Magna 20-Minute Mentors

McKee Library owns the following 20-Minute Mentors from Magna Commons. All videos are available using the links below. Please note, you will be required to log-in using your Southern Adventist University username and password prior to viewing the content. 

How Do Mini-Lectures Improve Student Engagement? by Christy Price

Learn proven techniques you can use immediately to transform your lectures from necessary evils to persuasive presentations. Discover how educating and motivating students gets easier when you develop mini-lectures that are based on how the brain works.

How Do I Create Ideal Assessments for Modern Learners? by Christy Price

Gain 10 strategies that can be applied easily in any course to get students more involved in learning and take the course work more seriously.

How Can I Manage the Disconnect Between Faculty and Student Perceptions of Rigor to Increase Learning? by Lolita Paff

Students and teachers don't always define rigor in the same way. If you asked your students to define rigor, what would they say? Would their answers match yours? Would it matter if they didn't? In this program, you'll compare students' and teachers' definitions of rigor, explore the learning implications of mismatched definitions, and identify instructional strategies for bringing the definitions closer together.

How Can Improving Student Feedback Improve the Quality of Each Educational Encounter? by Lolita Paff

This program explores how students' beliefs about learning and their definitions of rigor impact end-of-course evaluations. The program begins by considering alternative interpretations of typical student comments, then identifies ways to help students provide more meaningful feedback, and offers ideas for organizing and interpreting feedback to maximize its effectiveness.