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Current Projects


GenLink is an on campus agency that connects students with community members to meet temporary assistance needs such as laundry, yard work, cooking, errands, tech support, and seasonal projects.


Let's Can Hunger

Hunger is an issue around the world, even in Hamilton County, TN. The Campbell’s Soup’s Let’s Can Hunger grant funding empowers our team to alleviate hunger on both immediate and long-term levels. By fulfilling our commitment to raise 5,000 pounds of food/$5,000, we will help combat immediate hunger needs in our area. Through our partnership with The Samaritan Center, we will work through education and interactive methods to help individuals and families break free from the hunger cycle.

Watch this video about our project.


Women at the Well

Located in Athens, TN, this 18 month residential program helps women who struggle with life-controlling addictions recover and productively reintegrate in their community. We are assembling a consultative team of students, professors, and professionals to work with WATW to increase the effectiveness of their marketing and recruiting efforts, broaden their donor base, and strengthen retention. Initial funding for this project is provided by a Sam’s Step Up for Small Business grant and a Walmart Women’s Economic Empowerment grant.



Completed Projects

Check out the WRCB Channel 3 news article about the solar panels that our Enactus (formerly SIFE) team helped Southern Adventist University obtain. Click here to see dashboard of current solar output.

IDEALS stands for Industries Developing Economic And Long-term Stability is a nonprofit started by Enactus members. The organization empowers Adventist academies around the world to achieve economic success through industries started by the nonprofit. These industries provide worthy students with employment that helps them fund their education. As they pay the school with a portion of their wages, these industries also provide cash flow to the school.

We are proud that this project is currently featured on the Enactus United States homepage. 

Through our interactions with students, Enactus has recognized that many of the students at Southern Adventist University have business ideas but lack the knowledge and experience to make them happen. We seek to foster their entrepreneurial spirits by partnering these students, Enactus, and business start-up experts to help our fellow students create profitable businesses.

Our team partnered with Southern's Financial Administration and Food Services to provide vending machines in key locations on campus for 24 hour access. After conducting market research, we determined the type of food that students would purchase if it were available to them in vending machines. Students also indicated they would prefer to use their campus ID card to be able to purchase food on the go. Within the first two weeks of operation $2,000 worth food was purchased, proving this project to be a success.