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Questions about university-owned rental housing? You've come to the right place.

We maintain an updated list of rental properties in the local area for your convenience.

The Area Housing List is provided as a courtesy and should not be considered a university endorsement of the properties or owners. Exercise discretion, as you would with any public listing.

  1. Sign a rental agreement and pick up keys from the housing office on the second floor of Wright Hall.
  2. Do a walk-through of housing with university personnel before moving in.
  3. Transfer electricity and gas into your name. All utilities will be on already.


A $250 housing deposit is required for each student in university rental housing.

  • For new students, your Commitment Deposit becomes your housing deposit when you move in.
  • For students getting married and transitioning from the residence hall to married student housing, your residence-hall deposit will transfer.

A $250 Commitment Deposit is required of all students to ensure enrollment. For new students, the commitment deposit becomes the housing deposit when they move in to university rental housing.

The full semester of rent is charged on your student statement at the beginning of each semester (including the summer). Monthly payments are due each month.

Rent is prorated. The charge begins the day you pick up your key and ends the day you have your final walk-through and turn in the key.


No. Rent is prorated. The charge begins the day you pick up your key and ends the day you have your final walk-through and turn in the key.

  1. Apply to Southern and receive an acceptance letter.
  2. Pay your $250 Commitment Deposit.
  3. Arrange a satisfactory budget with your assigned financial counselor.
  4. Apply online using the university rental application »
  Prospective Students  |  423.236.2812 
  • Graduate Students  |  423.236.2877 
  • Undergraduates—last name from A-K  |  423.236.2873 
  • Undergraduates—last name from L-Z  |  423.236.2837
  • In most cases, you must obtain a post office box at the Collegedale Post Office (near the Village Market) in Fleming Plaza. Winding Creek Apartments have mailboxes on site for each apartment.

    University apartments are all-electric except Winding Creek Apartments, which have gas and electric.

    Students assume full responsibility for electric and gas bills and must secure service in their own name. Deposits with respective utility companies are required.

    Water is included in the rent for all student housing.

    If you plan to arrive on campus on the weekend or after office hours, make prior arrangements by emailing Cindi Young or calling 423.236.2816.

    No. Pets are not allowed in any student-housing units.

    Parking is provided for two personal vehicles. Neither should exceed the size of a pickup truck.

    All resident vehicles are required to display a parking permit. Permits may be obtained online at the Campus Safety website.

    Repairing vehicles in the housing or parking areas is not permitted.