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Outcomes Report, Program Review, and Assessment Data

Click to view:  Counselor Education Program Outcomes Report, September 2014

Click to view:  Counselor Education Program Review, September 2014

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Data   School Counseling Data
Practicum II Assessments   Practicum II Assessments
Formative Evaluations at Practicum (2010-2013)    
Peer Supervision Evaluations (2008-2011)    
Summative Evaluations at Practicum (2010-2013)    
Video Recording Assessments (2009-2012)    
Internship Assessments   Internship Assessments
Site Supervisor Evaluations (2010-2013)    
Student Evaluations (2010-2013)    
Alumni Assessments   Alumni Assessments
    SC Alumni Surveys (2009-2011) - Raw Data
    SC Alumni Surveys (2009-2011) - Graphs
    SC Alumni Surveys (2009-2011) - Written Comments
    Employer Surveys
    SC Employer Surveys (2009-2011) - Raw Data
    SC Employer Surveys (2009-2011) - Graphs
    SC Employer Surveys (2009-2011) Written Comments
Dispositions Assessments    
Dispositions Assessments (2009-2011) - Organized by Program Checkpoints
Dispositions Assessments (2009-2011) - Organized by Emphasis
Dispositions Assessments (2009-2011) - Organized by Frequency of Ratings
Dispositions Assessments (2011-2012)    
Dispositions Assessments (Fall 2013)    
Disposition Assessments at End of Internship and Program Exit, 2013-2014
Program Exit Assessments    
Summative Clinical Evaluation for SC and CMHC 2013-2014
Alumni Assessments    
Alumni Responses (Spring 2012)    
Alumni Responses (Summer 2014)    
 Review of Mission Statement    
 Mission Statement Survey Results September 2014