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Resources for Education Students

Dates for Fall 2014

Important Education Dates Fall 2014


Orientation to Conceptual Framework

Education Conceptual Framework

Link to video


General Documents

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about K-6 Field Experience

Record of Experiences With Students form

How to Integrate Diversity in the Curriculum

Fill out the undergrad/graduate forms for directed or independent study, print them off, and get the appropriate signatures before turning them in.


Secondary Education

Secondary Education Checklist

Courses Required for Secondary Teaching Certification

Secondary Education Major Gateway Courses (to be completed prior to enrolling for methods courses)

EDUC 342 Curriculum and Content Methods Scheduling


Initial Admission

Initial Admission Student Checklist (Print your "To Do" list)

Initial Admission Application (Print, complete, and submit to Herin Hall Main Office)

Initial Admission Recommendations (Print and deliver to appropriate parties)

ACT & SAT Testing at Southern

Professional Development Portfolio Rubric (Reference only. Submit portfolio in LiveText using "Initial Portfolio for TEP Admission" course. You can view the template; go to and use the Visitor Pass option. Enter code F4FD3413. Click for detailed instruction sheet.


PreStudent Teaching

Pre Student Teaching Checklist

Pre Student Teaching Application Due end of 3rd week of semester before student teaching

Pre Student Teaching Recommendation Forms

Pre Student Teaching - Program Survey  Reference only. Look in  LiveText Forms Inbox after application to Student Teaching 

Professional Development Portfolio Rubric Portfolio that was started previously is to be submitted in LiveText using "Portfolio for ST Admission" course.


Pre-session Practicum

Candidate Application for Pre-session Practicum

Pre-session Log


Student Teaching

Student Teaching Handbook - Revised August 2014  Use hyperlinks in Table of Contents

Cooperating Teacher Handbook - Revised August 2014 Use hyperlinks in Table of Contents

Field Experience: Coaching Form

Student Teaching Candidate Survey  Reference only; look in LiveText Forms Inbox

Comprehensive Evaluation of Student teaching Assignments Rubric (Submit assignments in LiveText)

Student Teaching Formative/Summative Evaluation Rubric Formative (in process) and summative (final) evaluations use the same rubric. The rubic is used three times as formative and once, at conclusion of student teaching, as summative.

Student Teaching Mileage Report

Student Teaching - Post Program Survey Reference only. Look in LiveText Forms Inbox toward the conclusion of Student Teaching



Guidelines for Certification Application

Teaching Certificate Release Form

Link to Official Transcript Request

Application for Denominational Certification (please complete p. 2 only)

Link to Application for TN Initial Certification


External Sites

Lesson plans, discussions on education related topics, and lots of various education-related information

The Discovery Channel's education website, with links to create custom lesson plans, worksheets, and quizzes

Elementary level learning-to-reading-related content

SAT test information, including dates, fees, registration, and practice opportunities

Southern Adventist University Testing and Counseling website, with general test information. Click on the ACT link to locate dates  and information for residual testing

ETS website for registration for computerized Praxis tests


 Phi Delta Kappa Prospective Educator Scholarships 


Classroom Tips: How to Motivate Your Students and Yourself



Graduate Resources


Dispositions Assessment


Program Survey


Professional Portfolio Handbook for Advanced Programs


Statement of Purpose Guidelines - Education


Summer Workshop Request Protocol

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