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Faculty & Staff

Welcome from the faculty and staff of the School of Business and Management!

If you have any questions regarding our programs, please contact us using the information provided below. For more information on a specific instructor, select the name of the instructor to view their current course schedules and office hours.


Faculty/Staff email Office Office Phone Number
Dr. Michael Cafferky BH 3202K 423.236.2658
Mr. Richard Erickson BH 3202G 423.236.2755 
Dr. H. Robert Gadd BH 3139 423.236.2697
Ms. Lisa Goolsby BH 3202O 423.236.2756
Dr. Julie C. Hyde BH3202I 423-236-2682
Dr. Mark Hyder BH3202M 423-236-2750
Ms. Lisa Kuhlman BH 3202 423.236.2527
Dr. Robert Montague BH 3202H 423.236.2752 
Dr. Braam Oberholster BH 3202E 423.236.2771 
Dr. Cliff Olson BH 3140 423.236.2757
Ms. Verlyne Starr BH 3202J 423.236.2680 
Dr. Dennis F. Steele Jr. BH 3202M 423.236.2699
Mr. Leon Weeks BH 3145 423.236.2681
Mr. Jon Wentworth BH 3146 423.236.2698 


Adjunct Faculty Email Office Office Phone Number
Mr. Mike McClung IS 423.236.2677 
Dr. Neville Webster NA NA