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Meal Plan for Residence Hall Students

The meal plan costs $1150 per semester and applies to purchases at the Dining Hall, Campus Kitchen, K.R.’s Place, Kayak and the Deli at the Village Market.

Each venue operates on an à la carte system, where food items are priced separately—not as a flat-rate meal. So, you pay for only what you select. If you divide $1150 by 130 days in the semester, it totals $8.85 per day.

Checking My Balance

The meal plan is billed at the beginning of each semester. Students can check their balance each time they make a purchase at any of the eateries, or online at (see “Campus Card Charges”).


Remaining meal-plan balances are non-refundable. Food purchases in excess of $1150 are billed to the monthly student statement. 

*The meal plan is mandatory for residence hall students. 

Optional Meal Plan for Students in University Housing

Students living in university housing may sign up for an optional meal plan, starting at $150 with the option of adding to the plan in $50 increments.


Also On Campus: Village Market Deli 


In addition, students may charge up to $150 per month at the Campus Shop and Village Market (which offers hot deli meals, sandwiches, and a fresh salad bar).