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Meals plans at Southern Adventist University are optional, yet any student can register for one. However, in order for a student to charge food to their student account they must first select a plan. If a plan is not selected the student can use cash, debit, or credit card to make food purchases at select eateries on campus.

Students select their meal plan by completing the Meal Plan and Prepaid Campus Account form found at Depending on the plan selected a student will receive an automatic discount applied per transaction as indicated below. The following options are available for each semester of the 2014-2015 school year:



Plan Amount PER SEMESTER   Discount
$500   0%
$800   2%
$1,100 (default)   4%
$1,400   6%
$1,700   8%
$2,000   10%


All resident hall students (Talge, Thatcher, and Thatcher South) will be automatically assigned to the option 3 plan unless they select a different plan or opt out completely.

Students that reside in Southern housing (resident hall or campus owned housing) and are on a meal plan will be exempt from paying sales tax on meal plan purchases. For all other individuals, sales tax will be applied to food purchases.


Meal plan sign-up opens during early registration and can be changed through the last day to add classes for each semester. At that time, the base plan amount cannot be changed. Students that have not selected a plan can still add a meal plan. Once a student has charged the maximum allowed on their plan they must either pay directly for their purchase or, at any point during the semester, students may add-on value in $100 increments. The discount rate is determined by the base plan amount. To select an add-on amount see the Enrollment Services office or complete the Meal Plan and Campus Account Add-on form found in My Access.

The plan selected for the fall semester will also be the plan for the winter semester unless the student submits a new plan on the Meal Plan and Prepaid Campus Account form online.

Students will be refunded up to 20% of their meal plan at the end of the semester if unused. The refund applies to the total meal plan value which is the combined total of the base plan plus any add-on amounts. Students that withdraw from all classes during the semester will be refunded the unused portion of their meal plan.

The meal plan for the fall semester begins August 20, 2014 and ends on December 31, 2014. The meal plan for the winter semester begins January 1, 2015 and ends on May 10, 2015.

Prepaid Campus Account
For students that want the option of purchasing items at the Village Market (non-deli), Campus Shop (non-books), and other places on campus, onto their student account, must select a Prepaid Campus Account option on the Meal Plan and Prepaid Campus Account form online at Amounts available are $150, $300, $450, or $600. Once an option is selected the amount will be billed to the student’s account.

At the end of the semester any unused portion will be refunded to the student’s account. If no option is selected the student will not be able to use their ID card to make these types of purchases. Other options such as cash, debit cards, credit cards, or checks are available at some locations.


Checking My Balance

The meal plan is billed at the beginning of each semester. Students can check their balance each time they make a purchase at any of the eateries, or online at (see “Campus Card Charges”).