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Global Experiences


The School of Business and Management offers our students the opportunity to learn more about the world and business by:

  • Participating in educational trips,
  • Spending a year abroad working as a student missionary, and
  • Spending a year of study abroad.    


Educational Trips Offered by the School of Business and Management

Currently we offer two trips that provide students with a beyond-the-classroom experience.  They are:


New York at Thanksgiving

We offer two trips that provide students with a beyond-the-classroom experience. During Thanksgiving Break, the School of Business and Management organizes a trip to New York City.  Students visit Wall Street, meet with business professionals, and take in the cultural aspects of a large metropolitan area.

Summer in China

Every other summer we also offer a three-week trip to China.  On this trip, students meet with executives in large multinational corporations, are immersed in a different culture, and learn the true meaning of the term "global marketplace."


Student Missionaries

Every year a number of business students spend a year "Beyond the Classroom" as student missionaries.  Student missionary work is exciting and challenging!  It brings students in contact with the realities of world cultures and provides them with work experiences which complement their studies. Students may serve in a variety of positions including teachers, construction workers, and hospital administrators just to name a few. Student missionaries bless the people they serve, enabling them to live better lives and learn more about God.


Study Abroad

An increasing number of  business majors also choose to spend a year studying abroad.  Students are immersed in the culture and life of another country while becoming conversant in its language. Through such experiences students also may gain an appreciation of and perhaps an inspiration for mission or other multi-cultural service.