List of Courses with Tutors

Winter 2019 Courses

Nursing Courses

  • NRSG-126: Adult I
  • NRSG-226: Adult II
  • NRSG-306: Adult III
  • NRNT-125: Nutrition (Also HLNT-130)
  • NRSG-130: Mental Health
  • NRSG-212: Childbearing
  • NRSG-231: Child Health
  • NRSG-240: Healthcare Informatics
  • NRSG-328: Health Assessment
  • NRSG-434: Pathophysiology
  • NURS-210: Fundamentals of Nursing

Religion Courses

  • RELB-125: Life and Teachings of Jesus
  • RELL-182: Hebrew II
  • RELL-191: Greek I
  • RELL-192: Greek II
  • RELB-246: Old Testament Studies II
  • RELB-436: New Testament Studies II
  • RELT-225: Christian Beliefs
  • RELT-138: Adventist Heritage
  • RELT-177: Christian Spirituality
  • RELT-237: Archaeology and OT

Chemistry Courses

  • CHEM-107: Chem Everyday Life
  • CHEM-120: Survey of Health Chem
  • CHEM-151: Gen. Chemistry I
  • CHEM-152: Gen. Chemistry II
  • CHEM-312: Organic Chemistry II
  • CHEM-361: Biochemistry I
  • CHEM-315: Quantitative Analysis

Physics Course

  • ERSC-105: Earth Science
  • PHYS-127: Exploring Physics I
  • PHYS-212: General Physics II
  • PHYS-222: University Physics II

Biology Courses

  • BIOL-101: Anat and Phys I
  • BIOL-102: Anat and Phys II
  • BIOL-103: Principles of Biology
  • BIOL-151: Gen. Biology I
  • BIOL-152: Gen. Biology II
  • BIOL-412: Cell and Molecular Biology
  • BIOL-417: Animal Histology

Psychology Course

  • PSYC-128: Developmental Psychology

Business Courses

  • FNCE-315: Principles of Finance
  • ACCT-221: Principles of Accounting I
  • ACCT-222: Principles of Accounting II
  • ECON-225: Microeconomics
  • BUAD-128: Personal Finance
  • BMKT-326: Principles of Marketing

Math Courses

  • MATH-116: College Algebra
  • MATH-120: Precalc Algebra
  • MATH-121: Precalc Trig
  • MATH-215: Statistics
  • MATH-191: Calculus I
  • MATH-192: Calculus II
  • MATH-315: Differential Equations

History Course

  • HIST-154: American History to 1877
  • HIST-174: World Societies to 1500's
  • GEOG-204: World Geography

Computer Courses

  • CPTE:124: Fundamentals of Programming
  • CPTE-106: Intro to Spreadsheets
  • CPHE-222: Org, Arch and Assembly Lang
  • CPTR-108: Esssence of Computing

Modern Languages

  • SPAN-102: Elementary Spanish II
  • SPAN-208: Intermediate Spanish II

General Education Courses

  • ENGL-101: Crit Think Acad Rdg/Wrtg I
  • ENGL-102: Crit Think Acad Rdg/Wrtg II
  • COMM-135: Public Speaking
  • HLNT-135: Nutrition

PE, Health and Wellness

  • PETH-315: Physiology of Exercise

Academic Support

  • Microsoft Office Support

ACT Testing

  • ACT Overall
  • ACT Math
  • ACT English
  • ACT Science
  • ACT Reading