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The Evangelistic Resource Center (ERC) is mission control for evangelism in the School of Religion.   We train, mentor, equip and otherwise prepare students of all majors, faculty, staff and community members for public evangelism abroad through our S.E.A (Summer Evangelism Abroad) program. The center sends these volunteer evangelists to the far corners of the globe to share the good news of salvation.


We beleive that once a follower of Christ sees that they too can be used to share the word of God then they will be a misisonary for life whether they are reaching their neighbors, co-workers and family or traveling the globe sharing the good news of Christ's soon return.  Jesus is even calling you. Check our list of exciting campiagns happening this summer.  Plan to join us in fulfilling the gospel commission!


S.E.A. (Summer Evangelism Abroad) 2014 Summer Campaigns 

Bolivia May 5 - 25 Google Maps Wikipedia
Chile June 3 - 23 Google Maps Wikipedia
Colombia May 6 - 25 Google Maps Wikipedia
Costa Rica May 6 - 25 Google Maps Wikipedia
El Salvador May 6 - 25 Google Maps Wikipedia
Nicaragua May 6 - 25 Google Maps Wikipedia


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