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New Summer Internship Program
by Glen Mather, '78
March 03, 2009

The School of Business and Management actively pursues new programs and opportunities to enhance the learning experiences of our students. We also encourage networking between our alumni and current students. As a result, the following program is under current development.


Based on a challenge issued by Don Van Ornam during alumni weekend, the School of Business and Management is excited to announce that a new summer internship program is in development, targeting summer 2009 for its inaugural class. The purpose of the program is to provide meaningful applied business projects while concurrently facilitating a significant payment toward tuition.

Beginning immediately, business alumni are encouraged to contact the School of Business and Management to express their interest and ability to sponsor one or more business students for a three-month internship wherever they are located throughout the country. Students will be paid an hourly rate, which is paid directly to Southern to put toward the students’ tuition. In addition, the students will receive hourly pay for personal expenses and housing accommodations. Discussions are also under way to provide business students with academic credit in addition to the tuition assistance.

For the first year, the program will be open only to students who have completed their first two years of study and have a major within the School of Business and Management. Should sufficient employment opportunities present themselves, we hope to expand the internships to other classes and majors.

Attending Southern represents a significant financial sacrifice for parents and students alike. Graduating with a mountain of debt is a difficult and challenging burden to face following graduation. This internship program represents yet another step that we can take with our students and faculty that can change the future, both in knowledge gained and reduced loan balances.

Carrie Harlin is the designated point of contact for the program, and as more information becomes available, she will share it with alumni, students, and faculty. She can be contacted at 423.236.2659 or via email at

By Glen Mather, ’78

New Degree Program in Fall 2009 - B.S. in Nonprofit Leadership
by Dr. Robert Montague
March 03, 2009

The School of Business is pleased to offer a new degree program this coming year. Beginning Fall 2009, students will have the opportunity to choose a Bachelor of Science in Nonprofit Leadership degree.

This degree program is designed to serve two primary constituencies. Included in the first constituency are those students who would like to serve in nonprofit leadership roles around the world, without respect to geographic or sectarian boundaries, that is, students who anticipate a life spent with a religious, community, governmental, or non-governmental humanitarian organization that is not specifically tied to an exclusive set of religious beliefs. The nonprofit leadership program offers these students training in public relations, leadership, management, fund-raising, and marketing. They will be trained to step into the busy role of a nonprofit leader for a small nonprofit organization, or as a leader-in-training of a larger organization.

The second constituency the nonprofit leadership program is designed to serve is those students who plan a life of service for the Lord in a Seventh-day Adventist organization. Many of these students have a strong and focused desire to serve according to the directives given within the Bible and the writings of Ellen White. The nonprofit leadership program offers these students public relations, leadership, marketing, and management training, with pointed attention directed throughout the program to the leadership counsel provided from divine sources.

Both tracks provide for a unique educational experience for students. The blending of business and communication training prepares students to inspire others and lead them to accomplish an almost limitless array of vital things.

SIFE Team Returns from Africa
by Carrie Harlin
March 13, 2009


I am pleased to report on a successful trip to South Africa and Lesotho during spring break. Eunice Kim, Melissa Tortal, Luther Whiting, Chris Mateo, and Alex Mihai, (students from the SIFE team), Professor Braam Oberholster, my husband Chad and I traveled to Africa during spring break leaving on February 24, and returned this past Monday, March 9. 


We arrived at Maluti Adventist Hospital on Feb. 26 in the evening and were greeted by Dr. Wilburt and Lyn Hurlow, and Masentle. Masentle is a SIFE alum from Lerotholi Polytechnic and took her team to the World Cup in 2007 where they won the SIFE Spirit Award. Masentle now works at Maluti and was our guide and liason throughout the entire project. The Hurlow’s prepared a delicious meal for us and showed us to our lodging. Chad and I and the 5 students stayed in a guest house, and Professor Oberholster stayed with the Hurlow’s. On Friday, Feb. 27 we drove to Maseru airport, to pick up Dr. Neville Webster who retired from the School of Business and Management at Southern Adventist University in 2008 and is currently living in Capetown, South Africa.


Sabbath, Feb 28, was a full day of worshipping God together. We started with Sabbath School to find the young people of the School of Nursing completely involved in the service. Church was amazing in that the sancutary had standing room only. We were lucky enough to witness 20 baptisms that Sabbath. We took a break for lunch and returned to the church in the afternoon for a special music program. We participated by doing a few songs as well. This program lasted until sunset. Literally…a day full of church!


Sunday, March 1 we finally begin our project. We were met by two other SIFE teams, Lerotholi Polytechnic University (LP) and Lesotho Agricultural College (LAC). All together we had about 20 students working together to build 3 greenhouses. We started with the basic calculations of putting together greenhouses from metal tubing, welding, as well as clearing the land where the greenhouses would be placed. We were only able to complete the first greenhouse structure on Sunday and realized that the other two teams had to return to their schools and would not be able to come back until Wednesday. On Monday and Tuesday Southern’s SIFE team finished the structures of the greenhouses with the assitance of the maintenance staff of Maluti.


Monday and Tuesday we filled our days with work on the greenhouses and were successfully completed them by Tuesday evening. Many of the children that lived on Maluti’s campus gathered around us during the construction process. They were fun and enjoyed getting to know us. Everyone was very nice and was thankful that we were there to help them with this project.


Wednesday afternoon we welcomed back LAC and LP as we went to the two villages, Tiping and Popopo, to meet with the chiefs and villagers. LAC taught the people how to use the potting soil and seed trays. LP talked to them about entrepreneurship. The third greenhouse was placed on the Maluti campus for the orphans that they take care.


Speaking of orphans, within a 10 mile radius of Maluti Adventist Hospital there are nearly 5,000 orphans due to HIV/AIDS. This number has increased by 20% since last year. Most orphans live with grandparents, older siblings, or families who are willing to take them in. Both village Chiefs said that the greenhouses would be used mainly for the orphans. They will learn how to grow vegetables, provide food for themselves, and then in a few months or so LP will teach them about entrepreneurship. In the village of Tiping, about 130 people will benefit from the greenhouse, 72 of them being orphans. In the village of Popopo, 100 families will benefit from the greenhouse with 165 of them being orphans. The third greenhouse was built on Maluti’s campus.


We returned to Johannesburg on Thursday, March 5 traveling through South Africa’s Golden Gate Park and Sentinel Peak. Friday, March 6, we awoke early and drove to Pilanesburg Game Park getting there just in time for sunrise. We saw 19 species of animals including girrafes, elephanes, babboons, hippo’s, rhino’s; and over 30 various birds. At the very end of our day towards sunset we saw a herd of over 50 elephants. This was such an incredible day to see so many animals in their natural habitat.


Sabbath, March 7 we drove to Heidelburg to Sedaven Academy; and Sunday, March 8, we left Johannesburg and started our journey back to America. We arrived at Southern on March 9, at 1pm.


Thank you for your prayers and support of our trip. We really feel blessed by God and are thankful that everyone stayed healthy, and that the project was successful. We plan to do a school-wide presentation of our trip as soon as we get through our Regional Competition on March 30. Continue to keep our SIFE team in your prayers!

Tax Assistance for Students
by Carrie Harlin
March 16, 2009

SIFE is providing free tax preparation assistance for all students who are U.S. citizens.  Bring your W-2 form(s) and check to see if your parents claim  you on their taxes!    Sessions are on:


Monday, March 23rd from 7pm to 9pm

Thursday, March 26th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Look for the SIFE banner in the Student Center near the Campus Ministries office. 


Questions?  Contact SIFE at or call 423.236.2651.

Open House for Graduate Programs
by Lisa Kuhlman
March 17, 2009

Are you interested in pursuing a graduate degree in business?  We will be hosting an Open House on Tuesday, March 24th at 6:30pm in Southern Adventist University's McKee library.  Learn about our programs and speak to our Dean!  Please RSVP by Monday, March 23rd to the Director of Graduate Marketing, Laurie Gauthier at or call 423.236.2585.

Update to E.A. Anderson Lecture Series Schedule
by Lisa Kuhlman
March 26, 2009

Following is an update to the speaker list for the 2009 E.A. Anderson Lecture Series. 

On April 6th, Edith & Eloy Martinez, Owners of Abraham’s Bakery will present “Operating a Small Business in Today’s Economic Environment”.  


For more information on the 2009 E.A. Anderson Lecture Series you may contact Mrs. Kimberly Miller at 423.236.2753 or


SIFE Team Wins Regional Competition
by Dr. Don Van Ornam
March 31, 2009



What an awesome presentation it was! Perhaps the best ever for SAU SIFE. Our SIFE team presented at the SIFE Regional in Atlanta yesterday afternoon. The team had solid projects and they presented from their hearts with professionalism, passion, and enthusiasm. The judges agreed and our team won its division competition. This means that it will represent SAU at the SIFE National in Philadelphia, May 10-12.

We give God the glory because He helped the team members pull their presentation together Saturday night and empowered them during their presentation. Since the focus of SIFE is on service and making a difference, it is satisfying to see our students successfully holding their own against top-named schools.

Congratulations to the presenters: Melissa Tortal, Alex Mihai, Eunice Kim, Steven Doucoumes, Christopher Vazquez, and Philippe Bouzy.  Special congratulations to Carrie Harlin, SIFE Director, and the many other students who contributed to the success of SIFE and who each put in many hours with projects and preparation.

New 2009 E.A. Anderson Lecture Series Presentations Available!
by Lisa Kuhlman
April 07, 2009

The following 2009 E.A. Anderson Lecture Series video-taped presentations are now available:


March 16:  Professional Presence and Personal Power

Dr. Sandy McKenzie,
Certified Executive Coach
Sandy McKenzie and Associates

March 23:  
Leadership: The Critical "T's" Begin with "V"

Jeremy Robinson
Human Resource Director
Florida Hospital - Osceola Division

March 30:  
Predatory Lending Practices: A Review of the Mortgage Securitization Model

Harry Miller, Attorney at Law
Law Firm of W. Thomas Bible Jr.

April 6, 2009 E.A. Anderson Lecture Series Presentation Available!
by Lisa Kuhlman
April 13, 2009

The following 2009 E.A. Anderson Lecture Series video-taped presentation is available:


April 6:  Operating a Small Business in Today's Economic Environment
Edith and Eloy Martinez,
Abraham's Bakery


School of Business and Management Convocation, Thursday, September 10, 2009
by Lisa Kuhlman
September 08, 2009

Mr. Tom Verrill, Senior Vice President for Financial Administration at Southern Adventist University will be speaking at the School of Business and Management's Convocation on Thursday, September 10, 2009 at 11am in BH333.  Topics will include: Success Factors for Chief Financial Officers, and a  Q&APeriod on Southern Adventist University's Financial position and the Adventist Church financial structure.

Dean's Soup on Thursday, September 10, 2009 at Noon in BH333
by Lisa Kuhlman
September 08, 2009

All are invited to Dean's Soup on Thursday, September 10, 2009 immediately following convocation.  The menu includes: 

  • Medley Chowder
  • Wild Rice Soup (vegan)
  • Salad
  • Artisian Bread
  • Oatmeal Cookie Bars
  • Lemonade 

For more information, please contact Lisa Kuhlman at

Meet the Firms - Thursday, October 1, 2009
by Lisa Kuhlman
September 28, 2009

Mark your calendar to attend Meet the Firms on Thursday, October 1, 2009.  It will be held in the Collegedale church Fellowship Hall from 2pm to 5pm.  Dress for success and bring your resume!  If you have any questions, contact Carrie Harlin at or at 423.236.2659.  You may also visit the Meet the Firms website.

Link Development and Economics - Explore Africa 2010
by Lisa Kuhlman
November 09, 2009


  • A true adventure to some of the least developed parts of the world
  • A life changing experience to interact face to face with development officers on the front line of addressing real issues such as:
    • poverty,  
    • war victims (internally displaced persons, IDPs),  
    • primary health,
    • water and food security, and
    • basic education.
  • An opportunity to shadow development managers as they network with field staff, community leaders, government officials, and people in need.
  • A chance to explore the risks and challenges associated with working in developing countries while travelling with seasoned experts.
  • An engaging experience where you are expected to be involved, participate, and make a difference.
  • A learning activity that can enhance your resume.
  • A chance to interact with business and business leaders in Nairobi, Kenya
  • Participate in a three day safari
  • Develop ideas on products/services for developing markets
  • Contribute to discussions on economic development and poverty alleviation
  • Visit a sister institution of higher learning in Kenya and interact with other students


Ready to Go? Visit our Africa 2010 page for more information...

Information Session for Africa 2010
by Lisa Kuhlman
November 10, 2009

Convocation - Thursday, January 14th
by Lisa Kuhlman
January 13, 2010
  • On January 14, Kathy Long, Case Manager for Family Housing and Learning Center from the Chattanooga Community Kitchen and Lauren Schilt, Former Business Society President will speak about their partnership.  The title of the convocation is, "Christmas Without a Home"
EA Anderson Lecture Series Begins February 1st
January 28, 2010

We welcome you to attend the 2010 E.A. Anderson Lecture Series located in Brock Hall, Room 333 on Monday evenings at 8pm. The series begins this Monday, February 1 with guest speaker Bruce Krebs, Business Coach, The Entrepreneurial Source.  For more information on our featured speakers, visit our Winter 2010 speaker list.

SIFE Sponsors Convocation on Investing
February 02, 2010

Are you interested in learning to understand investing charts?

Do you know what type of devices are needed when investing?

What are stock options?


All these questions and many more will be answered by Dr. Cliff Olson on Wednesday, February 3rd in BH 333 at 7:30pm.  Please see the flyer for more information or contact  Karla Coupland at


EA Anderson Lecture Series Presentation by Bruce Krebs Available!
February 05, 2010

In case you missed it, the EA Anderson Lecture Series presentation by Bruce Krebs on February 1st titled, "So You Want to be Self-Employed", is now available!

Game Night sponsored by Business Society
by Lisa Kuhlman
February 08, 2010

Game Night sponsored by Business Society will be on Saturday, February 13th from 7pm to 10pm in the White Oak Room in Thatcher South. We'll have all your favorite games and food too! Come and have a blast!

EA Anderson Lecture Series Tonight - Bonnie Schaller, Director - Talent Management at Nordstrom
by Lisa Kuhlman
February 08, 2010

The title of tonight's presentation by Bonnie Schaller is "Emerging from Recession: Do you know where your employees are?".  The lecture begins at 8pm and will be in Brock Hall Room 333.  For more information on the EA Anderson Lecture Series contact Kimberly Miller at or visit the Winter 2010 Lecture Series Schedule.

Winter 2010 edition of The Exchange newsletter posted
February 10, 2010

The Winter 2010 edition of The Exchange, newsletter for the School of Business and Management, is now available for your reading pleasure!

EA Anderson Lecture presentation by Bonnie Schaller - Now Available!
February 11, 2010

In case you missed it, the EA Anderson Lecture presentation by Bonnie Schaller on February 8th titled, "Emerging from a recession - Do you know where your employees are?", is now available!

EA Anderson Lecture Series Tonight - Fred Land, CEO Interlock
February 15, 2010

The title of tonight's presentation by Fred Land is "Going Global - So Easy a Monkey Can Do It".  The lecture begins at 8pm and will be in Brock Hall Room 333.  For more information on the EA Anderson Lecture Series contact Kimberly Miller at or visit the Winter 2010 Lecture Series Schedule.

EA Anderson Lecture -Fred Land - Now Available!
February 22, 2010

In case you missed it, the EA Anderson Lecture Series presentation by Fred Land, "Going Global - So Easy a Monkey Can Do It", is now available! 

EA Anderson Lecture - Alan Ashcraft - Now Available!
by Lisa Kuhlman
March 02, 2010

In case you missed it, Alan Ashcraft's EA Anderson Lecture Series presentation on "Street Wisdom at Work" is now available!

International Business Club sponsors Vespers
March 11, 2010


E.A. Anderson Lecture - Lisa McClusky now available!
March 29, 2010

In case you missed it, Lisa McClusky's presentation at the E.A. Anderson Lecture Series on "A Fresh Perspective to Healthcare Marketing" is now available!

Congratulations - Newly Accepted Business Majors
by Lisa Kuhlman
April 08, 2010

The faculty and staff of the School of Business and Management would like to congratulate the following students on their acceptance into the School of Business and Management.  These students join a group of business professionals dedicated to excellence and to the concept of service in the workplace as well as in the communities where they live.

Vanesa Aguilar

Mark Arquitt

Dianaly Blas

Allyson Bridges

Jessica Burns

Andrew Christiansen

Justin Davis

Justin Delhove

Andres Escobar

Nefty Franco

Peter Holler

Diana Lee

Kendra Mosher

Jonathan Schuen

Grady Todd

Will Underwood

Emily Vail

Hannah Vail

Christina Whary

EA Anderson presentation by Les Pitton - Now Available!
April 12, 2010

In case you missed it, the E.A. Anderson Lecture presentation by Les Pitton, "Nonprofit Governance, Building Effective Boards" is now available! 

E.A. Anderson presentation by Mark S.A. Smith - Now Available!
April 12, 2010

In case you missed it, the E.A. Anderson Lecture series presentation by Mark S.A. Smith, "Fearless Self-Promotion" is now available!

School of Business and Management Professor is certified as Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Program Examiner
by Michael Cafferky
May 31, 2010

A week ago I completed the training in Gaithersburg, MD at the US Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to become a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Program Examiner for 2010. Certified Examiners serve as volunteer leadership peer reviewers and program Ambassadors in a process that culminates with President Barak Obama announcing the winners of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in the Spring.

The Baldrige National Quality Award is an award for the quality of organizational leadership established by the US Congress in 1987. The Award program is based on several core values believed to be the basis for achieving international competitiveness: Visionary leadership, customer-driven excellence, organizational and personal learning, valuing workforce and partner relationships, agility, a focus on the future, managing for innovation, managing by fact, fulfilling societal responsibilities, focus on results and creating value, and having a systems perspective. Awards are given each year to one or more organizations in each of six eligibility categories: manufacturing, service, small business, education, healthcare, and nonprofit organizations. Organizations competing for this national leadership award submit an extensive application in May. The application must conform to a formal set of seven criteria of leadership performance excellence: Leadership, strategic planning, customer focus, measurement and knowledge management, workforce focus, process management (including quality improvement), and results. 

From June through October Examiners from around the nation review and score the applications using a formal peer review process based on our training. Each application is scored by a team of Examiners each first working independently of the others. A second round of scoring occurs when the team of independent Examiners develops an applicant consensus score. For applicants who qualify with a high-enough score, a third round of peer review occurs during a week-long site visit in October. In November President announces the winners for each eligibility category. To become a Certified Examiner requires approximately 70 hours of training each year. The time require for first-time Examiners is longer. Each Examiner spends between 60 and 80 hours as a volunteer reviewing and scoring their assigned applicant organization. Site visits require an additional volunteer time commitment of up to 70 hours of volunteer work. One of the benefits for all applicant organizations is that each receives an extensive, formal leadership feedback report which the organization’s leaders can use to make improvements in their organizational leadership in the coming year. The Baldrige National Quality Award is considered to be one of the top ten leadership training programs for government and military organizations. Many state-level quality award programs such as the award process managed by the Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence pattern their programs after the Baldrige Award Criteria.  Hundreds of organizations use the Baldrige Award Criteria for self assessment and leadership improvement. A subset of these go on to apply for the national award. Many organizations apply for the award more than once. Each time they apply they receive a leadership feedback report scored by a different team of examiners. This makes the Baldrige Award Program one of the most cost-effective methods to obtain professional feedback on leadership. Some organizations apply for the state-level award first before going on to participate in the National Award program. Applying for and winning the Baldrige National Quality Award is not for organizations who wish to use it for its public relations value. The process for being selected is not superficial. Many first-time applicants do not realize the extensiveness of the organizational commitment needed to rise to the level of winner. Winners of the national Award typically make the learning from this Program the chief focus of their leadership for several consecutive years applying for the award multiple times before achieving the highest score in their eligibility category. Applicants who take the leadership feedback report seriously and use it to make more organizational changes typically improve their score in succeeding years. This requires the continued commitment of both top-level and mid-level leaders in and throughout the whole organization – a change process that requires extraordinary leadership in itself. I served as a Certified volunteer Examiner in 2002 and 2003. I took a hiatus while I completed my doctoral degree program.

Each year that Examiners serve they must be recertified through the formal Examiner Training program at NIST. Examiners can serve no more than six years, after which they can become Senior Examiners and alumni mentors for newer examiners. Since I have industry experience in both healthcare and higher education, the applicant organization I review will come from one of these two sectors. It is an honor to be selected and trained to be a volunteer Examiner for this prestigious leadership award program. I intentionally bring Baldrige leadership criteria and values into my undergraduate courses such as Business Strategies, Ethical Social & Legal Environment of Business, Leadership in Organizations, and Organizational Behavior.

Professors Collaborate on book for Managers & Executives
by Lisa Kuhlman
July 13, 2010


Professors Michael Cafferky and Jon Wentworth started writing in the summer of 2009 and recently finished and published a peer-reviewed book titled, Breakeven Analysis The Definitive Guide to Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis.  The book was published by Business Expert Press and is written for managers and executives.  According to the publisher, "This book explains the vocabulary of cost-volume-profit (breakeven) analysis (CVP), explores the breadth of applications of CVP, and illustrates the use of CVP concepts in a broad range of management and marketing scenarios...Each chapter will offer several important ingredients for a practical "how to" approach.."  For a preview of the book, please visit the Business Expert Press website.

Southern Adventist students aim to change the world, promote business skills
by Chloé Morrison
September 21, 2011

Read the story at

Alumni Updates
by Lisa Kuhlman
October 11, 2011







Brittany Jacobson, '11 is a student missionary in Saipan. She is currently working as an office assistant at the SDA school and planning to return to the Chattanooga area in summer of 2012. She is considering studying for the CPA exam in the next few months. (updated October 2011)





Patricia Raynaert, '11 is a PR Specialist for Adventist Midwest Health in Chicago, IL. (updated October 2011)



John Shoemaker, '11 spent the summer as an intern with Kettering Health Network (KHN) in Marketing & Communications. He also did a minor internship in KHN's Corporate Human Resources, assisting with First Experience/Network Orientation. In August, John traveled to Poland to spend a year as a Student Missionary teaching English. Upon his return in June of 2012, he will work full-time as a Marketing & Communication Specialist with Kettering Health Network's Marketing department. (updated October 2011)





Lu Xu, '11 is a Marketing Manager for Sumei Cosmetics Chain Co., Ltd. in Nanjing, China. Her position requires travel to Korea and other sites in Asia. (updated October 2011)






Ruben Harris, '10 secured an investment banking internship with Brookwood Hill Group, Inc. 



Merilee Chase, '10 was accepted into the MAcc program at the University of Denver which has a 100% placement rate. She also passed 3 portions of the CPA Exam, scoring in the 80s for two sections and achieving a 96 in Auditing! (updated October 2011)



Laura (Clark) Sherwin, '10 married Brent Sherwin in June of 2011 and is currently attending Loma Linda University Dental School. (updated October 2011)



Ileana Hernandez, '10 joined Kenneth Cole Productions in New York as a Human Resource Coordinator in July 2011. Ms. Hernandez is responsible for the new hire process for all Kenneth Cole corporate employees and partners with recruiters to fill open corporate positions. (updated October 2011)



Joel Kurtz, '10 is currently in his first year at Duke Law School in Durham, NC. He expects to spend the next three years finishing his law degree and then go where God leads! (updated October 2011)




Kevin Liston, '10 is currently living in Nampa, Idaho. (updated October 2011)




Jason Ortega, '10 is studying law at the Ohio State University, Moritz College of Law. He expects to graduate in 2013.  (updated October 2011)



Jamie Timon, '10 married Kim Jacobson '07 in August of 2010 and works in Silver Spring, Maryland for Powerhouse, as the Accountant/Controller/Office Manager/HR director.  Powerhouse is a company that designs and installs custom Audio/Video turnkey systems for clients as well as security systems, automated lighting and phone intercoms. He is currently pursuing the continuing education required to sit for the CPA Exam in Maryland and is hoping to take review courses for the CPA in January of 2012.  (updated October 2011)



Jessi Turner, '10 is working as the Director of PR, Marketing and Recruiting for Auburn Adventist Academy in Auburn, Washington. (updated October 2011)

Young entrepreneur opens business that pays people to text
by Chloé Morrison
October 11, 2011

A budding entrepreneur and senior at Southern Adventist University wants to pay local residents to send text messages.

“I knew that there was a lot of potential in smart phones, so I wanted to start something that utilized smart phones in some way,” Zach Goldstein said.

He and his business partner, Ken Willes, are starting a text messaging advertising company, called Rocket Link Mobile.

The idea is to offer an application that attaches a short advertisement at the end of each text message.

Those who use the application earn 2 cents for every text message they send. “Our app makes you an agent for the advertisers,” Willes said. “You, as agents, send out text ads with the text messages. Every time you send out that ad, you earn a small commission.”

The business aims, in part, to help offset the cost of expensive mobile service plans, the owners said.

College students and young adults are showing a particularly high interest in this service because many in their age group are sending more than 1,000 texts a month,

Goldstein said. Rocket Link is currently in pre-launch production of their iPhone and Android apps and is allowing interested users to sign up on a waiting list at

Those who sign up early will help beta test the product while earning a commission.

When the software is fully released, anyone with a supported device will be able to use it.

Goldstein said that the advertisements are meant to be unobtrusive. “We want to make it as attractive as possible," he said. “We don’t want anything bright and flashy, just simple texts. We want to keep the message size smaller so that will be less jarring to the audience.”

Adventist Health System Meet & Greet Informational Session TONIGHT
by Lisa Kuhlman
October 11, 2011

Adventist Health System Meet & Greet Informational Session TONIGHT in Brock Hall 3321 from 5:30pm to 6:30pm. Mr. Wood has a 30 minute presentation on AHS and it is a GOOD IDEA for all of you who’ve signed up for interviews to be here tonight! You will be better prepared for your interview if you attend tonight!!

Veteran Awards Hometown Hero Medals to Business Professors
by Sarah Crowder
February 29, 2012


A typical student may show appreciation by writing a thank-you note to a teacher, but Chief Master Sergeant Homer (Stan) Keirsey is not your typical student. Stan awarded Hometown Hero medals – given by veterans to civilians who inspire them – to two of his Southern Adventist University business professors, Richard Erickson and Julie Hyde.

During his 27 years in the Air National Guard, Stan spent four tours in Iraq and two in Afghanistan. His last tour ended when he was injured and spent the summer in a hospital. He was released just in time to attend Southern for the fall semester. Stan said he wished he could have given the award to all of his professors, but two specifically stood out as mentors.

“Erickson and Hyde really want their students to succeed,” he said. “It’s almost a personal thing for them if you don’t do well in their class. They don’t have to care, but they obviously do.”

One of the things Stan appreciated most was being able to meet with these honorees outside of class in order to get help. Their open door policy allowed him to perform better academically, build a friendship with each of them, and transition from military life into student life with minimal difficulty.

For Erickson, receiving a medal from a man that made such a huge sacrifice for the country is a great honor – and perhaps even a little intimidating.

“Now I have to live so that I’m worthy of it, right?” Erickson joked. “But seriously, an award like that gives me extra motivation as a teacher.”

Hyde said she was humbled to receive a medal from someone who put his life on the line for others. It also reminded her that there is a higher purpose for her career than simply passing along information to students.

“It reaffirms God’s leading in my career,” Hyde said. “God lit the path for me to be at Southern, and this award demonstrates one of the ways He is using me.”


Southern Adventist University solar array is second-largest in region
by Knight Ridder/Tribune 04/19/2012 4:05 AM ET
April 20, 2012

Southern Adventist University christened the Chattanooga area's second-largest solar array Wednesday. Full Story.

The School of Business and Management is now a member of Sigma Beta Delta!
by Lisa Kuhlman
August 29, 2013

The School of Business and Management at Southern Adventist University is proud to announce that we are now a member of Sigma Beta Delta.

Membership in Sigma Beta Delta is the highest national recognition a business student can receive at a college or university with a Sigma Beta Delta chapter. To be eligible for membership, a business student must rank in the upper 20 percent of the junior, senior or master’s class and be invited to membership by the faculty officers. - See more at:

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)
February 17, 2014

Students, certified by the IRS, are at The Samaritan Center on the following days to help you for FREE!
Thursdays, February 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th from 8am to 6:30pm

Fridays, February 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th from 8am to 3:30pm

Sunday, February 9th, 16th, and 23rd from 8am to 4:30pm

Sponsored by the School of Business and Management, The Samaritan Center, the Urban League of Chattanooga, and the IRS.