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International Student Statistics

Currently there are more than140 F-1 international students at Southern who together represent more than 40 countries of the world. The provided information was last updated 01/05/2010.

Graduate and Undergraduate Students


Note:  Currently there are 148 F-1 international students at Southern. 139 of those are undergraduate and 9 are  graduate students.

Current and OPT Students.

Note: There are 16 students who are currently getting their Optional Practical Training (OPT).

F-1 Student Gender Information

Note: There are 64 male and 84 female F-1 students at Southern.

International Students by Continents

Note: There are 29 students from North America, 30 from Central America and the Caribbean, 9 from South America, 16 from Europe, 51 from Asia, 12 from Africa, and one from Australia and Oceania.

International Students by Countries-Leaders

Note: Countries-Leaders lis the countries from which the highest numbers of international students came to Southern.

Note: Countries among the countries-leaders are: Canada (26 students), South Korea (22 students), Bahamas (12 students), China (11 students), Bermuda (10 students), and the "Rest of the World" which represents the remaining F-1 student population (67 students). For detailed information on the "Rest of the World" section, see the graph below.

The Rest of the World Section Details

Note: The right hand side of the graph lists the countries that are included in the International Students by Countries-Leaders graph as the "Rest of the World" section of the pie chart.

As you can see, Southern F-1 international students are extremely diverse. The population of the students represents 40 countries from all of the continents in the world.