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Corporate & Foundation Relations

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Learn about Foundation Funding

Foundations are mission-driven entities looking for “fundable” and sustainable projects that will help make a difference in society. These projects need to have a clearly defined goal directly tied to the expressed interest of the foundation, and able to provide measurable results.

It is important to create answers to these questions about your project:

  • What social, educational or research question will your work address?
  • What will change as a result of your proposed work?
  • How much will it change?
  • How will you know (how will your work be evaluated)?

Developing a Proposal

Corporate and Foundation Relations is here to help faculty and staff by reviewing ideas to assess the likelihood of private sector corporate and/or foundation support, assisting with research about potential funding, and assisting with the crafting of letters of inquiry, grant proposals and project budgets.

Please contact us, if you need to research potential funders. The University has access to key foundation data, which can assist you in determining the most appropriate foundations for your work. This information can shorten the time it takes for you to find credible prospects for funding and can assist in creating a funding strategy.

We can also provide worksheets and templates for budget planning. The budget should be clear, realistic and detailed, and should tell the same story as the proposal narrative. It should account for income from all sources (including in-kind or donated) and expenses over the entire course of the grant period. On the expense side, your budget should differentiate program (direct) costs from administrative (indirect) costs.

Additional Information

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