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Bandwidth is the amount of information you transfer to and from the internet. Students are allowed a certain amount of bandwidth each day.


Daily Bandwidth Allowance

Students are permitted a daily quota of 4GB inbound data and 4GB outbound data. When the quota is reached, connection speed is reduced to 2Mbps.  The quota resets at 3 a.m.


Bandwidth Safeguards

Since excessive use of bandwidth by a few individuals can slow connections for others on campus, Information Systems safeguards appropriate data transfer amounts by:

  • applying a standard bandwidth quota and reducing the data transfer speed when the quota is reached.
  • using packet-shaping technology, which restricts the use of peer-to-peer networking (such as Limewire and BitTorrent). The type of traffic is detected and priorities are determined.

Conserving Bandwidth

Southern's local mirror for Windows updates has been decomissioned.  To ensure that automatic updates function properly, download this file to disable the legacy update service.


Linux users may use the software repository provided by the School of Computing. See for more details.



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