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New Media major walks home with silver medal from ADDY awards

Max Giron, junior mass communications major with an emphasis in new media, recently attended the ADDY awards in Chattanooga. The awards follow an annual competition of the American Advertising Federation, designed especially for college students. According to the website, "Work entered at your local level can move up to the regional and national judging, just like the work entered by professionals across the country."


The School of Journalism and Communication caught up with Giron about his experience.

Q: How did you first become aware/interested in the ADDY awards?
A: I saw a poster for it outside the SJC office back in December. It had a picture of this college kid sprawled over his desk - an all too familiar situation - with the caption: "Great ideas come in your sleep." I'm not sure how much truth there is to proactive sleeping, but I read the details and saw that entries were due shortly after New Year's, so I thought joining would be a great way to kick off the year.

Q: Why were you drawn to the editorial layout competition?

A: I figured a two-page spread was short enough that it wouldn't interfere with my class projects, and I would have enough time to go through several rough drafts before the deadline. Editorial layout seemed to be the most practical of the categories given the time.


Above: Giron's silver medal award-winning editorial layout submission.


Q:What surprised you about the ADDY awards?

A: I was surprised by the mood of it all: Most groups present were professional design firms, and they were there to show off their work, get an award, then celebrate with wine and "on to the next one." Obviously everyone should have goals and celebrate their accomplishments, but I had to remind myself that "I live for more than this." Christ is the end goal, and that keeps me from plotting world domination.



Q: What have you learned about your career goals from this experience?

A: Well, before participating, going into web design was Plan A. It's still something I'm going to pursue, but now magazine layouts and design are my main focus. I really enjoyed working on the editorial and I want to expand beyond two pages.


Q: What do you think students should know about the ADDY awards?

A: The ADDY awards is a chance to boost your resume. The competition between students in the Chattanooga area is not that intense - in fact, I think the handful of Southern students that participated all got awards. All you have to do is try. I'm not saying the prestige of it should be belittled, though: the ADDYs is widely recognized, and it's a good place to network. All this to say more Southern students should seize the opportunity.


L-R: Max Giron stands with Tyler Fishell and  Raamiah Hupp, both senior graphic design majors at Southern