School of Computing

system Love computers and gadgets? Do you get wrapped up in building faster computers, problem solving for your neighbors, and creating mobile apps? If so, computer science is in your blood. Here are some facts you might like:

  • Southern students have interned with Google, worked for NASA, Microsoft, and Intel, and entered quality PhD programs.
  • Southern’s computer science and computer science-embedded systems bachelor programs are fully accredited, so you know you’re getting the best training available.
  • The School of Computing has a five-year placement rate of over 98 percent.  That means while looking at our graduates from the past five years, over 98 percent of them are currently working in the field.
  • Our graduates work at Google, Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists, the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, multiple Seventh-day Conferences and Unions around the United States, and too many other places to name.


Alex Brady is a Computer Science major with a minor in Mathematics. During his first year at Southern Alex was a Freshman Blogger, and below is one of his posts: 

I always like finding spiritual applications from my classes in school, especially in my science and math courses. I love how in all of nature and science, you can always find things that point back to God as the creator of our world. It’s only been one week in this new semester, and I’ve already seen how one of my classes can teach me a lot about God. 

One of the computer classes I am taking this semester is Digital Logic and Design. This past Thursday we had our first lab. For our first lab, we were given a sketch of an electrical circuit and we had to reproduce it using a program on the computer. It was more complicated than it sounded. We had to make sure that all the wires were in the correct place and that the electricity would flow through the components properly. We then had to design the physical board that our electrical circuit would be printed on. We had to draw all of the copper wires that had to run between the parts on the circuit board, but the problem was, none of the wires could cross each other. And there were a lot of wires going everywhere. We also had to try and make the circuit board as small as possible. While it is a little difficult to describe the process in words, the bottom line is that it was a challenging process, it took a lot of work to design the circuit board just right. It wasn’t something that could just be thrown together and be expected to work right. 

If it takes a lot of careful thought and planning to design a simple circuit board, think about how much more planning would have had to take place to design humans or animals, or anything else in nature. I believe that the careful planning that has to go into making computer chips points out how God carefully planned everything on this earth. He had to make sure that everything was in perfect balance.

Where do you see evidence of God’s existence and power? If you look carefully, you might be surprised where you might find things that point to God. I found God in a computer chip.