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Degrees in Teacher Education F10-W11

Undergraduate Degrees in Teacher Education

k-8 SDA Elementary Education  Suggested sequence  catalog
B.A. in Liberal Arts Education Leading to Licensure (K-6 TN)  SEQUENCE CATALOG
K-12 Secondary education Suggested Sequence
B.F.A. in Art Education   SEQUENCE
B.Mus. in Music Education - Instrumental   SEQUENCE
B.Mus. in Music Education - Keyboard   SEQUENCE
B.Mus. in Music Education - Vocal   SEQUENCE
B.S. in Physical Education/Health   SEQUENCE
7-12 Secondary education suggested sequence
B.A. in Biology Education   SEQUENCE
B.A. in Chemistry Education   SEQUENCE
B.A. in English Education   SEQUENCE
B.A. in History Education   SEQUENCE
B.A. or B.S. in Mathematics Education   SEQUENCE
B.A. in Physics Education   SEQUENCE
B.A. in Religious Education   SEQUENCE
B.A. in French Education   SEQUENCE
B.A. in Spanish Education   SEQUENCE
 Secondary Teaching Certification  Overview  Catalog
Courses Required for Secondary Teaching Certification 2010-2011  OVERVIEW CATALOG

Graduate Degrees in Education

Degree Suggested sequence Catalog
M.S.Ed. - Instructional Leadership   CATALOG
-M.S.Ed. - Instructional Leadership: Inclusive Education SEQUENCE  
-M.S.Ed. - Instructional Leadership: Literacy Education SEQUENCE  
-M.S.Ed. - Instructional Leadership: Outdoor Education SEQUENCE  
-M.S.Ed. - Instructional Leadership: Content Area SEQUENCE  
-M.S.Ed. - Instructional Leadership: Educational Administration SEQUENCE  
M.S.Ed. -Literacy Education  SEQUENCE CATALOG
M.S.Ed. - Outdoor Education (hybrid)  SEQUENCE CATALOG
Post- Graduate Courses Suggested
Post- Graduate Courses Required for SDA Principal Endorsement SEQUENCE
Post-Graduate Courses Required for SDA Supervisor of Instruction Endorsement SEQUENCE
Post-Graduate Courses Required for Superintendent of Schools Endorsement SEQUENCE  |  phone: 423.236.2765  |  fax: 423.236.1765  |  P.O. Box 370, Collegedale, TN 37315-0370