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Tournament Signup Form

Badminton/Racquetball/Tennis Tournament signup information

  • You must be signed up online by Wednesday, April 1 at 4:30pm.
  • The Badminton/Racquetball/Tennis Tournament meeting will be held April 1 at 5 p.m. in HWC 3135. This is mandatory if you wish to participate in the tournament.
  • Tournament Divisions Available:
    Badminton: Mens/Ladies Singles, Mixed Doubles
    Racquetball: Mens/Ladies Singles
    Tennis: Mens/Ladies Singles, Ladies Doubles, Mens Doubles, Mixed Doubles 
  • If you are wanting to play in several Sports or Divisions please fill out a separate form for each one.
  • Games will begin on Monday, April 6.  Tournament schedule will be posted online.


Sport (Badminton/Racquetball/Tennis):    Division (See Above):           

Player Information:
(Note: Please fill out Player #2 information only if registering for for a Doubles Tournament.)

Player #1: ID #: Phone: Email:

Player #2: ID #: Phone: Email: