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Development of professional competence is achieved through study of the foundations of education, examination of the principles underlying various types and levels of teaching, and comprehensive study of specific teaching fields.

Student teaching is the culminating experience, the "capstone" of the preparation for teaching. Students spend a full semester teaching and observing in at least two different classrooms. Guidance will be given by well-qualified classroom teachers who are experienced in their field.

Teacher Placement

With a growing public and private school teacher shortage, the future holds more job openings than there are graduates at all education levels. In greatest demand are elementary teachers of math, science, and reading and secondary teachers of math, physics, chemistry, computer science, and English.

Southern has a record of placing more elementary graduates in recent years than any other Adventist college in North America. Enrollment levels and the employment of classroom teachers are obviously closely associated. Largely due to tremendous migration to the South and West, population growth (and therefore increased enrollment) is expected to be greater in those regions.

Praxis II Pass Rate

Students who complete the Teacher Education Program at Southern have consistently achieved a 100% pass rate in the Praxis II licensure exams.

Objectives of the Teacher Education Program

The goal of the Teacher Education Program is to nurture the development of the holistic teacher. This goal is reflected in the conceptual framework, with which we seek to provide opportunities for the candidate to become effective in the following roles:

  • a caring person
  • an informed facilitator of learning
  • a reflective decision maker
  • a committed professional 

Recent Success Indicators

Licensure: A review of the teacher education graduates of the past three years indicates that 100 percent successfully met the requirements for state licensure.

Employment: As of June 2014, 21 (70%) of the 30 teacher education graduates of 2012-2013 are employed as teachers. One (3%) holds a position in education other than teaching, two (7%) have chosen work outside of education, and three (10%) are pursuing graduate degrees. Three (10%) of the 30 could not be located to ascertain their employment status.  |  phone: 423.236.2765  |  fax: 423.236.1765  |  P.O. Box 370, Collegedale, TN 37315-0370