Consortium Definitions and Benefits

I. Definition and Requirements

  1. Definition. A consortium institution is an accredited university or college that agrees to the requirements specified by the directors of the The Fourth Expedition to Lachish and will send professors and students as volunteers to be trained in archaeological fieldwork.
  2. Requirements. A consortium institution should be an accredited university or college that has a desire and commitment for professors and students to gain experience in the field of biblical archaeology.
  3. Process of Application.A university or college wishing to become a consortium member must make an application to The Fourth Expedition to Lachish for approval by the co-directors of the project.

II. Consortium Benefits

Institutional Recognition on all scholarly publications, literature, and marketing

  • The consortium institution will be listed as a consortium member in all scientific publications (e.g. articles, final field reports, department reports).
  • The consortium institution will receive recognition on all research applications and associations (e.g. grant applications, scientific affiliations such as the American Schools of Oriental Research, National Academy of Sciences, National Endowment for the Humanities, etc.).
  • The consortium institution will be listed as a consortium member on all brochures, advertising, and the excavation web site.

Authorization to Publish and Advertise Consortium Membership

  • The consortium institution will be authorized to publish consortium membership in all publications and reports (e.g. school newspaper, newsletters, student handbooks, etc.).
  • Publish consortium membership in institutional documents (e.g. administrative reports, business reports, school catalogs, etc.).
  • You will be authorized to advertise consortium membership and market the field school program for student enlistment.

Integration of the Field School Program into Institutional Curriculum

  • Permission to incorporate the Field School into school curriculum in order to offer undergraduate or graduate credit (1-6 hrs). Credit may be obtained from Southern Adventist University or the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  • Authorization to use the study program for purposes of institutional program accreditation, particularly in reference to student access and participation in international study programs and cross-cultural learning experiences.

Consortium Representative

  • One consortium faculty representative will have all expenses paid for participation in the Excavation and Field School Program.
  • Consortium representatives will be responsible for supervising volunteers from their institution.
  • Consortium representatives may be integrated as excavation staff in various capacities and may be asked to participate in the preliminary and final publication process depending on agreements.