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We're a Community With A Mission.

The Bible in the classroom, worshipful programs, friends who support you in your journey—it's no wonder so many of our graduates say they grew spiritually during their time at Southern.

Southern Charm Is for Real.

There’s an accepting, welcoming feeling the moment you step on campus. But this kind of warmth isn’t just on the surface. You’ll find friends and professors who will pray with you when life hits a rough blow, celebrate together when success abounds, and stay in touch with you through the years. In fact, 6,528 Southern alumni are currently married to someone they met at Southern (which  doesn’t include the uncountable number of forever friendships formed here).

Faculty Are Mentors.

With one faculty member for every 15 students on campus, you’ll get to know your professors—and they’ll get to know you. Don’t be surprised if a professor invites you to Sabbath lunch, offers encouragement, or takes extra time to help you in your academic journey. Our professors are amazingly devoted to mentoring students.

Learning Happens in Many Ways.

It’s one thing to say that U.S. News & World Report and the Princeton Review rank us among the best (which they do), but to get the full picture, you’d really need to talk to a student who’s had his world expanded on an international study tour or her skills enhanced with hands-on research. At Southern the opportunities to pursue academic interests are in abundance.

You’ll Make a Difference.

We believe that learning serves a purpose, enabling you to impact those around you. That’s why service learning is part of the classroom, why our 50 student organizations all give back to society in some way, and why for one day each year students take a break from classes to serve others locally.

You’re Equipped for Success.

It’s one thing to prepare you for a career. It’s another thing to prepare you for success in church, community, and family. Southern does all of these. Over and over again, we hear alumni share how their experience at Southern impacted their lives.

We’re Surprisingly Affordable. 

Don’t assume you can’t afford Southern until you’ve talked with a student finance counselor. Many students are here right now who didn’t think they could make it—and they have been blessed. In fact, Southern students on average graduate with less debt than do students graduating from many public colleges.