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Accommodations Process

Note: The process of arranging an academic accommodation takes time, so requests after the third week of the semester might not be completed in time to receive accommodations for that semester.

Accommodations are provided only after satisfactory completion of all of the following steps:

1. Documentation of your disability (which conforms to the Documentation Guidelines) is delivered to Disability Support Services. (DSS can assist in requesting documentation by faxing a signed release and guidelines, but the responsibility for making sure the documentation arrives at DSS remains yours.)

2. The DSS forms (Application to Initiate Services, Request for Accommodation, Informed Consent) are completed by you and delivered to the DSS office, room 137, Lynn Wood Hall, along with your course schedule which includes professors’ names as well as course names, numbers, and sections.

3. The Disability Services Coordinator (DSC) studies your documentation to determine that the requested accommodation(s) are appropriate for the disability and are in line with university policies and practices or with requirements of other entities.

The DSC can conclude
a. The request matches accepted practices for accommodation and will be recommended to the committee for acceptance, or

b. The request does not match accepted practices for accommodation and will be recommended to the committee for denial.

4. The Accommodations Committee meets and the DSC presents the results of the research from # 3 above. After discussion, the committee reaches a decision regarding the request.

5. You will meet with the DSC to discuss the committee’s decision.

In the event that the request is denied, the DSC will explore with you possible alternatives and strategies. This exploration might result in a new accommodation request, which takes the process back to # 3.

6. For approved accommodation, Accommodation Data Sheets (ADS) are prepared for each professor involved in by the accommodation. These are printed on blue paper, signed by the DSC and the student, placed in official Southern Adventist University envelopes, sealed, addressed, stamped “Confidential,” and given to you.

7. You deliver the ADS (called “blue sheets”) to the professor(s) and/or adviser from whom you wish to receive accommodations.

8. You and the professor or adviser discuss how the approved accommodations will be administered, provided they do not compromise an essential component of the course/program.

Inside each Southern Adventist University envelope with the blue sheet will be a folded envelope stamped for return to DSS. Professors are urged to sign the blue sheet, make a copy for their records (to be destroyed at the end of the semester), and return the original to DSS in the enclosed envelope through campus mail.

Accommodation Process Explained includes definitions of terms and other information.