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Class Mailing Lists

A mailing list is automatically generated for every class in session, with the instructor as the list administrator (using the email address). Lists are accessible at least two days before each term begins and for at least two days after classes end.

Using a Mailing List

  • To send a message to the list, address an email using the class code (including hyphens and the section letter), like this:
  • Students may "reply all" to send to the list, but email from other senders is held for instructor approval. Instructors receive email notification when an message awaits approval.

Customizing Settings

To customize list settings:

  1. Go to (substituting the appropriate class code).
  2. Log in using the instructor's I.D. number as the initial password. (You may change the password, as well as other settings after logging in.)
  3. Choose your preferred maximum message size, header and footer settings, and other variables.

Troubleshooting Undelivered Messages

What address is in the "from" field?
Messages must be sent with a email address in the "from" field. You can verify your "from" address by sending an email to yourself. If it is not your address and you do not know how to change it, you can send your message using WebMail.

Is the message too long?
Long messages may not go through automatically, depending on the size-limit settings. If it's not possible to shorten the message (such as when files or photos are attached), messages must be manually approved.

Approving a Message

Most "normal" messages do not require instructor approval. For exceptions, follow these steps to approve a message:

  1. Log in at (substituting the appropriate class code).
  2. Click Tend to Pending Administrative Requests to approve long messages or messages from addresses that are not on the class mailing list.



Need Help?

Phone: 423.236.2644



Managing a List

Instructors may log in (top right corner of this screen) to view list instructions to the left.