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Financing Your Future


Master's level tuition for 2015-16 is $600 per credit hour. Doctorate-level tuition is $800 per hour.

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Here are some sources for financial assistance.


The first step in obtaining any financial aid is to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

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Tax Credits

You may qualify for the Lifetime Learning Credit when filing your taxes, and claim up to $2,000 per student. For more information, contact your tax adviser or consult the IRS booklet "Tax Benefits for Education" (available online at

Southern Scholarships

Scholarships are limited at Southern because the university discounts tuition for everybody up front, rather than offering higher tuition with scholarships making up the difference. Nevertheless, there are some scholarships for graduate students in the schools of Business and Management, Education and Psychology, Nursing, and Social Work.

Employee Programs

Many employers have programs set up to help their employees obtain a graduate education. If you’re not sure if your employer provides educational benefits, check with your human resources department.

Graduate Assistant Program

If you’re interested in working your way through graduate school, you may want to inquire about the graduate assistant positions available in the the schools of Business and Management, Education and Psychology, Nursing, and Social Work.

Southern Union Teacher Subsidy

Southern Union teachers receiving tuition subsidy must obtain prior approval from their conference superintendent. Teachers then follow the regular admission process. Here's how »

Global Community Development Scholarships

The Community Development Society offers scholarships to GCD students in support of academic efforts, research projects, and presentations at the July 2014 International Conference in Dubuque, Iowa.

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Affording Graduate School

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