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The study of biology constitutes an exciting and important field of scientific investigation, since it provides a better understanding of ourselves and the living things around us.

Even the casual observer of biology who pauses long enough to take a course may derive a lifetime of pleasure and fulfillment from a hobby such as bird watching, shell collecting, or wildflower photography.


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Most biology majors are on a pre-professional track (medical or dental), and the coursework is designed to prepare students for graduate entrance exams (MCAT, DAT, and GRE).

A major in biology also prepares students for pursuing careers in research, laboratory assisting, teaching, and other specialties.

Biology Degrees

  • B.A. Biology (7-12 teacher certification)
  • B.S. Biology--Research emphais
  • B.S. Biology—Biomedical emphasis
  • Minor in Biology

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Allied Health ›

We offer a B.S. degree in medical laboratory science and two-year A.S. degrees that prepare students for entrance into clinical programs at Loma Linda University, Andrews University, or other institutions.

Allied Health Degrees

  • A.S. Allied Health Pre-Dental Hygiene
  • A.S. Allied Health Pre-Nutrition and Dietetics
  • A.S. Allied Health Pre-Physical Therapy
  • A.S. Allied Health Pre-Speech Language Pathology and Audiology
  • Prerequisites for occupational therapy assistant
  • Prerequisites for physical therapy assistant
  • Prerequisites for radiation technology
  • Prerequisites for respiratory therapy