
    Dagoberto Barrios
    David and Lyris Barroso
    Doug and Beth Barrow
    Ronnie and Kitty Barrow
    Tania Barry
    Terrance and Stacy Barter
    Robert and Beth Bartlett
    Rick and Gayle Baskin
    C.R. Baskin
    Bill and Linda Bass
    Bill and Teresa Bass
    Leona Bassler
    Jeffrey and Nancy Bates
    Eric and Ann Marie Bates
    Bill and Marguerite Battle
    Robert and Kim Baudo
    J. C. Bautista
    Valentin Bay
    Jean Bay
    Edna Baylon
    Michelle Baylon
    Jeff Beal
    Willard and Delores Beaman
    Deborah Bearce
    John and Nancy Beard
    Brian Beard
    Fred and Jeralyn Beardsley
    Matthew and Loretta Beasley
    Guy Beatty
    Douglas and Tresa Bechard
    Charles and Wanda Beck
    Marilyn Beck
    Joe Beck
    John and Lesley Beckett
    Horace and Faye Beckner
    Omer and Dinny Bedard
    John and Judy Bedell
    Gay Beers
    Karissa Begley
    Charles and Doris Behner
    Lauren Behnke
    Debbie Beihl
    E. and Karen Bekowies
    Michael and Alyssa Bekowies
    Raymond Bell
    Rodney and Ronna-Lee Bell
    Todd and Jill Belleau
    Myron and Marguriete Belyeu
    Phylicia Benabe
    Kyle and Kaleigh Benge
    Brenda Benggon
    Wilson and Noelle Benggon
    Allen and Joan Benjamin
    L. and JoAnna Bennett
    Bonnie Bensink
    Robert and Elsena Benson
    Marilyn Benson
    Douglas Benson
    Charles Bentjen
    Glenn and Diane Bentjen
    Darryl and Ginger Bentley
    Ricky Benton
    Cynthia Bergen
    Beverly Berger
    Robert Berger
    Brian and Deb Bergherm
    Brent and Leigh Ann Bergherm
    Dick and Lucille Bergman
    John Bergquist
    Greg and Robin Berlin
    Chrystal Bermudez
    Andrew Bermudez
    Millicent Bernhardt
    Thomas Berning
    John and Mitzi Berry
    Mario and Clelia Bertolo
    Bruce and Donna Biddinger
    Jim and Doris Bieber
    Jonnie Bietz
    Venetia-Ann Bignall
    Janelle Billingy
    Cherish Bindosano
    Daniel and Rhonda Bircheat
    Edna Bird
    Charles and Brenda Bishop
    Randall Bivens
    Leandro and Jennifer Bizama
    Lawrence Blackmon
    Larry and Lou Ann Blackwell
    B. J. and Bernice Blaine
    Matthew Blair
    Patrick and Heather Blaire
    Ivan Blake
    Seth Blanchard
    Dianaly Blas
    Helen Bledsoe
    Ingelore Blisse
    Jennifer Blondo
    Rick and Janet Blondo
    Mallory Blumer
    Peter and Virginia Bobalki
    Kharl and Amy Bocala
    James and Dora Bodinet
    Daryl and Vickie Bohlender
    Hans-Peter and Nancy Boksberger
    Marvin and Roberta Bolejack
    Paul and Vickie Boling
    Robert and Rhonda Bolton
    Chris Bolton
    Tulsi Bolwari-Montez
    Andrew Bond
    Grace Bondurant
    Frank and Stacey Bondurant
    Robert and Nancy Bonnett
    Shawn Boonstra
    Fred and Eloise Boothby
    Fred and Amanda Boothby
    Franklin and Ramona Bornman
    Judy Borowik
    Geoffrey Borwick
    Andy and Helen Boskind
    Kenton Boskind
    Anthony Botticelli
    Chuck Bottomley
    David Boullester
    Krantsy Boursiquot
    James Bowen
    Majoice Bowers
    Monica Bowie
    Lee and Robin Bowlby
    Vanessa Bowser
    Darrell Bowyer
    Timothy and Annette Boyd
    Kathy Boyd
    Arthur and Nellie Boyd
    Dan and Wendy Boyd
    Laura Boyer
    Jim and Darleen Boyle
    Jack Boyson
    Marc Boyson
    Courtney Brackbill
    William and Connie Brackbill
    Jeanette Brackett
    Chad and Cheryl Brackett
    Michael and Dawn Brackett
    Jack Bradley
    Kenneth and Ruth Bradley
    Neil and Debbie Brady
    Paul and Deeann Bragaw
    Peter and Susan Braman
    Justin Braman
    Jay and Michelle Brand
    Kristine Brandt
    Ted and Sharon Branham
    Fred and Kathy Brannan
    Bobby and Robin Branstetter
    Guilherme Brasil de Souza
    Marilynn Braun
    Abraham Bravo
    Denis and Joy Breetzke
    Brian and Terrie Breetzke
    Walker and June Breland
    Howard and Roberta Brenton
    David and Sandra Brewer
    Aaron and Heidi Brewer
    Matthew and Jenny Brewer
    Victoria Briggs
    Fletcher Bright
    Judith Briley
    Bruce and Nancy Briner
    Richard and Wilma Brinley
    Christopher and Beth Brinson
    Brianna Brockmann
    Dale and Wanda Brockway
    George and Esther Bronson
    Matthew Bronson
    Paul Bronson
    David and Linda Brooks
    Bill and Ivy Brooks
    Gaylerd and Marlene Brown
    Joseph and Bette Brown
    Harold and Hilde Brown
    Deanna Brown
    Norma Brown
    Doug and Millie Brown
    Timothy Brown
    Joe and Heather Brownlow
    Evelyn Bruce
    Sierra Bruneau
    James and Barbara Bryant
    Heidi Bryant
    Peggy Bryson
    Dan and Carolyn Buckingham
    Jeanne Buckman
    Dan and Carol Buhler
    Tony and Marie Bullington
    Rick Bullion
    Heidi Bullock
    Brenton and Joyce Bullock
    Richard Bullock
    Jimm and Susie Bunch
    Ted and Betsy Burgdorff
    Frederick and Beth Burghardt
    Kirk and Mindy Burgin
    Dan and Susan Burks
    Richard and Juliana Burnette
    Gary and Maryann Burns
    Wayne and Hazel Burns
    Paul and Paula Burns
    Brooks and Lynda Burnsed
    David Burtis
    Dan and Debbie Burtnett
    Dennis and Cindy Burtnett
    Christopher Busche
    Katie Bussard
    Bill and Christine Butcher
    Daniel and Ellen Butler
    Samuel and Gwen Butts
    Pamela Byerly
    Mary Byrd
    Vivian Byrd
    Linda Byrd
    Thomas and Cheryl Byrd
    Gerry and Marjorie Cabalo
    Loida Cabaluna
    Andy and Mariany Caban
    Samuel and Iolanda Cabral
    Rosy Cabrera Raga
    Wilner and Reva Cacho
    Michael and Marlene Cafferky
    Dan and Anna Calaguas
    Andrea Calderon
    Elina Calderon
    Enoc and Ena Calderon
    Peter Calkins
    Donna Callar
    Chelsy Calumpiano
    Bruce and Margie Cameron
    Loretta Campbell
    Elizabeth Campbell
    Kay Campbell
    Cullus and Mary Campbell
    Kirk and Judy Campbell
    Robert Campbell
    George and Carole Campise
    Genesis Campos
    Luis and Ruth Camps
    Michelle Cancelado
    Alexandra Canizales
    Louis and Irene Canosa
    Dennis and Kristi Canther
    Margaret Cantonwine
    Donald and Aleta Cantrell
    Donald Cantrell
    Rodrigo Capiendo
    Joe and Kathy Capps
    Cindy Carden
    Herb and Karen Carithers
    Luis and Eiseeth Carlos
    DuWayne and Karen Carlson
    Rodney and Jeannie Carlson
    Ronald Carlson
    Jose and Maria Carpio
    Nat Carpio
    Tania Carpio
    Brenda Carr
    Duane and Rebecca Carr
    George and Madlyn Carrazana
    Sue Carroll
    Lynn Carroll
    Ray and Mabel Carson
    David and Gina Carter
    Jimmy and Carolyn Carter
    Roland and Dante Carter
    Patrick Carter
    Charles and Debbie Case
    Bill and Wanda Case
    Charles and Mildred Case
    Brenden Casillas
    Ricardo Casillas
    Joseph Castillo
    Marcy Castillo-Rodd
    Amanda Castings
    Donnita Caswell
    David and Deborah Catalano
    Jan Cathey
    Betty Cavanaugh
    Kaelibeth Caviness
    Larry and Linda Caviness
    Samuel Ceja Lopez
    Pamela Center
    Rusty and Sarah Chace
    Chelsea Chamberlain
    Donald and Karen Chamberlain
    Janice Chambers
    James and Yvonne Chamness
    Martine and Sidney Champagne
    Charley and Gloria Chan
    Bruce and Tara Chan
    Stephen and Kathy Chandler
    Steve and Nancy Chang
    Lynden and Linda Chapman
    Cully Chapman
    Ofelia Charles
    Kent Chastain
    Keila Chavez
    Tiffany Chavez
    Jerlie Chavit
    Jordan Chedalavada
    Bryan and Becky Cheever
    Ruth Cheneweth
    Duane and Nancy Chesney
    Troy and Margaret Chesney
    Bruce and Becky Chesnut
    Brad and Candace Child
    Daniel and Yansee Chin
    Evgeny Chirshev
    Amos Chon
    Dayton Chin and Yvette Chong
    Jere and Marian Chrispens
    Todd and Debbie Christensen
    Taylee Christensen
    Lief and Sharon Christiansen
    Monique Christiansen
    Gerry and Ellen Christman
    Reed and Patty Christman
    Kathleen Christoph
    Joy Chung
    Shauna Chung
    Bill and Cathy Chung
    Jean and Jennifer Churchill
    Kurt Cicilioni
    Jose and Holly Cintron
    Wallace and Lucile Claridge
    Ann Clark
    Dale and Cresencia Clark
    Martha Clark
    Savannah Clark
    Alex and Betty Clark
    Gregory and Brenda Clark
    Rich Clark
    Bill and Gayle Clark
    Richard and Penny Clarke
    Bethel Claunch
    Donald Clay
    Norman and Janet Clear
    Jerry Clemens
    Brittany Clifford
    Bruce and Linda Closser
    Tess Cloud
    Debbie Cloutier
    Daniel and Beverly Cobb
    Michael and Judy Cobb
    Hal and Jennifer Coble
    Brandon Cobos
    Helene Cohn
    Kaitlin Collins
    Keith and Laurie Collins
    Mickey and Sarah Collins
    David Collins
    Claris Colon
    Rubie Comer
    Margie Compton
    Crawford Compton
    Mary Concepcion
    Chip and Donna Conerly
    Alice Conley
    Michael and Sharon Conlon
    Robert Connelly
    Ron and Faith Connovich
    Alvin and Eileen Cook
    Timothy and Vivian Cook
    Ernest Cook
    Greg Cook
    Stephen and Marie Cool
    Allison Cool
    Bert and Carolyn Coolidge
    Bill and Bridget Coolidge
    Bill and Rose Coolidge
    Tom and Lewan Coomes
    Elizabeth Cooney
    Murray and Kathleen Cooper
    Lowell and Rae Cooper
    Amos and Vera Cooper
    Beth Corbett
    Wayne and Beth Corbin
    Aaron Corbit
    Clinton and Lois Cornell
    Matt Cornforth
    Rito and Aida Cortes
    Bruce and Cynthia Coston
    Richard and Clarice Coston
    Jace Coston
    Tucker Coston
    James and Eva Cotner
    A. and Lisa Cotter
    Gary and Pamela Cotton
    Daniel and Marilyn Cotton
    David Counts
    Marian Courtney
    Martha Covarrubias
    Carlos Covarrubias
    Esteban Covarrubias
    Sayil Covarrubias
    Alison Cover
    Elizabeth Cowan
    James and Esther Cowdrick
    Burton and Clara Cox
    Jim and Carol Cox
    Will Cox
    Anthony and Faye Cozzi
    Dan and Carla Craft
    John and Lisa Craig
    Patrick and Andrea Crane
    Dayne and Linda Crawford
    Rolland Crawford
    Lu Ann Crews
    Phillip and Mary Crisp
    Glenn and Tracey Criss
    Scott and Summer Cronin
    Stewart and Martina Crook
    Valerie Crosier
    Daivd and Jennifer Cross
    Gerald and Barbara Cross
    Clay and Clayton Crouch
    Brenda Crumble
    Travis Crumley
    Renata Cruz
    Rolando and Annabel Cruz Anselmo
    Valeria Cruz-Gonzalez
    Jaclyn Cubero
    Wyatt Culberson
    Rose Cumberbatch
    Bennie Cummings
    Calvin Cummings
    Bob and Tanique Cundiff
    Martin and Rhonda Cunningham
    Wendell and Eileen Curry
    Richard and Laura Curtin
    William and Julia Curtis
    Denise Cutshall
    Alan and Darlene Cyr
    Carla Czybora
    Robert Dabney
    Lauren Dahlberg
    Tony and Nina Dahlberg
    Michelle Dale
    Jonathan and Krista Dale
    Daisy Dalegowski
    Mark and Terry Dalegowski
    Dorothy Dalton
    Mark and Marilee Dalton
    Barry Daly
    Marilyn and Charles Dammann
    Barbara Damron
    Chet and Carolyn Damron
    Julie Damschroder
    Frederick and Lorrie Dana
    W. and Diane Danforth
    Randy and Debbie Daniel
    Josiah Daniels
    David and Betty ? Danielson
    Alan and Alysa Darmody
    David and Heather Darnell
    Wayne and Linda Darnell
    Loren Darnell
    Natalino Dasilva
    David and Jean Dassenko
    Richard D'Avanzo
    Elizabeth Davey
    Lucy David
    John and Karen Davidson
    Bryant and Joy Davidson
    David and Patricia Davies
    Bruce and Shaundi Davis
    Charles and Marlene Davis
    Raymond and Maureen Davis
    Connie Davis
    Bedonna Davis
    Celina Davis
    Elizabeth Davis
    Joie Davis
    Patti Davis
    Dean and Vera Davis
    Jeff and Rebecca Davis
    Donavan Davis
    Eric Davis
    Jacob Davis
    Jeff Davis
    Davis Davis-Beachboard
    Daryl and Gina Davison
    Edward Dawes
    Mary Lou Dawson
    Ben and Celina Dawson
    Cynthia Day
    Douglas Day
    Mark and Beth De Fluiter
    Pedro De Jesus Granados
    Edgar De Leon
    Ralph and Janice Deaton
    Jason Dedeker
    Leonard and Cordelia Deffner
    Kelly and Sheri Degrave
    Hector and Irene DeJesus
    John Dekle
    Martha Delgado
    Justin Delhove
    Lea and Donato Delim
    Jessica Dellen
    Richard and Janice Delong
    Dennis and Jovelyn Delote
    Emilio and Patricia DeLuna
    L. M. and Sara Lynn DeMarcus
    Erik and Elisabeth Dempsey
    Samantha Demyanyuk
    Clyde and Vicky Denning
    David and Lori Dennis
    Dexter Denniston
    Raymond and Joyce Denton
    Jon DeOliveira
    Hardeo Deonarain
    Reinald Dersch
    Del and Cheryl Des Jarlais
    Jose and Vilma Deschamps
    Kameron and Emilie DeVasher
    Jack and Kimberlee Devries
    Chris Dewey
    Mioara Diaconu
    Aurea Diansen
    Maria Diaz
    Edith Dickerson
    David and Kim Dickerson
    Lyndel and Patricia Dickerson
    Patricia Dickey
    Gina Dickinson
    Ray and Yormary Dickinson
    Loren Dickinson
    Charlotte Dickinson
    Jason Dietz
    Sharon Dimond
    Keo Dingilius
    Jim and Eva Lynne Disbro
    Maxwell and Judel Ditta
    Fairlyn Ditta
    Dennis and Kathy Dodd
    Gary and Catherine Dollins
    Shekaina Domingo
    Paul and Sylvia Donahue
    Chris and Heidi Donavan
    Barry and Nancy Donesky
    Hannelore Donhowe
    Michael and Renee Donohue
    Chris and Tara Donzell
    Margie Dooly
    Larry and Theresa Doran
    Nadine Dorn
    Howie and Stacy Dortch
    Tyler dos Santos
    David and Diane Doucette
    Mike and Gwendeline Doucoumes
    Jesse Douglas
    Vivienne Douglass
    John and Cheryl Dow
    Kristen Downs
    George and Anna Doying
    Mary Doyle
    Eric Drab
    Lyra Drachenberg
    James and Deborah Draper
    Ranier and Shirley Drapiza
    Donald and Karen Drexler
    David and Eve Drucker
    Michael and Shelia Drummond
    Geraldine Dry
    Tom and Debra Dryman
    Gary and Clara Duckworth
    Mike Duckworth
    Russell and Nan Duerksen
    Jeffrey and Rosa Dunasky
    Ashley Dunbar
    David Dungan
    Netha Dunlap
    Dawn Dunn
    Steve Dunson
    Wanda Dupper
    Dorlin Duran
    Paul and Debra Duran
    Alessandra Durante
    Matthew Durante
    Bradley and Christina Durby
    Clarence Durham
    Peter and Phyllis Durichek
    George and Joy Dutton
    Jeffrey and Lela Duvall
    Marilyn Dye
    Rodney and Peggy Dyke
    Wayne and June Dysinger
    Jim and Juanette Eason
    Crystal East
    John and Marian Eaton
    Alessandra Echeverri
    Roger and Shirley Eck
    Michael Eck
    Errol and Bonnie Eder
    Philip and Barbara Edgar
    Eloise Edgings Pryce
    Paul and Linda Edwards
    Jonathan and Jackie Edwards
    Zelma Edwards
    Latas Edwards
    R. Edwards
    Richie Edwards
    James and Donna Ehrlich
    Trever and Tina Ehrlich
    Paul Eirich
    Melvin and Phyllis Eisele
    Larry and Becky Eldenburg
    Jimmy and Luann Eller
    Shama Eller
    David Eller
    Kelley Elliott
    Marvin and Candy Elliott
    Bob and Linda Elliott
    Bernard Elliott
    Richard Elliott
    Melissa Ellis
    Dick and Dee Elsner
    Brad and Angela Emde
    Tom and Karen Emde
    Walter and Rosemarie Emori
    Mary England
    Shawn Engle
    Roger and Debra Engstrom
    Brittany Erb
    Barbara Erhard
    Mark and Lisa Erhard
    Jamie and Shelly Erhard
    John and Mary Erickson
    Darrell and Tamra Erwin
    Robin and Budehia Erwin
    David and Helen Escobar
    Rosa Escobar
    Peter and Debra Eskildsen
    Brenda Esparza
    Jose Espinoza
    Bonnie Evans
    John and Diane Evans
    Susan Evans
    Henri and Cheryl Evard
    Bradley and Debra Everett
    Kyle and Rachel Ewert
    Jessie Ewing
    Nicholas Ewing
    Donald Fahrbach
    Edwin Fajardo
    Glenn and Luvena Farinola
    James and Eliana Farley
    Sharon Farmer
    Dennis and Charese Farmer
    Ben and Bev Farner
    John Feddersen
    Bonnie Feese
    Eva Fegarido
    Cristina Felipe
    Edward and Marilyn Fellenbaum
    Loren and Gretchen Felten
    Pamela Fennell
    Jilane Fenner
    Diana Ferguson
    Robert and Ethel Ferguson
    Jon Ferguson
    Conrad Fernandez
    Felicito and Lynette Fernando
    Anna Ferris
    Josh Fickett
    Castwell Fider
    Carole Fife
    Xenia Figueroa
    Daniel and Ivette Figueroa
    Judson and Carlene Filler
    Jere and Terri Fillman
    Anthony and Debbie Fine
    Carl and Janice Fingalson
    Brooke Firestone
    Ernest and Lori Fisher
    Kenneth and Debby Fisher
    Douglas and Amy Fisher
    David and Sherry Fisher
    Emily Fisher
    Helen Fisher
    George and Ella Fisher
    Andrew Fisher
    George Flaherty
    Krystin Flash
    Gary and Belinda Fleming
    Mary Flerl
    Bill Flerl
  • Denis and Eunice Fletcher
    Fred Floan                 

    Walter and Faith Florea
    Daniel and Lin Flores
    Lucy Flores
    Simeona Flores
    Mario Flores
    Daisy Flores-Orion
    Brian Flynn
    Tom and Joan Flynn
    Mike and Renee Fogg
    Todd and Trina Folkenberg
    Craig and Regina Foote
    Daniel and Wanda Forbes
    Suzanne Ford
    Dwain and Lorraine Ford
    Thomas and Renee Ford
    Brandy Foreman
    David and Laronda Forsey
    Rob and Lisa Foster
    Craig Foster
    Paul and Laurie Foti
    M. and Jewel Fountain
    Blake and Paula Foust
    Sandra Fout
    Arenice Fowler
    Jim and Sarah Fowler
    Delrita Fowler de Canas
    Frances Fox
    Pamela Fox
    Willis and Frieda Fox
    Bruce and Zenaida Fox
    Jude and Ingrid Foxall
    Dennis Foxworth
    Matthew and Amy Frain
    Josh and Jessi Fraker
    Sarah Franche
    Ely and Esther Franche
    George and Marsha Francis
    Jack and Linda Francisco
    Rudy and Joni Franco
    Marcos and Esther Franco
    Nefty Franco
    Marlenny Franco-Johnson
    Cyril and Karen Franke
    Pat Franklin
    Clyde Franz
    Rosalie Frederick
    Katie Freeland
    Ivy Freeman
    Jonika Freeman
    Bruce and Carol Freeman
    Charles Freeman
    Norman and Sarah French
    Steve and Lyndi French
    Joe Frescino
    Roger and Charlene Fridge
    John and Mona Friend
    Angeline Frith
    Mark Froelich
    David and Linda Fuhrman
    Sally Fuller
    Bob and Sue Fuller
    Trevor Fulmer
    Cyril Futcher
    Anne Gaffney
    Ray and Shirley Gager
    Margaret Gagliardi
    Elaine Gaillard
    Oscar Galeano
    Jan Gallimore
    Lyndon and Evonne Gallimore
    Erin Galloway
    Lisa Garcia
    Miguel and Karla Garcia
    Orlando Garcia
    Todd and Lynette Gardner
    Scott Gardner
    Tag and Mitsue Garmon
    Nathan Garner
    Mike and Kathy Garrett
    Loany Garrido
    Eduardo and Sally Garrido
    Rebecca Garvin
    Mario Gaspar
    P and Marilyn Gates
    Jeff and Caroline Gates
    Wesley Gates
    Alan and Emily Gatward
    Larry and Rita Gavin
    Jon and Belen Geach
    Charles and Elizabeth Geddes
    Sally Gee
    Michael Gee
    John and Tami Geli
    Marc and Velda Genton
    Cheryl George
    Egbert and Keishauni George
    Jon and Leilani Gepford
    Judy Gervais
    Josue Gibbs
    Ben and Susan Gibson
    Ellen Gibson
    Randall and Carolyn Gifford
    Jonathan and Lynell Gifford
    Acelia Gil
    Ellen Gilbert
    Marianne Gilbert
    Allyn Gilbert
    Gary Gilbert
    Don and Irene Gilbert
    Wayne Gilbert
    Stanley and Ollie Mae Giles
    John and Susan Gill
    Lynette Gillen
    Clyde and Delrita Gilliand
    John and Maury Gilmore
    Dan and Kathy Gimbel
    Candy Giron
    Jeanette Gist
    Alan and Genevieve Glander
    Brooks and Elizabeth Glass
    Chelsea Glass
    Jeff and Laurie Glass
    Brian Glass
    Jon Gless
    Roy and Linda Gobbell
    Jerry and Bryce Goddard
    Deanna Goeman
    Tamara Goggans
    Andrew Gohr
    Marilyn Goldsmith
    Clifford and Kimberly Goldstein
    Roberto and Patricia Gomez
    Sol Gonzales
    Hector and Lori Gonzalez
    Damaris Gonzalez
    Katelyn Gonzalez
    Albert Gonzalez
    Carlos and Dilcia Gonzalez
    Luke Gonzalez
    Marco Gonzalez
    Everett and Marcia Gooch
    Ann Goodge
    James and Judy Goodrich
    Tom and Joan Goodwin
    James Gose
    Arelene Gosser
    Guian Goulet
    Rick and Lori Govan
    Robert and Barbara Goyne
    Steve and Vivian Grabiner
    Anna Grabowski
    Troy and Denise Grady
    Lucille Graham
    Victor Gramount
    Felipe and Barbara Granada
    Anita Grandy
    Alan and Teri Grant
    David and Cynda Grant
    Kenneth and Grace Grant
    Loren Grant
    Kevin and Annette Graves
    Kimberly Grace Graves
    Otis and Margaret Graves
    Grant and Riley Graves
    John and Julia Gravois
    Ste[jem and Joyce Gravott
    Craigan and Judy Gray
    Donal and Shirley Gray
    Jennifer Green
    William and Jennifer Green
    Loyal Green
    Dennis Greenawalt
    T. and Ann Greene
    Vanessa Greenleaf
    William and Tammy Greenley
    Ralph and Linda Greenup
    Cary and Holly Greer
    Bill and Caroline Gregory
    Paula Gregory
    Bob and Nancy Greve
    Charles and Evelyn Griffin
    Delwin and Vicki Griffin
    Randall Griffin
    Nick and Dawn Griffin
    Richard and Nita Griffitts
    Jonathan and Barbara Grimes
    Timothy and Jamie Grindley
    Sarah Grissom
    Steve and Margaret Groshong
    Cyril and Cynthia Grosse
    Louise Grow
    Francisco and Martha Guadamuz
    Chrystal Guadarrama
    Janelle Guajardo
    Remy and Stephanie Guenin
    Michael and Providencia Guerrero
    Guido Guijarro
    Joseph Guijarro
    Heather Gulley
    Jacque Gunther
    Aaron Gunther
    Andy and Donna Gurule
    Rick and Millie Gusso
    Rod and Linda Gustad
    Melissa Guth
    Oliver Guth
    Sergio and Ileana Gutierrez
    Shawn and Rebecca Haas
    Randall Hackman
    Kirby and Melissa Hade
    June Hadland
    Michael and Mary Beth Hagan
    Michael and Melinda Hagelgantz
    Peter Hale
    Donald and Peggy Halifax
    Jeremy and Donna Hall
    Robert and Emma Hall
    Lisa Hall
    Eric and Wendy Hall
    Donald and Carol Hall
    Stephen and Mary Hall
    Art and Shirley Hall
    Mike Hall
    William and Martha Hall
    Stephen Hall
    Hazel Hallman
    David and Peggy Hallman
    Milton and Margaret Hallock
    Lloyd and Dora Hallock
    Lauren Halminen
    Haley Hamilton
    Paula Hamilton
    Bobby and Joni Hamilton
    Eugene Hamlin
    John and Callie Hamm
    Sonny and Janette Hamman
    Brent and Emily Hamstra
    Tom and Carol Haney
    Skip and Terry Hann
    Alfred Hanscom
    Dan and Julia Hansen
    William and Barbara Hansen
    Keith and Rosemary Hansen
    Mark and Cindy Hanson
    Lori Hardin
    Karl and Marci Hare
    Melissa Harley
    Malcolm and Linda Harman
    Donald and Marie Harmel
    Cody Harmon
    Ralph and B. Harmon
    Bruce and Debbie Harnage
    Annie Harpe
    Wilson Harpe
    Amy Harper
    Jonathan Harper
    Nildo and Alicia Harper
    Greg and Allison Harper
    Terry and Lorie Harpster
    Jerry and Susan Harrel
    Debbie and Ryan Harrell
    William and Nereida Harris
    Rebekah Harris
    Allen and Pam Harris
    Jody and Casey Harrison
    Jade Harrison
    Sherry Harrison
    William Harrison
    David Harsany
    Stan and Paula Hartin
    Lori Hartle
    Wayne Hartman
    Eppie Hartsuiker
    Ray and Jeanne Hartwell
    Gary and Kay Hartwig
    Robert and M. Harvey
    Charles and Minerva Haugabrooks
    Kenneth and Thresia Hauger
    Jillian Haughton
    Bill and Jill Haupt
    David and Caryl Haus
    Ted and Agnes Haveman
    Jean Hawkins
    Debbie Hawley
    Denise Hawryluk
    Bill and Sherry Hay
    William Hayes
    Peter and Sheila Haynal
    Lynn and Lucy Hayner
    Kenny and Carole Haynes
    Agnes Hayslett
    Daniel and Carol Heath
    Lester and Karen Hebert
    C. Hebert
    Bruce and Beth Hehn
    Randy and Mary Jane Heilman
    Merlin and Joyce Heim
    Judy Heinrich
    David and Jungah Heinrich
    Gene and Susann Helgesen
    Thomas Helton
    Dorothy Henderson
    Laura Henderson
    Barry and Jen Hendrick
    William and Nancy Henke
    Patricia Henley
    Esther Hensel
    Nathan and Erin Henson
    Herb and Barbara Herbert
    Ingrid Hernandez
    Judith Hernandez
    Valerie Hernandez
    Ismael and Guadalupe Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez
    Victor Hernandez
    Eunice Hernandez-Hudson
    Scott Hernnard
    Alexandra Herron
    Leonard and Katherine Hershey
    Roger and Judith Hervig
    Jo Hess
    Darin Hevener
    Richie Hevener
    Mary Kay Hiatt
    Richard and Darlene Hickam
    Roberda Higginbotham
    E. and Cynthia Higgins
    Bill and Polly Higgins
    Marlene Higgs
    Tim Higgs
    Kellman and Shirley Hilaire
    Olivia Hilchey
    Brent and Jeanne Hildebrand
    Steven and Merrie Hildebrand
    Sylvia Hildebrandt
    Edward and Darlene Hill
    Jenny Hill
    Kasanthia Hill
    Tammy Hill
    Terry and Joyce Hill
    Ken and Eva Hill
    Seth Hill
    Mike and Tara Hills
    Corey and Sara Hilton
    Charles and Linda Hindman
    Lounette Hinkle
    Brian and Victoria Hinman
    Edward and Norma Hinman
    Deborah Hinton
    Heriberta Hipolito
    Desiree Hissong
    Ted and Debbie Hittle
    Bill and Brenda Hix
    Wanda Hixson
    W. and Jane Hixson
    E. and Rhonda Hoag
    Caleb Ho-A-Shoo
    Stan and Barbara Hobbs
    Jeff and Jenny Sue Hocking
    Judith Hodder
    Leasa Hodges
    Lance Hofer-Draper
    Clifford and Janice Hoffman
    Harvey Hogue
    Scott and Tami Holbeck
    Ronnie and Ashley Hold
    David and Melita Holland
    Larry and Cheryl Holland
    Wesley and Karen Holland
    Don and Ann Holland
    Michael and Cynthia Hollie
    Matthew Hollie
    Geraldine Hollis
    Paul and Charlotte Hollis
    Matthew Hollis
    Cindy Holly
    Ruth Holmberg
    Travis and Katrina Holt
    Victor Hong
    Gamaliel Honore
    Louise Hoover
    Paul and Andrea Hoover
    Michael and Nelda Hope
    Michael and Melodie Hopkins
    Marion Hopple
    Mark and Jussara Horton
    Rory and Kathy Hosteter
    Bruce and Helen Houchins
    Danny and Sondra Houghton
    Per and Alice Houmann
    Melvin and Tina Howard
    Rick Howard
    Hilbron and Ordie Howell
    Jake and Bobbie Howell
    Rick and Nancy Howell
    Sandra Hrabowy
    Chris Hudson
    Tom and Lynn Huff
    June Huffman
    Christopher Hufnagel
    Christopher Hufnagel
    Ric Hufnagel
    Dean and Debra Hughes
    Buckner Hughes
    Robert Hughes
    Allen Humbrecht
    Kyle Humphrey
    Herman and Patricia Hunt
    Jonathan and Kim Hunt
    James and Valerie Hunt
    Krista Hunt
    Dean and Ellene Hunt
    Erik Hunt
    Karl Hunt
    Kirstee Hurt
    Suzanne Husting
    Sheila Hutchens
    Kennethe and Nadine Hutchinson
    Julie Hyde
    Mark and Lisa Hyder
    Frank and Marcie Ibarra
    Orgina Iglesias
    Michael and Geri Igou
    Toby and Nyla Imler
    Herbert and Dorothy Ingersoll
    Jim and Becky Ingersoll
    Robert and Raquel Ingles
    Jeff Insch
    Alise Ionashku
    Carlos and Kathryn Irizarry
    Nelson and Deanne Irvine
    Salvador Israel
    Joshua Istueta
    Bethany Iuliano
    Grant and Kirsten Iverson
    Marc and Lisa Iwahashi
    Marcos and Suzy Iwankiw
    Rosalva Jacinto
    Lesby Jackson
    Patsy Jackson
    Alec Jackson
    Edgar Jacob
    Carol Jacobs
    Lloyd and Ingrid Jacobs
    Donald and Barbara Jacobs
    Douglas Jacobs
    Don and Ruthie Jacobsen
    Richard and Diane Jacobson
    Jaime Jacobson
    Brian and Tami Jacques
    Tim and Ruth Jaeger
    Andrew Jaeger
    Rick and Sharon Jaeger
    Sarah Jakeway
    Andrew and Kamala Jaley
    Alicia James
    Janessa James
    Kevin and Mary James
    Sam and Gloria James
    Theodore and Connie James
    Everett and Julie Jamieson
    Judson and Donna Jamieson
    Linda Janetzko
    Chris Janetzko
    Robert and Jeanne Janney
    Marie Jansen
    Darlyne Jarrett
    Jason and Jamilyn Jeffery
    Justin and Michaela Jeffery
    Dan and Rhonda Jeffus
    Steven and Christina Jencks
    Walt and Marcia Jenison
    David and Susan Jenkins
    Mary Jenkins
    Mark Jennings
    Elaine Jensen
    Shirley Jensen
    Geoffrey Jensen
    Larry and Susan Jensen
    Daniel Jeon
    Lonnie and Brenda Jerke
    Donald and Sharon Jernigan
    Breven Jewel
    Ana Jimenez
    Teresita Jimenez
    Emmett and Deann Johnson
    Gary and Brenda Johnson
    Glen and Carlene Johnson
    John and Nancy Johnson
    James and Sylvia Johnson
    Brenda Johnson
    Jewell Johnson
    Dean and Trudy Johnson
    George and Mernie Johnson
    Bill and Zadie Johnson
    Corey Johnson
    Gabriel Johnson
    Jonathan Johnson
    Kevin Johnson
    Marcus Johnson
    Cameron and Shirley Johnston
    Robert and Julie Jones
    Bonnie Jones
    Donald and Martha Jones
    Brian and Joan Jones
    Matt and Rebeca Jones
    Steele and Marcey Jones
    Jimmy and Lynn Jones
    Christer and Mariann Joreteg
    Ruben Joseph
    Ruben Joseph
    Ivan and Jolene Juhl
    Ted and Angela Juhl
    Jesse Jung
    Beau and Ruth Just
    Polly Justice
    Stephen Kabalka
    Jeffery Kahler
    Rodney and Linda Kang
    Angela Kanna
    Mariana Kaplan
    Darlene Karst
    Emily Kay
    Lee Kay
    Bill and Carolyn Kealy
    Holly Keener
    Raymond and Julia Keitt
    Garth and Barbara Keizer
    Greg and Marie Keller
    Jim and Teresa Keller
    Jerry and Linda Kelley
    Anne Kelley
    Stephen and Diana Kelley
    James Kelley
    Vernon Kelley
    Grace Kellogg
    Todd and Laurie Kelly
    Eager and Clara Kelly
    Ronn and Joyce Kelly
    David Kelman
    Constance Kennedy
    Hugo and Shirley Kennedy
    Thomas and Martha Kennerly
    Jodi-Ann Kentish
    Amos and Lilian Kerongo
    Jane Kessler
    David Kessler
    Andrew Keyes
    Steve and Heidi Kim
    Andy Kim
    Joong and Sook Kim
    Milton and Ginnie Kim
    Nam and Myung Kim
    Charles and Del Jeanne Kimberly
    Mary King
    Kenneth and Frances King
    Robert Kiper
    Loren and Keri Kirk
    Stanley and Janet Kirk
    Brooks Kirschmann
    Bill and Pat Kirstein
    Kitty Kistler
    Chris Kitson
    Susan Kitson
    Clair Kitson
    Martin Klingbeil
    Christopher Klinvex
    Herb and Barbara Klischies
    Ryan KloosterHuis
    Robert Klopp
    Rowland and Lori Knight
    Ed Knight
    Floyd Knight
    George Knight
    Joshua Knight
    Scott Knight
    R. and Heidi Knipple
    Nathan and Amy Knowles
    Jodi Knowles
    Merlin Knowles
    Thomas and Sue Knutson
    Mike and Laura Knutson
    Mark Knutson
    Gunter and Erna Koch
    Anita Kohler
    Charles and Joyce Kohler
    Eden Koliadko
    Gary and Ahna Kolsrud
    Gerald Kondo
    Jerry and Loretta Kopitzke
    Kyle and Kimberly Kovach
    Patricia Kovalski
    Barbara Kraner
    Bill and Sue Krause
    Joe and Jeannie Kretschmar
    William and Bethany Kroemer
    Dave and Holly Krohne
    Anthony and Dawn Kroll
    Paul and Sharon Krueger
    Bryan Kuehl
    Dan and Diane Kuehne
    Michael and Diane Kuehne
    Henry and Pat Kuhlman
    Steven and Lisa Kuhlman
    Stephen and Sara Kuhn
    Richard and Carol Kunau
    William Kurtz
    Joe and Tiffany La Com
    Sigfredo and Maribel La Luz
    Walter and Phyllis Labrenz
    Will and Christy Labrenz
    Bill and Connie Lackey
    Joe and Tiffany Lacom
    Craig and Bethany LaFave
    Danny and Stephanie Lafave
    Lloyd LaFave
    Joselle Laguerre
    Blake and Teresa Laing
    Jud and Bonnie Lake
    Kenneth Lake
    Tim Lale
    Danny and Kelli Lamberton
    PJ and Amy Lambeth
    Julie Landess
    Sharon Lang
    Robert Lang
    Philip and Maxine Lang
    Rob and Velvet Lang
    Mariclem Lao
    Martha Larkin
    Dick and Nancy Larsen
    Mark and Miriam Larson
    Bradley and Beth Lasley
    Shawn and Emily Lathrom
    Donn and Esther Latour
    Rhett and Kimberly Laufenburger
    E. and Shirley Laughlin
    Jeff and Vicky Lauritzen
    John Laury
    Ron Lavender
    Herman Lawless
    Amos and Bertha Lawson
    Celina Lawson
    H. D. and V. Garnet Lawson
    Craig Lawson
    Gelline Layson
    Regan and Mary Leader
    Paul and Victoria Leavens
    Adley and Nazy Lebouef
    Gregory and Betty Lee
    James and Valerie Lee
    Jack and Helen Lee
    James and L. Lee
    John and Kendra Lee
    Chris and Celia Lee
    Hyung Jin Lee
    James Lee
    James Lee
    Lindsay Leeds
    Donald and Ruthanne Leeper
    Jim and Judy Leeper
    Kyle Leeper
    Carmay Leerdam
    James and Penny Leffew
    Sari Leman
    Jeff and Vicki Lemos
    Daniel Lenart
    Ryan and Sharon Lenox
    Hannah Leonard
    Matthew Leonard
    Nardi Leonce
    Jose and Maria Leones
    Jose Leones
    Lindsey Leon-Guerrero
    Arthur and Lennette Lesko
    Merill Levine
    Brian and Jill Levitt
    Raquel Levy
    Edward and Connie Lewis
    Marvin and Eva Lewis
    Rod and Pam Lewis
    Karen Lewis
    Kelsey Lewis
    Tricia Lewis
    Raquel Lewis
    Bill and Linda Lewis
    Jim and Emogene Lewis
    Raphael and Judith Lewis
    Roy and Lynette Libdan
    Doug and Elaine Libla
    Silvia Licon
    Vernon Liebelt
    Sandy Liles
    Aubrey and Barbara Liles
    William and Lisa Lilly
    Maria and Nickolas Lind
    Monic Lindsey
    Mitchell and Francess Lindsey
    Kathy Linton
    Kyle and Heidi Littell
    Micky and Rhonda Littell
    David and Teresa Littell
    C.Y. and Ruth Liu
    Raymond Liu
    Nick and Amanda Livanos
    Henry and Dorothea Livergood
    Bridget Livingston
    Aura Lizardo
    Bill and Jill Loch
    Patricia Locher
    Nancy Lockidge
    Mike and Janene Loga
    Lloyd and Lynda Logan
    Linda Lohr
    Liey Lokito
    Jeff and Yolanda Londis
    Michael and Lisa Long
    Gerry and Elizabeth Long
    David Longa
    Carl and Juanita Longman
    Bill Longwell
    Bryan Lopes
    Carlos Lopez
    Sebastian Lopez
    Amy Loredo
    Carol Loree
    Catherine Louis
    Les and Carole Louis
    Rachel Lovelace
    Jerry and Judy Lowe
    Rudy and Georgia Lowrance
    Lemuel and Doreen Lowry
    Thaddeus Lozensky
    William and Diana Lucas
    Lida Lucas
    Ed and Sharon Lucas
    Marita Lucrida
    Ernest and Lorna Lucus
    Richard and Heidi Ludders
    Josef and Kathie Ludwig
    Peter and Deana Luedtke
    Ana Luna
    Aura Luna-Excudero
    Marjorie Lund
    Mark and Debbra Lund
    Melvin and Margaret Lund
    Eugene and Dorothy Luttrell
    Julie Lutz
    Lauretta Lutz
    Steven Luu
    Emily Lynes
    Connor and Lela Lynes
    Mary Lynn
    Bill and Janice Lyons
    Edwin and Christine Macalinao
    Luis and Maria Macay
    Frank and Wanda Mace
    Douglas MacKenzie
    Devra Macko
    Bob and Ruth MacLafferty
    Kayla MacLafferty
    Karie MacPhee
    Jorge Magana
    Dwight and Sherry Magers
    Macario Mahusay
    Ken and Susan Makert
    Pat Malala
    Keisha Malivert
    Jon and Rhonda Malloch
    Mickey and Tamara Mallory
    Yvette Mamora
    Radah and Ferdinand Manalac
    Judit Manchay
    Mary Kaye and Fred Manchur
    Damas Manderson
    Brent and Donna Manley
    Melissa Mann
    Mary Mansfield
    Joseph Mansfield
    Gary and Joan Manzella
    Gwenn Maples
    Joyce Maples
    Don Maples
    Amy Marcarian
    Everson Marcondes
    Barry and Derise Marden
    Alice Mariani
    Gloria Mariano
    Lorena Marin
    Irene Marinelli
    David and Patricia Markoff
    Marion Markowicz
    Jennifer Marquez
    Melinda Marquez-Danesky
    Brenda Marquis
    Gordon and Lynette Marsa
    Jacqueline Marschak
    Michael Marsh
    Jeff and Jerlanda Marshall
    Gene and Aldyth Marshall
    Simone Marshall
    Tom and Angela Martin
    Jean Martin
    Sandra Martin
    Carlos and Nolly Martin
    Hans and Elena Martin
    John and Susan Martin
    Steve and Carol Martin
    Steve and Melissa Martin
    Jesse Martin
    Chris and Heidi Martin
    Roxana Martinez
    Alma Martz
    Paul and Corleen Martz
    Evelynne Mashburn
    Elsie Maskelony
    Daniel Maskelony
    Paul and Mauri Mateychak
    Glen and Loida Mather
    Fred and June Mathiesen
    Teresa Mathis
    William and Chai Mau
    Jeremy Mau
    Palmetta Maxis
    Benjie and Kartini Maxson
    Glen and Faye Maxson
    Paul and Sandra May
    Jerry and Kay Mayes
    Doreen Mayes
    Dale Mayes
    Roy and Nancy Mayfield
    Phil and Terri Mayhew
    Raymond and Wilma Mayor
    Emily McArthur
    Ben and Callie McArthur
    Jeff and Shari McAuliffe
    William McBride
    Kimberly McCain
    Noah and Leta McCall
    Thomas McCallie
    Kenneth McCarty
    Robert and Marilyn McCleary
    Shirley McClellan
    Rodney and Joan McClellan
    Frances McClure
    Joe and Giny McConathy
    Stefani McCoy
    Calvin and Vena McCoy
    John McCoy
    Leslie and Barbara McCoy
    Robert and Linda McCracken
    Dan and Mary McCulloch
    Arch and Nelda McCulloch
    Ramona May McCurdy
    Wayne McDaniel
    Eugene and Margaret McDermott
    Roger and Patricia McDonald
    Delsie McDonald
    Stacey McDonald
    Patricia McDuffee
    Ina McFarland
    Michelle McFarlane
    Mervyn McFarlane
    Stephen and Linda McGann
    George McGee
    Gus McGiver
    John and Marilyn McIntosh
    Phillip and Mandisa McIver
    John McKay
    Fred and Miletus McKee
    Mike and Angie McKee
    Brittany McKee
    Mark and Carla McKenzie
    Robert McKenzie
    Kurt and Gail McKinley
    Kandace McKinney
    Gary McKinney
    Gavin McLaggan
    Reginald and Tucker McLelland
    Ryan and Liz McLennan
    Susan McLeod
    David McLeod
    James and Kathleen McMillan
    Claudette McMillan
    Jeremy McMillan
    Jonathan and Janice McNair
    George and Cheryl McNeilus
    Norman McNulty
    Jonathan McPherson
    Joel and Shari McQuistan
    Robert and Yvonne McTaggart
    Lane and Carrie Meadowcraft
    Michael and Sonja Meadows
    Eileen Meagher
    Ron and Lucy Medford
    Larry Medina
    Jessica Medori
    Jewell Meeks
    C. and Joy Megahee
    Elda Megias
    Hugo and Janet Meier
    Julie Meier
    Oscar Meier
    Henry Meinecke
    Ed and Marina Mejia
    Andy and Angela Mejias
    Roberto and Esther Melgar
    Mary Melki
    Julianne Melnick
    Lewis and Mary Ellen Meloan
    Rita Memmo
    Jesse Mencos
    Walda Mendez
    Lincoln and Cynthia Mendez
    Shirley Menhennett
    Henk and Linda Mensink
    Mitch and Susan Menzmer
    Tim and Kirsten Mercer
    Greg and Lorri Merchant
    Ana Merconchini
    William Merkel
    Daniel and Sara Mertins
    George and Nancy Merz
    Claus and Linda Meyer
    Mearle and Bonnie Meyer
    Michael Meyers
    Norman Michal
    Cyndi Michals
    Joshua and Brianne Michalski
    Norman and Barbara Middag
    JoAnn Middlebrook
    Frank and Sharon Mihm
    Barrett Mikkelsen
    Michael and Dorita Milano
    Richard and Janis Milholm
    Robert Millen
    Joseph and Kimberly Miller
    Diana Miller
    Erlinda Miller
    Vickie Miller
    Curtis and Teri Miller
    Jon and Rebecca Miller
    Ron and Brenda Miller
    Kenneth Miller
    Ronald and Elizabeth Milliner
    Cherie Lynn Milliron
    William and Beverly Mills
    Crystal Milne
    Debra Milne
    Gregory Milton
    Marcus and Tina Min
    Michael Min
    Patricia Minor
    Caleb Minty
    Carlene Miranda
    Elsa Miranda
    Susan Miranda
    Vivian Miranda
    Penny Miron
    Sara Mirucki
    Ian and Alice Mitchell
    Marshall and Betty Mitchell
    William and Verna Mitchell
    Chuck and Joan Mitchell
    Lori Mitchum
    Bill and Anita Mitchum
    Taylor Mittleider
    Doug and Julie Mittleider
    Mallory Mixon
    Myron and Valorie Mixon
    Jesse and Rhonda Mock
    Max Moffitt
    Naomi Mogaka
    Craig and Brenda Mohr
    Elisabeth Mohr
    Ronald Mohr
    David Molina
    Norman and Dorothy Moll
    Gerald and Sharon Monks
    Rodolfo and Martha Monsalve
    Tom and Kristina Montague
    Juan and Irma Montoya
    William and Kathy Moon
    Sanders Moore
    Coleen Moralde
    Justo and Marcella Morales
    Sergio Moreira
    Charlotte Moreland
    Terry and Peggy Moreland
    Caryl Morey
    Derek and Rachelle Morgan
    Briana Morgan
    Hannah Morgan
    Daniel Morgan
    Nancy Morkert
    Linda Morreau
    Dan and Cacilda Morris
    John and Lila Morris
    Robert and Pat Morrison
    Ray Morrison
    Richard and Helen Morrow
    Wendell and Sharon Moses
    Ewa Moss
    Gedeon and Pauline Mudacumura
    Don and Irene Mueller
    Mark and Linda Mulder
    Stephen and Victoria Mulder
    Cheri Mundell
    Camilo and Sophia Munoz
    Trey Murphree
    L. B. and Joan Murray
    Mark Murray                               
     Travis Musick
    James and Kim Musselman
    Bonnie Myers

    Scott and Sukie Myers
    Frederick and Barbara Myers
    Rachel Myhre
    Seth Myhre
    Jennison Nafie
    Matt and Tamara Nafie
    Sherman Nagel
    Arthur and Helen Narita
    Jim and Melissa Nati
    Jay and Mariline Navarro
    Abraham Navarro
    Grady and Susan Neal
    Charles Neal
    Kerry and Linda Neall
    Rob and Christine Neall

    Ronald Neall
    Ken Neet
    Tammie Neib
    Jeff Neidigh
    Jay and Amelda Neil
    Greg and Heidi Nelson
    Roger and Ethel Nelson
    Dwight and Karen Nelson
    Charles and Frances Neu
    Berney Neufeld
    Nancy New
    Leona Newberg
    Terry and Donnie Newlon
    Edith Newman
    Gregory Ngirmang
    Patience Nhiwatiwa-Liss
    Dequina Nicholas
    Donna Nicholas
    Jack and Judy Nichols
    Naomi Nichols
    Michael and Marilyn Nicholson
    Toni Nickel
    John and Laurel Niemeyer
    Tamara Niles
    Nathan Nimeskern
    Alex Nischuk
    Justin Nishino
    Jerome and Brenda Niswonger
    Anthony Nix
    Clarise Nixon
    Brian and Deena Nixon
    Sam and Cynthia Nkana
    Breanna Noble
    Roger and Kimberly Noble
    Carlos and Celene Nolasco
    Gaylen and Mary Noldner
    Tracy and Terri Noldner
    Daniel and Shelley Nordman
    Todd Norhton
    Vance and Pearl Norman
    Milton and Ethel Norrell
    Gary and Joy-Lynn Norris
    Jim and Peggy Norton
    Ken and Julie Norton
    Sandra Novotny
    Bruce and Joan Nutt
    Brian Nyamwange
    Cynthia Oberg
    Cheryl Oberlick
    John and Georgia O'Brien
    Job Ocharo-Keoro
    Silvia Ochoa
    Mark O'Dala
    Michael and Jeanne O'Dell
    Mike and Brenda Oestreich
    Angela Oetman
    Mark and Sherilyn O'Ffill
    Margaret Ogachi
    Francis Ogoso
    Darren and Eiren Oh
    Young Ohsie
    Ken and Linda Ojala
    Manny and Claribel Ojeda
    Annah Okari
    Becky Oliver
    Alberta Oliver
    John and Odila Oliver
    Michael and Sharlene Olivier
    Allen and Barbara Olsen
    Steve Olsen
    Naomi Olson
    Hans Olson
    Jerry Olson
    Terry Olson
    Linda Olsson
    Candie Olusola
    Oluwole and C. N. Olusola
    Steve and Lyndell O'Neal
    Darrel and Anna Opicka
    Mary O'Reilly
    Jemima Orillosa
    Gloria Ornelas
    Armando Orozco
    James and Mary Orr
    Marta Oscar Comacho
    Philomena Osoro
    Lori Ostram
    Bryan and Jordan Otis
    Bruce and Cathy Otis
    Kevin and Judy Otto
    Danika Ouzounian
    Kenneth and Rita Overcash
    Doris Overdorf
    Geraldine Overdorf
    Ana Overton
    Ronald and Ramel Oviatt
    Jeff and Leah Owen
    Larry and Becky Owens
    Greg and Dixie Owens
    Luis Camilo Oyarzun Ibarra
    Dan and Milca Pabon
    Ashlee Pacamalan
    Kathy Paddock
    Jay and Kathy Paddock
    Eric Paddock
    T. and Elaine Padgett
    Lori Pagado
    Patricia Pagan
    Jose and Elena Pagan
    Matthew Paige
    Jeff Paik
    Gabrielle Paiva
    Kenneth and Jani Palm
    Angela Palmer
    Stevenson Pangkey
    John and Rachel Pangman
    Robert and Tania Papuga
    Julia Papuga
    Trevor and Cindy Paris
    Paul Park
    Alan and Nicole Parker
    Aafke Parker
    Eve Parkhurst
    Benjamin and Brittany Parrish
    Rachel Parrish
    Merle Parrish
    David and Leona Parsons
    James and Loida Pastor
    Jeremy Pastor
    Sally Pathak
    Kara Patmon
    Dale and Cheryl Patterson
    Carl and Teresa Patterson
    Lucas Patterson
    Katelyn Pauls
    Melinda Pauls
    Trust Paunganwa
    Lawrence and Claudia Payne
    Danita Payne
    Deborah Payne
    Joy Payne
    Roger and Roberta Payne
    Bill and June Paynter
    Peter and Linda Peabody
    Myri Pearson-Jeanty
    Cheryl Peasley
    Cynthia Peck
    Chad and Linda Peckham
    Rony and Maria Pedroza
    David Pedroza
    John and Karin Peebles
    Leon and Eun-Hee Peek
    Gerald and Susan Peel
    James and Rae Peel
    Jonathan and Irma Peinado
    Paul and Rebekah Pelley
    Dick and Margie Pendleton
    Kenneth and Janet Penner
    Stanley and Betty Pennington
    Doug and June Pennington
    Kevin Penrod
    Mindora Perchik
    Ever and Dixie Perez
    David and Mary Perlberg
    Paul Perrine
    William and Pamela Persons
    Duane and Barbara Peterson
    Harlow and Jane Peterson
    William and Joan Peterson
    Alan and Bonnie Peterson
    Doug and Cindy Peterson
    Edith Peterson
    Judy Peterson
    David and Lisa Peterson
    Garland and Betty Peterson
    Galen and Anne Pettey
    Don and Susan Pettibone
    Ricardo and Kathleen Peverini
    Steven and Debra Pfaff
    Kari Pfeifer
    Deanne Phillips
    Ed and Carol Phillips
    Albert Phillips
    Gregory Phillips
    Raymond and Yvonne Pichette
    Ken and Crystal Pierson
    May Pierson
    Robert and Phyllis Pierson
    Don and Betty Pierson
    Don and Pauline Pierson
    Karen Pimek
    Edward Pino
    Charles and Louise Pires
    Kevin and Karen Pires
    Thelma Pitt
    Ronnie and Marggie Pittman
    Duaine and Shelly Pixler
    Richard and Carol Plank
    Oliviya Pleshka
    LaQuonna Pless
    Steven and Erney Poenitz
    Frank and Barbara Poirier
    Sue Pollard
    Ernesto Ponce-Alcaino
    Stanley and Rajani Ponniah
    Gregory and Mary Porter
    Henry and Ellen Potter
    Kevin and Shelly Powell
    Floyd and Norma Powell
    Robert Powell
    LaQuita Powers
    Stephen and Sylvia Powers
    Robert and Susan Pragnell
    Perry and Robin Pratt
    Vladimir and Leubor Predoliak
    Laura Prescod-Roberts
    Timothy Prewitt
    David and Jean Price
    Nola Price
    Larry Primavera
    Roger and Katherine Prior
    Andrew and Laurel Prizigley
    Brooks and Jaclyn Pruehs
    Valarie Prusia
    Maurice and Marie Prusia
    Jorge and Ingrid Pubillones
    Elizabeth Pujols
    Daniel and Margurete Purple
    Marvin Puymon
    Helen Pyke
    David Quagliana
    Teresita Quay
    Brenda Quijada
    Bernard and Sharon Quinn
    Zuzana Rachal
    Wilmer Radke
    Louis and Julia Rael
    Claudia Ramirez
    Giselle Ramirez
    Sharon Ramos
    Melvin Ramos
    Leif and Lucky Ramsey
    Gary and Karen Randolph
    Earl and Barbara Raney
    Ronald and Stephanie Rasmussen
    W. Jean and Jeni Rasmussen
    Ryan and Tonja Rasmusson
    James and Rebecca Ratz
    Ed and Phyllis Rawlston
    Frank and Nancy Raymond
    Timothy and Melanie Raymond
    Keith Reas
    Lawrence and Cathy Recht
    Laurie Redmer-Minner
    Dennis and Stephanie Reed
    Bill Reen
    Judy Reeve
    Ronald and Gwen Reeves
    Albert and Angelina Regoso
    Bruce and Hilda Reichert
    Leonard and Doris Reichert
    Conrad and Candy Reichert
    Chad and Anjanetta Reihm
    John and Deborah Reinsch
    Judy Reinshagen
    Bob and Margaret Rempher
    Donald and Retha Rempher
    Derek and Rhonda Renfro
    Richard Retzer
    Teri Reutebuch
    Jashlene Rey
    Adriana Reyes
    Margarita Reyes
    Terry Reynolds
    Byron and Carol Reynolds
    Harold and Arlene Reynolds
    Daniel Reynolds
    Michael Reynolds
    Bobbe Rhodes
    Jimmy and Pam Rhodes
    Leah Rhys
    Reg and Luanne Rice
    Elani Richards
    Lee and Esther Richards
    Evan Richards
    Kerri Richardson
    Charlene Richert
    Gregg and Debbie Richmond
    Antonio Rico
    Jimmy and Edith Riddle
    Julie Riebow
    Hugo and Elba Riffel
    Daniel and Orlene Riggs
    Delma Rigsbee
    Robert and Dotty Rigsby
    David and Terri Rikustad
    Lester and LaSina Rilea
    Ernest and Jeanice Riles
    Ralph and Nancy Ringer
    Jay and Tamara Ritterskamp
    Melissa Rivera
    Byron Rivera
    Nehiel Rivera
    Elviena Roberts
    David and Mary Roberts
    Brandan Roberts
    Arlyn and Carol Robertson
    Marvin and Jeanie Robertson
    Bill and Della Robertson
    Jeanette Robinson
    Ethel Robinson
    Joanne Robinson
    Retta Robinson
    Vera Robinson
    F. and Elaine Robinson
    Rachel Roddy
    Alex Roddy
    Thurman and June Rodgers
    Bob and Cindy Rodgers
    Celester Rodney
    Astrid Rodriguez
    Katherine Rodriguez
    German and Amanda Rodriguez
    Rey and Cristina Rodriguez
    Johan Rodriguez
    Teofilo Rodriguez
    Danny and Sheila Rogers
    Eunice Rogers
    Brian Rogers
    Stephen Rogers
    Harold and Lillian Roll
    Jesus Romero
    Jimuel Romero
    Phil Rosburg
    Chris Roscelli
    Sharon Roscoe
    Margarita Rose
    Jennifer Rose
    David Rose
    Richard Rose
    Kristy Rosendo
    Dominador and Vivian Rosete
    Jonathon and Kathy Ross
    John Rossing
    Danny and Kimberly Roth
    Eliz Roundy
    John and Miriam Rowe
    Harold and Retha Roy
    Joann Rozell
    Don Rucker
    Brent and Heidi Ruckle
    Jay Ruediger
    Amanda Ruf
    Sarah Ruf
    Warren and Jane Ruf
    Rodney and Stephanie Rufo
    Alfredo and Juanita Ruiz
    Juan Ruiz
    Michael Rumsey
    Ron and Mary Runyan
    Heather Runyon
    Duane and Debbie Russell
    Louise Russell
    David and Marilyn Russell
    Thomas and Kimberly Russell
    Dennis and Diana Ruud
    John and Virginia Ryals
    Eva Ryckman
    Donald and Christy Sager
    Rodolfo and Janet Salazar
    Velino and Esther Salazar
    Wayne and Donna Jo Salhany
    Graciela Salinas
    Keith and Virginia Salisbury
    Steve and Nila Salsberry
    Elylin and Florendo Salvador
    Jeannelyn Sampag Labayen
    Johnny and Feona Samples
    Elva Sanchez
    Yadira Sanchez
    Abner Sanchez
    Jere and Patti Sandefur
    Manford and Dixie Sandefur
    Drayton and Mary Etta Sanders
    Roland Sandman
    Darleen Sanford
    David and Theda Sanner
    Hugo Santaclomez
    Alio and Cindy Santos
    Jeff Santos
    Reuel Santos
    Rocco and Dorothea Sarli
    Aileen Sarno
    Jason and Debbie Sasser
    Elizabeth Sassone
    Douglas and Malinda Saturno
    Nick and Autumn Sauder
    James and Phyllis Sauer
    Alvaro and Judi Sauza
    Marci Sawatzky
    Heidi Scanlon
    Brett Schaeffer
    Teresa Schaetzka
    Marie Schaffer
    Steven and Teresa Schell
    Richard and Kelly Schelts
    Steven and Laura Schewe
    Mark and Lennie Schiefer
    John and Kathy Schleier
    Dustin Schleif
    John and Dorothea Schleifer
    Kieth and Kittie Schleifer
    George and Gertrud Schlinsog
    Ted and Elietha Schlueter
    Daniel and Belinda Schlund
    Heather Schlund
    Wendy Schnabel
    CarolAnn Schneider
    Lori Schneider
    Ed Scholtz
    Jack and Lois Schoolcraft
    George and Betsy Schooler
    Richard and Barbara Schopp
    Carrington and Laura Schrader
    Katie Schuen
    Dave and Grace Schultz
    Brad Schultz
    Michael Schultz
    Arthur and Nancylee Schumacher
    Terry and Dina Schwartz
    Caitlin Schwarz
    Christine Schwer
    John and Margret Scott
    David and Beth Scott
    Molly Seal
    John and Beth Sebastian
    Reymundo and Liberty Sebulburo
    Jim and Mary Lou Segar
    Kaitlyn Seheult
    Gaylene Seibold
    Helen Self
    Don and Beverley Self
    Jimmy and Lisa Self
    Christina Seminario
    Crystal Sepulveda
    Dan and Lois Serns
    Frank Serrano
    Douglas and Michelle Seth
    Jeanie Setser-Morgan
    Gary Sewell
    Jolene Shafer
    Seth Shaffer
    Sandy Shaik
    Matthew and Emmalee Shallenberger
    Harry and Lori Sharley
    Becky Sharpe
    Lois Sharpe
    Kent and Lisa Sharpe
    John and Mary Shaw
    Katie and Andy Shaw
    Brittney Shazier
    Bill and Karen Shea
    William and Stephanie Sheehan
    Marcus and Joy Sheffield
    Jimmy and Amanda Shelton
    Mike and Lyn Shepherd
    Derek and Traci Sherbondy
    Steve Sherman
    Lloyd and Judy Sherwin
    Ruby Shields
    David and Sondra Shields
    Minah Shin
    Dong Shin
    Stewart and Ann Shipley
    Jason and Janelle Shives
    Lauren Shockley
    Ray Shoemaker
    Linda Shriver-Buckner
    Ricky and Susan Shull
    Brian and Rebekah Shultz
    Orville and Carol Shupe
    Wealthy Shutt
    William and Esther Sias
    Milton and Ann Siepman
    Merill and Sherri Sifuentes
    Steven Sigamani
    Neil and Naomi Sigler
    Eric and Jennifer Sigler
    Lauren Sigsworth
    Sharon Sikora
    Richie and Jari Silie
    Pablo Silva
    Betty Silverstein
    Andrew and Sarah Simmering
    Rhonda Simmons
    Pauline Simonds
    Rachel Simons
    Jeffrey and Susan Sims
    Sarah Sinclair
    Al and Jane Sines
    Erica Singh
    Fatina Sinsmyr
    Romulo and Irene Sison
    Benny and Brenda Sizemore
    Rachel Skelton
    James Skiera
    Scott and Kristin Slattery
    Margorie Sleeman
    Steven and Holly Slikkers
    Frank and Brendalee Small
    McKenzie Smartt
    Craig and Patricia Smith
    Ronald and Nancy Smith
    Barbara Smith
    Carolyn Smith
    Ardis and Ila Smith
    Iris Smith
    Wynn and Rochelle Smith
    Allan and Mary Ann Smith
    Carolyn Smith
    Donella Smith
    Donna Smith
    Molly Smith
    Suzanne Smith
    Dave and Cherie Smith
    David and Juanita Smith
    Dennis and Debbie Smith
    Bo and Tina Smith
    Michael and Heather Smith
    Dudley Smith
    Jason Smith
    Jonathan Smith
    Robert Smith
    Jackie Smosky
    Aaron Snelgrove
    Billy Snow
    John and Sonja Snyder
    Matthew Soappman
    Robert and Alice Soderblom
    Jacob Sokolies
    Cindy Solfest-Wallis
    Kimberly Solis
    Laura Solis
    Christopher and Janene Solis
    Lewis and L. C. Sommerville
    Tim and Amy Soper
    Kimberly Sorensen
    Mark and Beverly Sorensen
    Lief and Tiffaney Sorensen
    Stephanie Sossong
    Larry and Pia Soule
    Dale and Amanda Southard
    David and Marlene Spady
    Ruth Sparks
    Aaron Spears
    James and Tonja Spears
    John and Margueritte Spears
    Mikhaile Spence
    Bill and Debbie Spencer
    Scott Spicer
    Alfred and Martha Spruell
    Joe and Donna Spurlock
    Ed and Lorle Stacey
    Teresa Staley
    Barbara Stanaway
    Rob and Laura Standish
    Jessica Stanley
    Melissa Stanley
    Rick and Kerri Stanley
    Chuck Stark
    Garry and Peggy Starkey
    David and Kay Starkey
    Ronald and Kathy Starr
    Michael and Sandra Steakley
    Robert and Vallery Steele
    Sam Steele
    Alton and Faye Steen
    Esther Steffanson
    Arlin Steffanson
    Randy and Linda Steffens
    Richard and Helen Stepanske
    Michael and Kayon Stephens
    Jellique Stephenson
    Baldwin Sterling
    Kathryn Stevens
    Ernie and Pamela Stevens
    Jennie Stevenson
    Julie Stewart
    Kenneth and Sharon Stewart
    Jaime Stewart
    Jennine Stewart
    Anthony and Lydia Stigall
    James and Virginia Stiles
    Jim and Renee Stiltz
    Tiffani Stiltz
    Thomas Stimson
    Bryan and Crystal Stitzer
    Wayne and Bobbi Stock
    Matthew and Amy Stockdale
    Jonathan Stockil
    Joel and Debbie Stoia
    Susan Stoica
    Gregory and Rosemary Stone
    Jason Stone
    Valencia Stonewall
    Jack and Evette Strickland
    K. and Joyce Stringer
    Ludy Strother
    Gloria Stuart
    Ed and Cherie Stuckey
    Danielle Suansing
    Aaron and Lori Sudbury
    Carli Sullivan
    Kim and Kelly Sullivan
    Nimfa Sumagaysay
    Bettie Sumner
    Kenneth and Adele Sunken
    Jesse and Jan Sutton
    Lauren Swafford
    John and Janis Swafford
    Evelyn Swanson
    Bruce and Linda Swart
    Donald and Mary Ann Swayze
    Abigail Sweatt
    Robyn Swilling
    Hunter Swink
    Gary and Carol Swinyar
    John and Ilsia Szczepanski
    Joe and Palacestine Tabson
    Janelle Tacaca
    Vanessa Tachenko
    Armando Tagalog
    Brad and Jill Tait
    Philip and Kathryn Tan
    Jeffrey and Lavinia Tan
    Rebecca Tanag
    Edward and Lucy Tanner
    Leilani Tapia
    Hardee and Lila Tapp
    Keely Tary
    William and Rene Tassie
    Margaret Tate
    Barry and Judy Taylor
    Billy and Nancy Taylor
    Ashley Taylor
    John and Rita Taylor
    Rob and Jennifer Taylor
    Arvin and LaRena Taylor
    Charles and Carolyn Taylor
    David and Ann Taylor
    Don and Charlotte Taylor
    Marvin and Sharon Taylor
    Timothy and Pamela Taylor
    Jeffrey and Betsy Taylor
    Wes and Elizabeth Teague
    Ted and Mary Teeters
    David and Carolina Tello
    Elizabeth Tenali
    Paulo and Ana Tenorio
    Raymond and Jo Ann Tess
    James and Diane Testerman
    Charles and Carolyn Thames
    Thomas and P. Theus
    Wayne and Robin Thomas
    N. Brent and Carmen Thomas
    Walden and Rose Thomas
    Nithya Thomas
    David and Joyce Thomas
    Kip Thomas
    Miguel Thomas
    Samuel Thomas
    Billy and Linda Thompson
    Juanita Thompson
    Elizabeth Thompson
    Hannah Thompson
    Lori Thompson
    Daniel and Jamie Thompson
    Thomas and Ella Mae Thompson
    Morris-Andrew Thompson
    Nelson Thompson
    F. D. and Laurel Thoresen
    Terry and Annette Thornhill
    Breanna Thornton
    Gary and Diane Thurber
    John and Patsy Thurber
    Brian and Amy Tidwell
    Brian Tillott
    Seth Timmins
    Eric and Carmen Timothy
    Randy and Janelle Tingle
    Alicia Titherley
    Catherine Titus
    Frank and Sally Tochterman
    Jesse and Jennifer Toelke
    Bill and Carol Tol
    Judi Toland
    Denise Tonn
    Kevin and Dee Toppenberg
    Manuel and Susan Tornilla
    Alice Tornow
    Marlys Tornow
    Alejandro and Cheryl Torres
    Vianca Torrez
    Ted and Sadie Torrez
    Jenny Toruno
    Pedro Toruno
    Yesenia Tovar
    Joe and Aline Travis
    Nathan Traxler
    Eugene and Victoria Trenchuk
    Alex Trenchuk
    Bob and Cathie Trenchuk
    Dwayne Trenchuk
    Mario Trevino
    Tony Trimm
    John and Margaret Trimpey
    Ruth Trivett
    Michelle Trombley
    Keith Trombly
    Tim and Selena Trott
    Josephine Troxel
    Edward Trubey
    Gabriel and Heidi Trujillo
    Barry and Lilly Tryon
    David Tryon
    Ben and Doris Tucker
    Dan and Carol Turk
    Daniel and Shelly Turkenkopf
    Clarice Turner
    Gwendolyn Turner
    Hannah Tyman
    Barbara Tyson
    Madeleine Udonta
    Katherine Uhrik
    Eva Ulmer
    Karam Um
    Billy and Deborah Underhill
    Rhina Urdaneta
    Emily Vail
    Hannah Vail
    Michelle Valentin
    Allan and Dawn Valenzuela
    Josefa Valiva
    Moises and Jessica Vallejos
    Vanessa Valleray
    Scott and Shari Vallieres
    Rachel Van Allen
    Kevin and Dawn Van Allen
    James and Carol Van Arsdale
    Kent and Joan Van Arsdell
    Steve Van Buren
    Mindy Vanderoef
    Marge Vanderschuur
    Lana Vandivier
    Beverly Vanmeter
    Jesse and Brenda Vann
    Toppy Vann
    Yamell Vasquez
    Laud Vaught
    Simon Vaz
    Domingo and Rebecca Vazquez
    Beatriz Vazquez
    Berta Vega
    Brenan Vega
    Erwin and Michelle Velbis
    Ernesto and Corazon Veluz
    Guerline Vendome
    Mack Vendome
    Thera Ventura
    Barbara Veres
    Erik and Christine Vetne
    Kenneth and Becky Victor
    Anthony and Cherylyn Victorio
    Elsa Vidal
    Silzie Vieira
    Jonathan and Rowena Vigh
    Tim and Linda Vigil
    Ron and Cecilia Vincent
    Sandra Vinson
    Claude Visser
    Cristina Vitangcol
    Lemuel and Janice Vitangcol
    Fred and L. Von Burg
    Wolfgang and Hazel von Maack
    Earl and Brenda Voss
    Eric and Laura Vreeland
    Jim and Faye Vye
    Jack Waagen
    Jacquelyne Wade
    Myrtle Wade
    Charles Wade
    Edward and Donna Wagner
    Vernon Wagner
    Lennart and Beverly Wahlne
    Bruce Wainer
    Brianne Waite
    Linda Wakamiya
    Dana and Dawn Wales
    John and Beverly Walker
    Larry and Ruth Walker
    Arleen Walker
    Hali Walker
    Joyce Walker
    Leslie and Glenda Walker
    David Walker
    Joshua Walker
    Ozzie Walker
    Pete Wallace
    Conrad and Kathy Wallington
    Walter and Jonne Walter
    Dale and Lezlee Walters
    Ronnie and Jacqueline Walters
    Eric and Priscilla Walthour
    Norbert Walz
    Mark and Karen Wandell
    Kim Wands
    Laurin Ward
    Virginia Ward
    John and Laura Ward
    William and Patricia Ward
    Denise Ware
    Henry and Harriett Ware
    Mary Waring
    Gayle Warner
    Sulma Warner
    Matthew and Ariel Warren
    Laura Warren
    Steven Warren
    Ronald and Sally Wash
    Charles and Pearl Washburn
    Ruthanne Wasson
    John and Laurie Watson
    Cecilia Watson
    Melissa Watson
    Ron and Wanda Watson
    Rodney and Hilma Watson
    Sharon Watts
    Bernona Waugh
    Libby Weatherill
    Wilma Weaver
    Gina Webb
    Melvin and Allene Weber
    Peter and Karen Weber
    Olivia Weber
    Jon and Becky Webster
    George and Lynnae Webster
    Tedd and Teri Webster
    Barry and Alberta Wecker
    Dave and Laura Weeden
    Jeremiah and Jill Weeks
    Kyle and Ellie Weems
    Dorothy Weiand
    Benji Weigand
    Robert and Donna Weigle
    Frederick and Barbara Weinhold
    Celeste Welch
    Wally and Paula Welch
    George and Brenda Wennerberg
    Jon and Sheryl Wentworth
    Tom Wentworth
    Gary and Nancy Wernick
    Robert and Laura Wernick
    Francis and Mary Wernick
    Bonnie Weron
    S. and Kirsten West
    Jennifer West
    David West
    Iris Westbrook
    Lynne Westfaul
    Susan Westphal
    Duane and Beverly Wething
    Ford Wever
    Pat and Teresa Whary
    David Wheaton
    Laurie Wheeler
    Keith and Aloha Wheeler
    Stan and Jodi Wheeler
    William and Julia Whidden
    Robert Whitaker
    Christopher and Erin White
    Philip and Jan White
    Melody White
    Ferd and Agnes White
    Matthew and Beth-Anne White
    Frank and Carol White
    Geoff and Amy White
    Greg and Cherise White
    Jeff and April White
    Ethan White
    Steve White
    Sidney and Linda Whiting
    Carl and Ruth Whitlow
    Daniel and Lisa Whitlow
    Lee and April Whitman
    Robert and Anita Whitney
    Doug and Maryse Whitsett
    Donald and Deborah Whitson
    Bruce and Adele Wickwire
    Charlotte Widner
    Daniel and Charo Widner
    Daniel Widner
    Werner and Charlene Wiedemann
    Brody Wiedemann
    Anna Wijatyk
    Karen Wilcox
    Ray Wilcox
    Raymond and Brenda Wilczynski
    Kathi Wild
    Luana Wilder
    Tron and Kristie Wilder
    Michelle Wildman
    Britton and Katherine Wilkens
    Keith and Joyce Wilkens
    Barry and Terry Wilkens
    Rick and Virginia Wilkin
    Laura Wilkins
    Josh Wilkins
    Ian Wilkinson
    Victoria Willems
    Bob and Carol Williams
    Mildred Williams
    Sharon Williams
    Christy Williams
    Jon and Daris Williams
    Nathan and Donna Williams
    James and Sandra Williams
    Ralph and M. M. Williams
    Steven and Cheryl Williams
    Bert Williams
    Eugene Williams
    Thomas Williams
    Chuck Williams
    Allan and Premila Willmott
    Timothy Willumson
    David and Vicki Wilson
    William and Frances Wilson
    Ted and Sharon Wilson
    Merry Wilson
    Charles and Beverly Wilson
    Jeff and Sharon Wilson
    Jesse and Cheri Wilson
    Keith and Melinda Wilson
    James Wilson
    Leroy Wilson
    William Wilson
    Jean Wilson-Fitch
    John and Amy Wiltenburg
    Bev Winsted
    David and Judy Winters
    Bonita Wiseman
    Ronald and Linda Wiser
    Daryl Withrow
    James and Yolanda Wojick
    Dan and Cynthia Wolcott
    Ken and Paulette Wold
    Jessica Wold
    Helen Woldemichael
    Bonnie Wolfe
    Janelle Wong
    Yvonne Wood
    Patricia Woodring
    David Woods
    Gregory Worth
    Tom and Sandy Worthen
    Steven and Sonia Wrate
    Bruce and Jan Wrenn
    Paige Wright
    Shana Wright
    Sheldon Wright
    Mingzhan Wu
    Richard Wuttke
    James and Jayne Wyche
    Mike Wyckoff
    Nazih and Mervat Yacoub
    Osmin and Clara Yanes
    Lu-Juauna Yates
    Jane Yelliott
    Paul and Julia Yim
    Josue Yin Herrera
    Lori Yingling
    Raymond and Lesa Yip
    Carol Young
    Ellen Young
    Richard and Melissa Young
    Sally Yow
    Calvin and Betty Zacharias
    Charles and Jeri Zacharias
    Jolene Zackrison
    Donato and Rebecca Zamoras
    Juan Zapon
    Joshua and Karen Zarandona
    Issac and Bernadene Zayachkowski
    Bobbi Zeismer
    Jose Zepeda
    Shanshan Zhang
    Ruiguang Zhuang
    David Zima
    Deborah Zirakian
    Jamie Zollinger
    Terry and Johnnie Zollinger

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WSMC Underwriting Partners

Classical 90.5 WSMC received program underwriting from the following businesses and non-profit organizations.  We thank each of them for underwriting the programs and broadcasting our listeners love.

Allied Eye Associates
Arts Build
American Heat and Air
Bryan College
Chattanooga Bach Choir
Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport
Chattanooga Office Supply
Chattanooga Symphony and Opera
Chattanooga Theatre Centre
City of Chattanooga
Choral Arts of Chattanooga
College Press
Collegedale SDA Church
Covenant College
Don Self State Farm Insurance
Dunlap Seventh-day Adventist Church
Erlanger Medical Center
Events with Taste
Fletcher Bright
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Fowler
Garden Plaza at Greenbrier Cove
Gentry Chevrolet
Heritage Funeral Home
Hullco Inc.
Integrated Properties
Lee University
Memorial Health Care System
Roueché Chorale & Orchestra
Southern Adventist University
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
String Theory
Summitt Piano
University of Tennessee
UTC - SunTrust Bank Chair of Excellence in Humanities


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