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Fall class is August 31 to September 4, 2014

Why a DNP?

The changing demands of the nation’s complex healthcare environment require the highest level of scientific knowledge and practice expertise to assure quality patient outcomes. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing has recommended DNP-level preparation for entry into advanced practice by 2015.

The DNP is designed for nurses seeking a terminal degree in nursing practice and offers an alternative to research-focused doctoral programs.


Southern Adventist University’s DNP

Southern’s DNP degree will prepare nurse practitioners to assume leadership roles in advanced practice settings. The program emphasizes advanced clinical practice, research utilization, and evaluation of practice and care delivery models. Advanced practice knowledge and skills are enhanced through practical courses and relevant clinical experiences that build on prior nurse practitioner work.

This is a post-master’s degree for nurse practitioners. It is designed as a flexible online program, consisting of five semesters, with three short campus visits. Students complete most of their course work, clinical practicum and a scholarly project at home in their current work environment, or in convenient settings of their choosing, to meet personal and program objectives.

The following emphases are offered:

  • Lifestyle Therapeutics, 39 hours
    This emphasis for the primary care nurse practitioner focuses on wholeness, prevention of disease, and promotion of health and healthy lifestyles, which is consistent with biblical teaching.
  • Acute Care Nurse Practitioner—Adult/Gerontology, 42 hours
    This emphasis prepares the student with knowledge and skills to care for patients with acute, complex, and critical health problems. Upon completion, student is eligible for ACNP–Adult/Gerontology national certification examination.
  • Acute Care Specialization, 38 hours
    This emphasis prepares the certified acute care nurse practitioner for an expanded role in an area of special interest. Emphasis does not lead to new certification.


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Lifestyle curriculum »

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Apply in Three Steps

Next class begins in Fall 2014 (Aug 31 - Sep 4)

1. University admission

  • graduate application
  • official transcripts
  • three recommendations
  • narrative statement of purpose and goals
  • curriculum vitae


2. Nursing admission

  • scholarly writing sample
  • current RN licensure
  • current advanced practice certification and current advanced practice licensure
  • work experience as an RN or NP (acute care applicants should document acute care skills set)
  • faculty interview


3. Assessments

  • physical exam
  • criminal background check
  • drug screening
  • current immunizations
  • CPR/BLS certification


For more information, please call 1.800.SOUTHERN and ask for Graduate Studies.