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Vehicle Registration


Faculty, staff, and students are required to register vehicles parked on university property. Vehicle registration is to be completed by the vehicle driver/owner within three business days from the time the vehicle is first parked on university property.

  • Fall 2014 Semester
  • Winter 2015 Semester
  • Summer 2015 Sessions
Date registration begins:
  • August, 2014
  • January 1, 2015
  • Purchase a Winter 2015 parking permit


    Type of Parking permits available

    Parking permit type is made available according to applicants housing location and university status such as faculty, staff, undergraduate student, or graduate student. When registering, verify the type of permit made available to you is correct. Contact Campus Safety for assistance.


    Permit types available on this web site:

    • Commuter student
    • Faculty/Staff
    • Talge Hall
    • Thatcher Hall
    • Thatcher South
    • Southern Village Apartments
    • Spalding Cove Apartments
    • Stateside Apartments
    • Winding Creek Apartments
    • Other university housing
  • Blue Commuter permit
  • Gold Faculty/Staff permit
  • Green Talge Hall permit
  • Purple Thatcher Hall permit
  • Purple Thatcher Hall permit
  • Red Housing permit
  • Blue Commuter permit
  • Red Housing permit
  • Blue Commuter permit
  • Classified as Commuter student


    Permits available at the Campus Safety Department

    • Emeriti/Retiree
    • Visitors/Guests
    • Volunteers
    • Other
  • Gold Faculty/Staff permit
  • Gray Guest permit
  • Yellow Volunteer permit
  • Lime Green Restricted Commuter Permit

    Registration Instructions

    Click Here to Begin Vehicle Registration


    Safety Tip


    Contact Us:

    Phone: 423.236.2100
    Fax: 423.236.1100
    Email: Campus Safety


    8:00 am - 5:30 pm   Monday - Thursday

    8:00 am - 1:00 pm Friday