Student Association Events

The Student Association’s entertaining and fun-filled activities and parties have created traditions within the school calendar for years. 

Upcoming Events


Jan. 13 - Mid-Winter Party

After a long holiday break, students are greeted with a fun filled party with awesome food and fun activities.

Feb. 4 - Super Bowl Party

Watch the big game on a big screen with traditional super bowl food and great company.

Feb. 11 - Valentine's Dinner

Enjoy a fancy night out on the town with that special someone or perhaps just with some friends.

Mar. 17 - Talent ShoWbanquet

A chance for students to show off their talents for the rest of the school. 

Apr. 21 - This is Us

A night for our school to show off our different cultures and come together as a school to celebrate our diversity through unity.  

Apr. 22 - Strawberry Fest

What better way to end the year than with an epic slideshow or movie replaying the year’s best memories? Strawberry Fest gives the students one last time to laugh, smile, and cheer as they re-cap the year through students’ eyes. Then, everyone digs into a delicious strawberry treat at the end!