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Anti-Spam (Postini)

Southern uses a program called Postini for preventing spam and viruses from being delivered through the email system.

Access Your Anti-Spam Settings

You can block offensive messages, add a safe sender, check your message quarantine, and change the strictness of your anti-spam filter at

The Quarantine Summary

Postini flags suspicious messages and sends you a summary list every two days. From this summary, you may choose to have quarantined messages delivered to your inbox as usual. Messages left in quarantine are automatically deleted after 14 days.


Once you log in, use the tabs to navigate through the messages.


Go to "My Settings" to change the behavior of the spam filter for your account.
You can add or block senders, manage the strictness of the filter, change
your Postini password, etc.


If spam email messages are getting through to your inbox, adjust the "Manage Junk Filters." 
The default setting is usually best, but you may increase the strictness, if desired.