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Center for Innovation and Research in Computing

The goal of the Center for Innovation and Research in Computing (CIRC) is to enhance student learning in the School of Computing by engaging students in real-world research and development projects. By paying students to work on these projects, CIRC will provide students with the opportunity to fund their education through on-campus, computing-related work (similar in nature to Computing internships).

CIRC is guided by the following objectives:

  • Stimulate creativity and innovation through extracurricular projects
  • Enrich students’ educational experience
  • Collaborate with industry and community partners
  • Support faculty research
  • Enhance faculty-student interaction
  • Provide student employment within the computing discipline


Two project-funding models are used within CIRC. First, CIRC collaborates with industry and community partners on projects that are externally funded. In these cases, CIRC acts as a sub-contractor billing the external organization for the student labor and services rendered. Second, CIRC funds projects from an endowment created for this purpose (a fund-raising campaign is in progress through Advancement). Projects funded through the annual endowment distribution are selected through a straight-forward grant process. Endowment funding is used for faculty-sponsored research, matching funds for industry-sponsored projects, providing services for church- and non-profit-sponsored projects, contributing to open-source software development that serves the greater computing community, and funding internally generated projects (including income-generating projects).

Grant Applications

The Center for Innovation and Research in Computing (CIRC) is currently accepting its first round of applications for research/project grants. All School of Computing faculty and students are eligible for grants from CIRC by completing appropriate application form given below:

Completed application forms should be submitted to Dr. Tyson Hall, Director of CIRC.

Contact Information

For more information about the Center for Innnovation and Research in Computing, please contact Dr. Tyson Hall, Director of CIRC at or 423.236.2916.