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McKee Library


Information and Policies: Photocopying and Printing



In order to photocopy or print, student patrons must swipe their ID card through the scanner by the copier or printer. A pool of $100 per month for each student's account is ear-marked to pay for copies and printouts among several other things. The price of the copy is subtracted from the total on the card for each page. The library does not accept cash under any circumstances. Please do not ask.


Faculty must use their "Department Card" or their personal card to make copies. The Library no longer accepts departmental charges.

Departments/Schools may place their "Department Card" on hold at the circulation desk for the use of their faculty.


Community members with library cards will be requested to put money on their cards at the Information Systems Campus Card Desk. With your own library card, the cost of printing is 6 cents and photocopies are only 10 cents.


The Library will assist visitors in making copies on request. The cost per copy is 10 cents for photocopies and 6 cents for printing. Photocopying is limited to library resources and there is a maximum of fifty copies. Please see the circulation desk or periodicals desk for assistance.

Wireless Printing

Southern faculty/staff/student patrons can print documents wirelessly from their laptops or from laptops checked out at the library Front Desk.  They must have a valid Southern or Library Community ID card that they have put money on at the ID Card Desk.

McKee Library laptops already have the software installed, so they can print to the printer in the Periodicals area of the library without further setup.


Smartphone and tablet users can install an app to print.


MAC users can use this link to print. NOTE: It may take up to 10 minutes for your print job to be processed and appear on the print station.


  1. Download and run this program for Windows computer users.
    PrintWhere 1

  2. Follow the prompts to finish the installer.
  3. Find the icon on your desktop called PrintWhere Printer Manager. Click on it, then click on the Search tab. (You can return to this screen at anytime by double-clicking the PrintWhere icon in your system tray. Many companies use PrintWhere's services including hotels across the globe.)
    PrintWhere 2

  4. Type sau/webprint in the Keywords box and click the Search button. The Library's two print queues will be displayed. Click the one you want to use then click the OK button at the bottom right.
    PrintWhere 3

  5. Click the Select button in the next window and it will setup the printer on your computer. Whenever you print to the PrintWhere printer on your computer, it will be sent to the printer you have selected in the PrintWhere Printer Manager screen.
    PrintWhere 4