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The Fourth Expedition to Lachish

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Southern Adventist University are embarking on a new, joint archaeological project at the site of Lachish, Israel, starting Summer 2014, co-directed by Yosef Garfinkel, Michael Hasel, and Martin Klingbeil.


The Fourth Expedition to Lachish builds on three previous expeditions that have investigated the site since the 1930s. The wealth of information about the history of the site and its importance for understanding Canaan and the kingdom of Judah is significant. The results have been published in volumes of final reports that serve as an important base to the new expedition.


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New Exhibit

"The Battle Over King David:  Excavating The Fortress of Elah


King David-- a poet, a warrior, a hero, the founder of a dynasty. David is at the heart of Israel's history. But was he real? and was his kingdom real? Recent archaeological discoveries in the Elah Valley (where David slew Goliah) have provided new evidence for David's kingdom. Southern Adventist University's Institute of Archaeology has been uncovering the remains of a fortress city from the time of David - the Fortress of Elah. Amazing finds from this important biblical site will be exhibited for the first time ever at Southern Adventist University's Lynn H. Wood Archaeological Museum. Visit us and experience the world of David's time!


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