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What is a Parent Seminar? The sessions are designed to help you understand the student's transition into university life. Parent Seminars generally cover six important areas:

Parent Seminars

Because the transition to university life can be as important for you as it is to your student, we’re inviting you to attend one of our seminars.


Along with these seminars, we invite you to explore Southern's Parent Portal. This is where you can see what is happing on campus and keep up with your student.


 parent seminar schedulE

JumpStart Parent Orientation
Sunday, July 19, 10:30 a.m.z

Hulsey Amphitheater

This is a seminar for parents and students who will attend the JumpStart program for conditional standing students.


Summer Parent Orientation
Sunday, July 26, 8:30 a.m.
Lynn Wood Hall

This is a seminar for parents whose new student will attend the SmartStart summer session. This seminar is repeated on August 19.


Fall Parent Orientation
Tuesday, August 18, 8:30 a.m.
Lynn Wood Hall

This is a seminar for parents whose new student will attend the fall semester. This is a repeat of the July 26 parent seminar.


Receive tips on what your student can expect from professors and how responsible learning is approached. Subjects include grading, final exams, contacting professors, how Southern deals with academic honesty issues, Southern’s academic philosophy, online technology in the classroom, library services, and how to let your student mature in the university environment.

Get the inside scoop on how Southern handles scholarships, billing, campus jobs, and the cafeteria meal plan. In addition, you’ll find out how Southern will communicate with you throughout the year.

Discover the resources available to your student while on campus, including residence hall worships, the First Year Experience, freshmen mentors, chaplain activities and student ministries, convocation, counseling and testing, career counseling, Student Association, and campus activities designed to connect students and encourage a healthy social and spiritual atmosphere.

You’ll have a chance to meet Dr. Gordon Bietz and ask questions.

Learn about the computing and Internet resources available on campus, including computer labs, printing facilities, computer and software support, bandwidth issues, Southern’s Internet policy, and the Campus Card system.

In this day and age, the safety and protection of the campus is of utmost importance. You’ll meet the chief safety officer and learn about what Southern has in place to ensure a safe environment.