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Southern has a variety of resources available to share with you and your church. Please consider utilizing the university in one or more of the following ways. We look forward to connecting with you!

Join Us on Campus

Archaeological Museum and Lecture Series

The Lynn H. Wood Archaeological Museum contains more than 200 objects from Egypt, Babylonia, Persia, Syria-Palestine, Greece, Cyprus, and Anatolia. It is the largest teaching collection of ancient Near Eastern ceramics in North America.archaeology 

The Lynn H. Wood Archaeological Museum Lecture Series brings leading experts from around the world to campus four times each school year for discussions about discoveries from the southern Levant, Egypt, Cyprus, and Mesopotamia.

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Origins Exhibit

The museum-quality exhibit in the Biology Department offers an understanding of origins from a creationist worldview. Consider the intricacy of the cell, the relationship between the Geologic Column and the biblical flood, and the significance of beauty in nature. Enjoy a self-guided tour anytime during open hours, or call to arrange a walk-through for a group. All tours are free of charge.

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Recharge is a retreat experience for pastors and their families. Grow in your professional skills while also enjoying recreational activities with family members during a nearly two-week stay on campus. 

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Archived Content

Visit and to find presentations, many with spiritual components.

Live Events

Visit to view live Friday night vespers programs, student-led worship services, symphony orchestra concerts, and more.

Guest Speakers

Southern is an abundant resource for talent and expertise in a variety of areas. Consider someone from Southern for speaking appointments, workshops, musical programs, and other needs that arise at your church. Our Resource Guide lists employees and campus groups who are willing to travel. The document is even indexed by both topic and format. 

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The student acrobatic group has wowed crowds for more than 25 years, spreading a message of healthy living, commitment, dedication, teamwork, and trust wherever they go. Sky-scraping pyramids, soaring tosses, and tumbling passes may be just an email away; contact Southern to check the team’s availability for participating in your special event.

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Youth Worship Teams

Southern’s Engage Ministries is comprised of students who visit churches across the Southern Union to conduct programs for youth—particularly those who are unable to attend an Adventist academy. Its goal is to transplant the worship experience our students are blessed with on campus to communities throughout the Southeast, building relationships with families and local church leaders along the way.

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Recommend Us

If you know of someone looking to attend a Christian university, Southern has a variety of campus visit options for prospective students. We understand the powerful influence ministers have to guide young people in their spiritual walk and thank you in advance for encouraging Adventist education.