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Multimedia Content Development

The Online Campus has developed several interactive applications for use in online classrooms. Below are examples of what we have developed. If you are interested in adapting these for you use in your own classroom or you have ideas for your own applications, please contact us.

Swahili Language Tutorials - These short language lessons were shot edited and produced by Online Campus.  The interactive lessons around the videos and the site in which they are hosted was also designed and built by our team.


Professor Introduction Video, Dr. Robert Benge - This video was shot and produced as a course and professor introduction video for an online course by our team at Online Campus.


Demo Reel - Joseph Cartwright - This is a demo real for our lead student videographer, Joseph Cartwright.  He brings the quality and techniques used in this video to our production team.


Supported Technologies

The Online Campus serves as a leader for the selection and support of classroom technologies and provides faculty development for academic technologies. With evidence from continued research and application, our team works with professors to identify and implement best practices for the integration of technology and to enhance the learning experience with the goal of impacting teaching and learning both in the classroom and online.

Level One Technologies

Level One Technologies represent the most important to both face-to-face classroom instruction and distance education.  These are technologies supported by Online Campus.


Level Two Technologies

Level Two Technologies are proven useful for face-to-face classrooms.  While not officially supported, these technologies may be useful to instructors to explore on their own.


Level Three Technologies

These technologies may be of interest to instructors, but are not supported and are not as feature rich as level one or two technologies.