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Online Campus courses are designed to be dynamic and supportive. With our frequent student and professor interaction, you may feel as though you’re a part of a physical classroom!

We accomplish this with two styles of courses: Online courses and VCAM courses.

Online Courses VCAM

All class resources for online courses can be found on Southern Adventist University's Blackboard Course Management System. Weekly student-professor meetings using the Adobe Connect web-communication system allow students to chat live with a professor, who will appear on webcam to talk or to demonstrate concepts.

Student computer requirements for Adobe Connect include a modern web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 8 or greater), Adobe Flash Player 10 or higher (a free download), and an reliable Internet connection.

VCAM (Video Conferencing Application Management) courses use the Blackboard Course Management System to manage content and resources. The VCAM also allows professors to hold video conferencing sessions to teach course work during normal class hours. These video conference sessions utilize the Polycom Video Conference software.

The minimum student computer hardware requirements are a Windows-based PC, a USB webcam, and a broadband internet connection.

Students will also need Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or later and Windows Media Player 10 or later.


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*Please note that online computing courses are offered through the School of Computing.